Contact me: virginiafreemen@hushmail.com

Rebellious son of Texas. 

Citizen of Virginia.

Distainful of modern culture, modern effeminate males and the modern ‘value’ system. 

Firm believer in Western Civilization’s cultural supremacy. The West is THE best.


Formal schooling in Western Legal Traditions, biology and chemistry. 

Copious reader.

Commentary on salient issues affecting the patriot movement, Virginia, and the nation. 

Expect liberal doses of dry humor, wit and the occasional venture into abstract political theory.

I am an iconoclast at heart, challenge your preconceptions and come prepared to defend you’re assumptions. Debate is encouraged, but I will not suffer fools. Commenting is a privilege. This site my castle and I am the undisputed monarch. 

CREDIT ME if you’re not linking. Admiration is free, jealousy and resentment is earned.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Do you mean “the Alleghenies including the Appalachian Plateau?” The term “the Appalachians” and “Appalachia” was a whole cloth propaganda invention of the CPUSA during the 1930s. Part of their class warfare project under direction of the COMINTERN.

    Anyhow, I’m sandwiched between the Alleghenies and the Blue Ridge between Lexington and Buchanan.

    With this you have my email address. Send me yours.



    1. I was unaware of the history of the term. Perhaps I will define it better in light of that. I live in the foothills of the Blue Ridge, an easy drive to your general area, and haven’t come across much of anything online focusing on that area when it comes to the patriot movement. I would consider western North Carolina to the West Virginia line to be what I was referring to as regional. I would imagine this would be what you are referring to as the Appalachian Plateau. I am not a native of Virginia, so I have never heard them called anything different than the Appalachians. I know in Pennsylvania the locals refer to them as the Alleghenies, but I assumed it was a regional distinction and not vice versa. Interesting. I will send you an email today.


    2. SFC Barry, do you have a blog? I’ve seen lots of your quotations, and read some of your articles on WRSA, but I can’t find a place where you post regularly. Help out another monarchist?


  2. In East TN….just found you blog….excellent material…will continue to follow. Am building tribe here, as its been said, like herding cats, but I’m trying. Thanks for your patriotic thoughts and words!


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