The State of Dissolution

“I thought I was gonna die, but I didn’t…so now I’m here.”

– Anonymous warlord, c. 2025

The past year has been one of incredible political and social change. The first year of the Trump presidency has pushed the DNC base to its breaking point, Wall Street has reached stratospheric levels in an allegedly recovering economy, and the Mueller probe drones on without end. Whether the above is political theater or Grisham-esque political intrigue, it has a limited impact on most of us personally. The most truly impactful thing we have had happen the last year is the growing openness with which the left, and the establishment Right, have supported political violence and open sedition toward the Executive Branch using their political allies and federal law enforcement agencies. The conflict brewing on a local and interpersonal level affects each of us in a more significant way than developments within D.C.

On the multi-polar right, factions continue to gain and lose members, the most notable winner in 2017 would be the nationalists, and more specifically the civic nationalists, as Republicans who are not part of the establishment increasingly migrated to the populist/nationalist camp. The patriot movement and the establishment Republicans have been the biggest losers. I have watched as both were gutted of people and thinkers by out of touch messages, and hostility toward new ideas. Neither have a willingness to drag themselves into the 21st century and continue to refuse even considering appealing to anyone born after 1965. Jordan Peterson and /pol/ now drive the conversation the way Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage did two decades ago. I look at the movements with a mean age under 30-35 to continue to grow and eventually begin to dominate the respective sides of the political aisle. For the left this means an openly socialist movement with a communist vanguard, while conversely the right will become increasingly nationalistic and identitarian.

women-are-going-to-march-on-washington-the-day-af-2-27973-1478970822-0_dblbig-625x400Perhaps the most encouraging development of all this past year is the paradigm shift that has undergone those under fifty and an extreme minority of those over. The purpose of the current revolution is not justice, but change. The establishment Republicans and Baby Boomers as a whole have struggled, and ultimately failed, to halt the advance of the left in part by clinging to the mistaken idea that there is an underlying moral or logical framework to the left’s arguments. The left’s guiding principle is to function as an iconoclast against whatever existing cultural, legal and economic framework that contributes to social stability. The list of contradictions and daily changing roll of unapproved thought aren’t meant to create a coherent framework, but to chip away at the existing social order. To see that method and ideology for what it is, is to understand and neutralize its effects. Political discourse is no longer a conversation between two adults; it is a conversation between an ideological terrorist and an adult. Why is it we have Form 4473’s and no one can name the compromise that was given in return? Talks of amnesty and ‘Dreamers’ again when the demi-god of the establishment right, Ronald Reagan, granted it not a generation ago? The list goes on, sickeningly so. The highest moral calling in a revolution is destruction, and through destruction, change. The fact a growing number of people are realizing this on the right has immense social and political implications. This past year a vanguard was created, and though I don’t think it will involve the patriot movement to any great extent, the bulwark against the would-be revolutionaries is growing.

On a personal note, I left 2017 stronger, somewhat leaner and with a few more tools than when I started it. No longer banging my head against a brick wall gave me time to PT more, shoot more, do some additional reading, and build relationships in meatspace with people who are worth my time. I camped in the heat, camped in the rain, woke up with ice on my bag and found out that I still do, in fact, hate the cold and the rain. Shot when it was nice, when it was cold, and when I severely dehydrated and baking in the sun. I found out how hard it is to open MRE’s under certain circumstances, and the value of friends who can do so. Shared misery is something I would recommend with people you intend to go the long haul with. While the concept is still lost on most, I’d encourage people to get off the internet and actually go do something. Far too much time is spent sniping at people on our side, actively discouraging anyone from doing anything productive, and generally running amuck with bad ideas and even worse communication skills. Perhaps this year would be a good time to stop being our own worst enemies. The right as a whole, and certainly not the motley collection of people in the patriot movement are not going to ride in on a white horse. It will be people you know and know well. Maybe we should consider spending out time productively and not spamming comment sections.

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe escorted out of the FBI

The coming year will most likely trend in much the same direction as 2017, I believe. Balkanization and targeted political violence will continue, such as the Texas and Tennessee church shootings and the attack on the GOP Congressmen. I am highly suspicious of the enormous increases in the stock market, but given the level of corruption and financial malfeasance still occurring in the industry, I confess to having no idea whether true price discovery will happen this year or not. I don’t believe the midterms will yield the seats the DNC is hyping, but I suspect a slight erosion of GOP influence in Congress. It will contribute to the sense of stagnation in D.C. and have the primary effect of creating more partisanship locally and regionally. The left in its revolutionary fervor will continue to eat its own as it seeks to ‘purify’ itself and continue to escalate to the movement continues to have organizational inertia. The right I believe will continue to organize ideologically under different camps but the stomach is not there to have any kind of organization outside of social media and at a local level. Given the options now available for the ideological like-minded that did not exist even five years ago, I see the patriot/militia movement slowly being replaced much the same way as the Tea Party was. Mission creep and lack of leadership make for short half-lives. Ultimately, whether gazing into my tea leaves is of any use or not, I think the threat of conflict is markedly higher this year than last. The possibility of indictment of many in the left’s power structure appears to be making them desperate, and without a massive power shift in Congress they are quickly running out of options…as the Joe Kennedy III speech clearly shows.

Lastly, I want to give a shout out to a couple people who are well worth your shekels and time.  UW Gear makes some world-class products. I had a chance to meet the man behind the gear, and he was both a gracious host and all around great guy. Easily one of the best gear finds this year. The construction of their products is top notch, comparable to Tactical Tailor or Grey Ghost. I would be remiss in not recommending you check them out if you are interested in purchasing quality gear. The owner is a professional, and craftsman. The price reflects as much, this is not a Chinese sweatshop product. Check them out if you are in the market. Finally, if you’re looking to expand your radio weenie skillset, NC Scout is offering an RTO Course. The man is a gifted teacher and equally important, actually been there, done that and come back. I know him personally, and I wouldn’t hesitate to vouch for him in any way. I will be the first to admit I started on the radio short bus, but he makes concepts accessible and distills theory into usable information for someone not wanting to do it as a hobby but as a useful skill. I’m sure the vast majority of you read his blog, but check it out and I would highly recommend it if you are inclined to add some additional skills to your wheelhouse.

Alea iacta est,







14 thoughts on “The State of Dissolution

  1. ” For the left this means an openly socialist movement with a communist vanguard, while conversely the right will become increasingly nationalistic and identitarian.”
    Resulting in a “voting” civil war at best?


  2. “I see the patriot/militia movement slowly being replaced much the same way as the Tea Party was. Mission creep and lack of leadership make for short half-lives”

    Yeah- agreed.
    It’s also the lack of people willing to work together, infighting over stupid sh*t,
    refusal to consider any new ideas,and too many wanna be “leaders”.
    The ” militia movement”- with a few exceptions- has been about as squared away as a soup sandwhich for well over a decade.
    It’s way past time for the under 50, hell the under 40 people to have their ideas heard.
    Not all young people are leftists or snowflakes living in mommy’s basement.

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    1. “Lack of people working together” : Negative. It’s the lack of consequences against transgressors. Some continue to work unabated and continue to cause great damage. Some of them do it on purpose.

      When “the time comes” that many project towards as their apex of self worth, consequences for transgressors include a very public bullet to the face. And that’s the nice way to do it. Ask me how the Taliban enforces discipline, I’ve seen it live and in person; it’s not quite as pleasant.

      Further, over the internet, no standard for bonafides can exist. One can be whatever the hell they like. Just like that troll from Shaw University that started over at your site and migrated to mine. Uncensored and unverified, they undermine anything and everything actually working towards meaningful change. Even worse are the ones pounding their chests so very loudly in comment sections only to be disability frauds, welfare kings, and otherwise miserable shitfaced failures in real life.

      Actions have not had consequences, and that’s the real problem. Some voices have zero value and are in need of silencing.

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      1. Both.
        There are- or were- quite a lot of people who would not even make an effort to work with others over the past 10 years or so.
        There are some putting in the effort and getting results but they are a minority in the community.
        The only plus is most of those working together are doing so locally/ regionally.

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  3. Thanks for the mention my friend. Look forward to having you back for a visit.
    “I camped in the heat, camped in the rain, woke up with ice on my bag and found out that I still do, in fact, hate the cold and the rain.” – Fun, aint it… LoL! Have to see if I can get someone to get the haliburton weather machine working for the next visit so we can fine tune things a bit. 😉 Hopefully we can do a little more “fun” stuff next time as well.

    Agree on NCScout. Top notch commo info. Looking forward to doing some more with him for sure.

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  4. Many thought the comments that many of us with actual experience made concerning the III%/Moolisha crowd were harsh and out of line. The truth is we made these observations because we don’t want to see those who are serious, led by those who are ego based, attention grabbing, inexperienced imbeciles with delusions of grandeur. You are better off doing your thing with close friends and following some simple principles, than joining a group who has a Kernal in charge with no military experience or that of an E-3 or E-4 support guy who thinks he’s the next Patton. Most of these “leaders” are the above mentioned egotistical imbecile, and think that this position makes them worthy of command, and that they “know what to do”. The more I see of them, the more they are all alike, and it is depressing as Hell. As my friend SFC Barry has said, “Keep it local. Keep it sane. Keep it military. Keep it disciplined.” This doesn’t require a “Kernal”. This doesn’t require looking like an “Operator”. This requires heart, proper mindset, an identification of the real problem, and a realistic plan to mitigate or eliminate it.


  5. By the way we are going to see the farm in Clay County in two weeks. Never been heard it is good. Glad you are back.

    Frank AKA Joel


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