There’s no retiring from this…

Tony Soprano

The past several months have brought a level of clarity about certain issues, people and priorities. One of them concerns this blog, my role in the ‘Liberty movement,’ or whatever you wish to call it, and the efficacy of my continued efforts in achieving anything of worth concerning it. A consensus of quite vocal people have made it quite clear that the Liberty movement is simply not interested in intellectual discourse, and remains as unable as those on the left to divorce groupthink and emotion from rational dialogue. Better than half the feedback and emails I receive indicate the author has failed to read the post in its entirety and a further sizable portion has made fundamental errors in their comprehension of it, leading me to believe it was skimmed for a reason to take offense. While undoubtedly there are exceptions to this, the rule nevertheless has persisted, and reflects the 90/10 principle I’m sure many are familiar with.

Sisyphus by Ticiano Vecellio

My primary goal I sought to achieve with this site was to present the reader with a better intellectual framework within which to see the political and social developments in greater clarity. I felt as if I could bring a voice seldom heard from, that of a Millennial, and someone highly educated in the historical, legal, and philosophical framework of the country and western civilization as a whole. I desired to challenge the underlying, and occasionally faulty, premises of the many schools of thought that exist within the movement and perhaps bring a more holistic understanding of the issues through intellectual discourse. Whether I agreed with the ideas presented or not, they were done so with the goal of making those within the Liberty movement more articulate and knowledgeable about their own beliefs and how best to communicate and transmit them to others. I devoted 20-40 hours of research and effort to the majority of my posts, in an attempt to expand the discussion to what the intellectual giants of philosophy have said, as well as those who have written works that make salient points on the social and political circumstances we find ourselves responding to. I have failed in that endeavor, and see no reason to continue to devote time and money when rational discussion is no longer an option. Ideals worth living by are worth examining critically, and having serious, intelligent discussions about. I will not waste my valuable time providing thoughtless ‘red meat’ for people to mindlessly agree with. Nor will I, despite my love of it, devote time and energy to addressing or reveling in my critics hatred and becoming a smarmy pundit trading in vitriol.

I firmly believe further efforts to influence and encourage rational discourse will be an unproductive use of my limited time and resources, given the abundance of evidence supporting that assertion. While a minority have expressed a desire and willingness to contemplate new concepts and implement self-critique, there exists an endemic desire to consider anything outside the ‘party line’ heretical and direct more hate toward intellectual inquiry than the existential threat on our doorstep. For nearly the last decade a combination of internecine warfare, an unwillingness to evaluate actions through the lens of results, and little willingness to cooperate has resulted in neither measurable progress, nor increased cohesiveness within the movement. Rather, we have unthinkingly continued to exhibit hostility towards overt and potential allies, and expressed envy and rancor toward those attempting to contribute or challenge our presuppositions. One after another the voices that attempted to make positive changes and contributions have been shouted down and eventually focused on more worthwhile ventures. I can’t think of a more counter-productive attitude for a dissident movement. Granted, this is coming from someone who’s been accused of being a statist, anarchist, envious, lazy, obsessed, elitist and redneck, so take it with a grain of salt.

Given the rather crystal clear statements made recently, I simply no longer have the desire to add to the discussion. I have different goals and perspectives, neither of which a great majority seem to understand or have any inclination to consider, and insist on making a point of meaningless contention. The ‘I’ve got mine…don’t hate the player hate the game’ is not applicable in my case, and my timeline for reaping the whirlwind conceivably extends to four or five decades. Passing traditional western culture and Christian values on to my peers and following generations is a vital part of my approach. The kids are the future whether or not we wish to acknowledge it, and not a convenient excuse for further isolation from society or apathy.

I have neither the time, nor the inclination to continue to devote tens of thousands of dollars of my time to the ego über alles crowd. I decline to add any intellectual gravitas or knowledge toward that which is counterproductive to my own goals and the world my children will grow up in and inherit one day. I’ve been encouraged to stop rowing and find another boat, and the offer has been accepted, so enjoy the extra room, rations and spare set or two of oars. Your wish has been granted, ladies and gentlemen. I would be insane to continue to sacrifice time and effort when the only result is infighting and emotional arguments. This site and what is contained herein was a conduit in which I sought to help those who wanted to learn. It neither defines me, nor do I get anything by posting here other than the occasional headache and time away from more productive personal ventures. I won’t continue to waste your time and mine belaboring points you don’t wish to hear and I already understand.

I may continue to post very, very occasionally, for my own personal edification, about subjects or philosophical ideas that pique my interest and need to be crystallized. However, I caution any readers against expecting any posts or those that appear to be readily applicable to the Liberty movement or its concerns. To the few that challenged and expanded my understanding, and the serious people who welcomed me with open arms…thank you. You know who you are, and you are now more of a priority than ever.


– Jesse James


52 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. Do what you have to do, sir. And thank you so much for what you’ve done here already. I get it: completely. I’ve been pushing that boulder up the hill for decades myself and made only minimal headway, and that’s with family and friends.

    God bless you and yours.

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  2. You will be missed.
    I didn’t comment often on your posts, but I did read every post, and shared many of them.
    No one else in the ” liberty movement” wrote like you, and your posts showed that you put a lot of thought into everything you wrote. The fact that you researched material for each post was clearly reflected in the posts.
    I get your reasons for not wanting to waste your time.
    I’ve seen it over and over. Someone has actual ideas about getting more people involved, and comes up with viable solutions to issues and they get shouted down and/ or called names.
    It has happened to a lot of people in recent years, and their voices are no longer heard because like you- they saw no point in wasting any more of their time or effort.
    I don’t blame any of them for quitting posting/ shutting down their blogs/ websites.
    There arent many millenials in the ” liberty movement” as it is. More are needed because as you correctly pointed out- the children are the future. I don’t see it happening because who would want to be part of a
    “movement” in which it’s impossible to get 3 people to agree on anything and new ideas are not taken seriously.
    I think you did a hell of a good job with this blog.
    You did reach some people, and there are plenty who appreciate what you have done here.
    Good luck to you and yours, God bless.

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  3. C’est la vi…
    That Said, every movement is fractured, but is it a reason to call it Misson Over?
    First there is Tribal, only after that, comes something better. (I believe) the same happened to Mikes son.
    We are only in the Beginning stages of the ” True Tribal America”
    Too Bad.
    But I Thank You for the Effort.


  4. ‘And I gave my heart to know wisdom, and to know madness and folly: I perceived that this also is vexation of spirit.
    For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.’
    Eclesiastes 1:17,18

    The rest of Eclesiastes is pretty smart too.

    ‘If human equality is to be for ever averted — if the High, [Elites] as we have called them, are to keep their places permanently — then the prevailing mental condition must be controlled insanity.’
    Orwell 1984

    “The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.”
    ― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

    Welcome to the club.
    The membership is relatively few, and the club never recruits.
    The new members have to find their own way to it.

    “The true triumph of reason is that it enables us to get along with those who do not possess it.”

    “I have often wondered how it is that every man loves himself more than all the rest of men, but yet sets less value on his own opinion of himself than on the opinion of others.”
    ― Marcus Aurelius

    “When another blames you or hates you, or people voice similar criticisms, go to their souls, penetrate inside and see what sort of people they are. You will realize that there is no need to be racked with anxiety that they should hold any particular opinion about you.”
    ― Marcus Aurelius

    “Reject your sense of injury and the injury itself disappears.”
    ― Marcus Aurelius

    “The best revenge is not to be like your enemy.”
    ― Marcus Aurelius

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  5. I’m completely sympathetic. Having been doing this since the 90s (as you point out at the top, there’s no retiring from this) with others. We’ve all felt as you do.

    But, you point out that you’ve allowed the vocal minority to get to you. That’s a huge problem over at a particular internet hangout and the internet in general. The vocal minority that I’ve watched has more the appearance of Controlled Opposition than anything.

    A long time ago, I made the decision to post for lurkers. The quiet majority. I don’t engage with trolls. It’s better for one’s sanity. Give it a try.

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    1. I understand what you’re saying. At a certain level, I agree. I would point out that silence is consent, particularly when you let people speak for you and remain silent. I’m not so much bothered by the stupidity, as much as trying to make a rational decision based on the zero sum game of my time. I’ve looked back at the time spent and assessed whether there was a good ROI vs. XYZ I could have accomplished in that same period. I’m not retired, so if I’m going to be staying up until midnight on a regular basis and foregoing time with family and friends or pursuits more edifying to my own life, then I think it’s entirely reasonable for the people you’re trying to help to not try to doxx, slander and generally target you more than they do the communists. Call me crazy. I don’t mind doing this in my spare time for the lurkers, which means it comes behind job, family, PT, range time, mowing the lawn, ect. in the little time I have with nothing scheduled. The millennials and Gen. Z are the future, and if I do have time and effort to spend I think there’s fertile ground there. I can take a Bernie supporter and flip the script, I cannot do that with a complacent and self-deluded individual. The under-40 crowd knows something is wrong, even if they are reaching the wrong conclusions.

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      1. All of the time and energy I reclaimed after a similar experience years ago (Tea Party) I ploughed into range time, family time and meditation. All three have paid large dividends, synergistically, in ways I’d never have imagined.

        Everyone here is happier, myself included.


  6. The most pressing question not asked is, “Why do any of you deserve our help?”

    My increasingly virulent conclusion in short, “They Don’t.”

    If they truly wanted the knowledge, they would have sought it themselves. They would have earned that knowledge imparted by the accompanying titles. Instead, they seek easy answers to all problems and throw temper tantrums when corrected not validated.

    They refuse to ouster the obvious among them, and defend the same against any and all rebuke including directing anger toward the one doing the rebuking. Heaven forbid any sort of litmus. And yes this opinion, for those wondering, includes many personal interactions. Complaints with no solutions, solutions seeking self validation, self validation based on limited ability. We know what we are doing, and most often, the reader does not.

    Enablers; not worth the personal cost attached.

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    1. “Heaven forbid any sort of litmus.”

      Truer words, and all that.

      Both you and JJ are often read, always appreciated and seldom if never commented upon. JJ is correct…”silence is, (I paraphrase) agreement.”

      I will keep a watch out for you both.

      Another commenter here speaks of the remnant, We are here, for as long as we are allowed. Most of our words spoken or pondered, in agreement and on your behalf, are spoken to the Ruler of Heaven, who does, as a matter of fact, have a litmus test.

      Another curious thing about the remnant is…we devote our resources, which necessarily includes our time, to the pursuit of those fine things…skills, thoughts, acts, and words, more likely to enable us to fulfill the requirements of the litmus test we have been assigned, and to which we have gratefully and humbly submitted. Both you and JJ have made the list of those who are remembered to Heaven. God be with you both, and please accept my thanks for the time you have shared to broaden and color my understanding.


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  7. I will greatly miss your opinions and the weird way you ferret out the true from the false . I will truly be surprised if G-d allows you to withdraw your voice completely though . When His annointing rests on a man he will find no rest when silent . Is. 62:6 NKJV I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem;
    They shall never hold their peace day or night.
    You who make mention of the LORD, do not keep silent,


  8. Though a latecomer to your site I’ve always enjoyed your posts. It’s nice to see intelligence rather than talking points. After bouncing all over the web as a most of the time lurker, I see exactly what you speak of as many whom I have read have shut down or greatly slowed down. Good luck with your future endeavors. May the light of liberty not go out.


  9. I have loved reading your postings, have participated in a conversation or two, or three… I will continue to check in periodically as I have learned many good things here. Good luck and God speed.


  10. I have only followed for a short time but have always found your writings well thought, researched and written. I will miss your postings as they always cause me to think outside the box. Thank you for your efforts and best wishes in your endeavors!


  11. JJ, I certainly appreciate where you are coming from. Writing / teaching / speaking is something that is both a joy to me, but also a labor of love. My professional work is like this as well. Since I was faced with a terminal illness in my late wife some years ago, I dramatically reduced my professional endeavors. I came to understand that I am a limited resource, and the principles of stewardship apply: how do I use my time, talent, and treasure for the glory of God?

    The lack (in this age) of reality-based logic and critical thinking is so evident, and many people wish to simply spout off their view without considering the specifics of WHAT they actually seem to believe, WHY they believe as they do, and WHAT is the appropriate course of action. These blogs serve as a lifeline to people with whom I share many commonalities, but the signal/noise ratio is declining.

    It’s interesting as I check you and our brother (hi NC Scout!) out each day,wondering when you will have a new post. Neither of you have written much lately, much to my disappointment. Stewardship involves a cost/benefit analysis, and your conclusion is hard to argue against. I personally will miss your clear thinking and lucid points.

    May God richly bless you in your future endeavors, and “see you on the other side” if we do not chance to cross paths this side of eternity!


  12. Well… You have discovered that the Patriot/Liberty/Freedom/Etc. “movement” (it is none of those things) is immune to either rethinking the proposition, or considering there are other propositions to be thought about. The aforementioned people will insist that the Constitution they worship was handed to saints by God then perverted by bad people. Never will they consider that their idol was Satanic to begin with and bad people merely drive the thing to its logical conclusions.

    What was remarkable about your efforts here is that you were rethinking the proposition. Which was admirable. That (original thinking) of course earned you the enmity of the idol worshippers, here and elsewhere. If one studies seriously the history of the Right in this artificial construct called America one discovers there never was any such thing, and there is not now, “alt” or otherwise. And the reason there was never any such thing is because they had/have no philosophy, thus no ideology, upon which to hang their dissent.


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    1. NOTE: If this is a double reply, please kill it

      “…the Patriot/Liberty/Freedom/Etc. “movement” (it is none of those things) is immune to either rethinking the proposition, or considering there are other propositions to be thought about. The aforementioned people will insist that the Constitution they worship was handed to saints by God then perverted by bad people. Never will they consider that their idol was Satanic to begin with and bad people merely drive the thing to its logical conclusions.”

      Not everyone’s immunity is permanent….mine’s wearing off at a pace faster than I had ever thought possible. I thought my ‘immunity’ was permanent, given that I’ve always been, until somewhat recently, a hard core constitutionalist, no matter the evidence presented. I listened to countless arguments (not rants, but well presented opposing opinions) and always came back to the constitution as the ‘best way.’ However, the arguments I either read, participated in, or listened to motivated me to objectively study history and various philosophies to reach a better understanding. That study, coupled with contemporary actions (those witnessed in my own lifetime and discussions with others on their experiences) that constantly refute the premise indoctrinated as sacrosanct demonstrates the ‘Supreme Law of the Land’ never was that and is primarily concealment for what actually occurs. My positional shift (aka ‘immunity wear off’) has been further helped along by the patience and objectivity during numerous conversations with people possessing much more knowledge and understanding in terms of seeing clearly what actually ‘is’.

      The process continues…


      1. Absolutely I’ll keep in touch. If you have a mind to read it, I highly recommend Salvany’s book ‘Liberalism is a Sin.’ It’s written from an orthodox Catholic’s point of view, so there’s some pretty harsh (and admittedly deserved) criticism of Protestants, but you will be a better person for reading it. It will redefine what you consider ‘liberal’ and give you a framework in which to view the mythos of the Revolutionary War in a completely different way. I can’t say it is the be all end all, but it’ll open up a new avenue of approach and thinking which is always a good thing. Credit goes to Steven Barry for the recommendation, I’d have never read it without him pointing it out. If you’re looking for some industrial strength solvent for that immunity, then this is one I recommend. A hundred and seventy pages of buckle up and stay awake at night wrestling with some very inconvenient thoughts.

        ‘In the assumption of the absolute sovereignty of the individual, that is, his entire independence of God, we find the common source of all the others. To express them all in one term in the order of ideas, they are RATIONALISM or the doctrine of the absolute sovereignty of human reason. Here human reason is made the measure and sum of truth. Hence we have individual, social and political Rationalism, the corrupt fountain head of liberal principles: absolute freedom of worship, the supremacy of the State, secular education repudiating any connection with religion, marriage sanctioned and legitimatized by the State alone, etc…Liberalism is a world complete in itself; it has its maxims, its fashions, its art, its literature, its diplomacy, its laws, its conspiracies, its ambuscades. It is the world of Lucifer, disguised in our times under the name of Liberalism, in radical opposition and in perpetual warfare against that society composed of the Children of God, the Church of Jesus Christ.’

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        1. Ill check out the book, Im always on the lookout for books recommended by other writers I like. I don’t think I’ve ever commented here, but I have been reading you for a while, usually when the link shows up of WRSA. I’m sorry to see you go, but I completely understand. I don’t always agree with you, but thats a good thing, it makes you think. Far too many of the people who frequent sites like yours seem to be seeking nothing but an echo chamber, and lash out at anything that goes against their long established opinions. This cognitive dissonance is what causes the hatred and vitriol that you receive. I have endured the same frustrations, trying to talk to family and friends, and always leave shaking my head. I’ve come to the conclusion that many people don’t WANT to learn, and are hostile towards anything that threatens the bubble they exist in.

          Best wishes. While I certainly will miss your perspective, you certainly don’t owe me or anyone but your family this kind of time. Take care.

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  13. There are no good men. We are ALL sinners. We need to quit being reliant on them. God is in control, however He has granted temporary control to the evil one. Everything in His word shouts that the world is in judgement and He is going to act.


  14. Thank you for your well written and well reasoned articles. As you indicated, these are not valued by most. Fortunately, these attributes and your articles are valued by some, of which I have high regard. Thank you for being a lone voice in the wilderness.

    Fighting the tide can be futile, but within several decades the tide will turn and we will need your reasoned voice again. Stay safe, build bridges, build communities, and enjoy the fullness of time until the tide turns.

    Once again, thank you for your voice.


  15. I’m sorry to hear you’re stepping back. I’ve enjoyed your posts.
    I’d just like to leave you with a quote:

    “You do not know, and will never know, who the Remnant are, nor what they are doing or will do. Two things you do know, and no more: First, that they exist; second, that they will find you.”
    -Albert Jay Nock

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    1. I had already written my comment about AJN and the Remnant when I saw yours. I think JJ already has a Remnant but it would be a hard approach to follow.


  16. I almost never commented but read most everything you posted. Always though provoking and reposted or passed on many. I will miss reading your posts. I doubt we can change course for the current that drags us forward is too strong to break away from. Best to keep the ship steady and up right at this point and prepare what for is downstream if we manage to brave the rapids. You are correct in that the younger generation, for those my age our children and children’s children, are the future of this fight. In the words of Crosby, Stills and Nash:
    Teach your children well,
    Their father’s hell did slowly go by,
    And feed them on your dreams
    The one they picks, the one you’ll know by.

    I wish you all the best.

    And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.
    Romans 12:2


  17. Jesse,

    May you soon discover new and more productive ways to fight against others who wish to enslave us.

    In dark days, when all appears lost, remind yourself that the mills of God will continue to grind slowly and exceedingly fine.


  18. Jesse,
    I’ve always looked forward to your essays. They were well reasoned and provocative. It seems to be we may well be beating a dead horse. Only so much can be said, until there comes an “AHA” moment and the ball starts rolling. We look at the liberals with their self-serving agenda and don’t realize our movement is in the same boat. Very few of the FreeFor have the will or the volition to change course.
    I assume your occasional posts will be on this blog. If not, please tell us where they may be found.

    May you and your family be blessed and safe in the up-coming times.


  19. In the last two years I have come to understand that most of what I had been taught and what I believed was false. It’s sites like yours that have been there to help me see the truth of what this country has become while I slumbered in comfort.
    The negative people to whom you refer are the worst part of my new journey. Their vitriol infects the comments of many fine sites.
    Thanks for what you have done. I will continue to go back to read older posts that I haven’t gotten to yet.
    Hopefully the young people wake up and lead the country back to some semblance of a Constitutional Republic.


  20. My friend,

    And clearly, your mindset broadcast’s that you are so. Sadly, I understand your thoughtful position. My conspiratorial mind tells me that the Soros funded trolls did their thing here and were successful in taking you out of the game, but then, you are way smarter than them and saw those “tree fiddy” (GLP) post’s for what they were. It was probably the posts and emails from the “tride and true” that probably brought you to the conclusions where you find yourself today. And, quite frankly, that hurts….

    When your own turn on you (and they don’t even think they’re doing so) it’s hard to continue…

    You’ll continue to fight the good fight in a more quieter way, and that’s fine, but we will miss your viewpoint. And considering the input you have received (that we have not seen or experienced) it is highly probable that we will lose your valuable voice in “The Movement.” But then, is it really that? Is there really a Movement?

    Considering your take…. maybe it really isn’t a Movement. And that has its own connotations….

    Enjoy your early retirement, my friend, and do what you must. We all should do the same with whatever time we have left.

    Thank you for all you have done for us readers.


  21. Gravity is the mother of all meanness – she drags everybody down, eventually. But still, it is sad to see another Sisyphus tire.
    Be well, my friend, until we see each other again.


  22. While I’m disappointed, I whole heartedly support you in doing what you think is best. I wish I was in a position to have commented more here, I didn’t simply because I was listening and learning the whole time. The wisdom shared here has not been wasted on me. Considering your concern with the future (our children) maybe you could find a way to communicate more directly with them? I’d pay for children’s literature you produced. Anyway, peace and good luck.


  23. “To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead”

    — Thomas Paine

    Thanks for all that you did, and some excellent writing. God speed on whatever you choose to do next.


  24. Reading any of your posts was a multi-day event because there was lots to stop and cogitate over. I appreciate your combining of history, philosophy, and Scripture to give context and meaning to our purpose/situation. Caused my perspective to shift more than once, and something like that doesn’t happen lightly. Gonna go back and re-read everything…


  25. Jessie
    You are, as usual, correct in your observations and your conclusions. I think most non military folks are unsure of your motives, study and then your conclusions, because they can never really know, completely, what we have lived, breathed and made the heart and soul of our existences. I have learned, like you, that a lot of time and energy, goes into the attempt at educating folks. My conclusion, is like yours, and I have also drawn back and in as well. Liberty, has never been won, or secured, by the masses, always by the few. I am proud to call you Brother, and Fellow Warrior, in the war that never ends, until we beat our swords into plow shears. Sempre Avanti, SFC WILLIAM B SMITH US ARMY RETIRED


  26. The problem is we haven’t won a war in fifty years. How would we win one here? Something needs to change and fast. I think something is going to happen here very soon, that no one is prepared for.


  27. I’ve been reading your articles today, and I find it mind-boggling that people oppose what you’re saying here. Anyone who has taken the time and trouble to do some very basic looking into things, and who has the least amount of common sense and historical knowledge would see that you hit the nail(s) squarely on the head, over and over again. I suspect a lot of the opposition comes from people who have ulterior motives, if they aren’t amongst the ignorant, in discouraging you and shutting you up, in fact some of them may be paid to do so – “your taxpayer dollars at work.” The Israeli government has similar groups doing similar things, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to consider that the US government would do the same. I see that you continue to post from time to time, and I’m glad you haven’t been shut up.


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