Month: September 2017


There’s no retiring from this…

Tony Soprano

The past several months have brought a level of clarity about certain issues, people and priorities. One of them concerns this blog, my role in the ‘Liberty movement,’ or whatever you wish to call it, and the efficacy of my continued efforts in achieving anything of worth concerning it. A consensus of quite vocal people have made it quite clear that the Liberty movement is simply not interested in intellectual discourse, and remains as unable as those on the left to divorce groupthink and emotion from rational dialogue. Better than half the feedback and emails I receive indicate the author has failed to read the post in its entirety and a further sizable portion has made fundamental errors in their comprehension of it, leading me to believe it was skimmed for a reason to take offense. While undoubtedly there are exceptions to this, the rule nevertheless has persisted, and reflects the 90/10 principle I’m sure many are familiar with.

Sisyphus by Ticiano Vecellio

My primary goal I sought to achieve with this site was to present the reader with a better intellectual framework within which to see the political and social developments in greater clarity. I felt as if I could bring a voice seldom heard from, that of a Millennial, and someone highly educated in the historical, legal, and philosophical framework of the country and western civilization as a whole. I desired to challenge the underlying, and occasionally faulty, premises of the many schools of thought that exist within the movement and perhaps bring a more holistic understanding of the issues through intellectual discourse. Whether I agreed with the ideas presented or not, they were done so with the goal of making those within the Liberty movement more articulate and knowledgeable about their own beliefs and how best to communicate and transmit them to others. I devoted 20-40 hours of research and effort to the majority of my posts, in an attempt to expand the discussion to what the intellectual giants of philosophy have said, as well as those who have written works that make salient points on the social and political circumstances we find ourselves responding to. I have failed in that endeavor, and see no reason to continue to devote time and money when rational discussion is no longer an option. Ideals worth living by are worth examining critically, and having serious, intelligent discussions about. I will not waste my valuable time providing thoughtless ‘red meat’ for people to mindlessly agree with. Nor will I, despite my love of it, devote time and energy to addressing or reveling in my critics hatred and becoming a smarmy pundit trading in vitriol.

I firmly believe further efforts to influence and encourage rational discourse will be an unproductive use of my limited time and resources, given the abundance of evidence supporting that assertion. While a minority have expressed a desire and willingness to contemplate new concepts and implement self-critique, there exists an endemic desire to consider anything outside the ‘party line’ heretical and direct more hate toward intellectual inquiry than the existential threat on our doorstep. For nearly the last decade a combination of internecine warfare, an unwillingness to evaluate actions through the lens of results, and little willingness to cooperate has resulted in neither measurable progress, nor increased cohesiveness within the movement. Rather, we have unthinkingly continued to exhibit hostility towards overt and potential allies, and expressed envy and rancor toward those attempting to contribute or challenge our presuppositions. One after another the voices that attempted to make positive changes and contributions have been shouted down and eventually focused on more worthwhile ventures. I can’t think of a more counter-productive attitude for a dissident movement. Granted, this is coming from someone who’s been accused of being a statist, anarchist, envious, lazy, obsessed, elitist and redneck, so take it with a grain of salt.

Given the rather crystal clear statements made recently, I simply no longer have the desire to add to the discussion. I have different goals and perspectives, neither of which a great majority seem to understand or have any inclination to consider, and insist on making a point of meaningless contention. The ‘I’ve got mine…don’t hate the player hate the game’ is not applicable in my case, and my timeline for reaping the whirlwind conceivably extends to four or five decades. Passing traditional western culture and Christian values on to my peers and following generations is a vital part of my approach. The kids are the future whether or not we wish to acknowledge it, and not a convenient excuse for further isolation from society or apathy.

I have neither the time, nor the inclination to continue to devote tens of thousands of dollars of my time to the ego über alles crowd. I decline to add any intellectual gravitas or knowledge toward that which is counterproductive to my own goals and the world my children will grow up in and inherit one day. I’ve been encouraged to stop rowing and find another boat, and the offer has been accepted, so enjoy the extra room, rations and spare set or two of oars. Your wish has been granted, ladies and gentlemen. I would be insane to continue to sacrifice time and effort when the only result is infighting and emotional arguments. This site and what is contained herein was a conduit in which I sought to help those who wanted to learn. It neither defines me, nor do I get anything by posting here other than the occasional headache and time away from more productive personal ventures. I won’t continue to waste your time and mine belaboring points you don’t wish to hear and I already understand.

I may continue to post very, very occasionally, for my own personal edification, about subjects or philosophical ideas that pique my interest and need to be crystallized. However, I caution any readers against expecting any posts or those that appear to be readily applicable to the Liberty movement or its concerns. To the few that challenged and expanded my understanding, and the serious people who welcomed me with open arms…thank you. You know who you are, and you are now more of a priority than ever.


– Jesse James