Guest Post: Fabrication of Ethos

“Christ was crucified for preaching without a police permit”

– Robert A. Heinlein

Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, and every date has been altered. And that process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Noting exists except the endless present in which the party is always right.”

– George Orwell, 1984


It erupted on election night with a 9/11 like shock, with the news that the Hillary Clinton was losing Florida and appeared certain to lose much else besides. The election of 2016 constituted a de facto referendum on the course of recent American history. That referendum delivered a conclusive judgment: the underlying consent of American policy since the end of the Cold War has collapsed. Principles that members of the policy elite have long treated as self-evident no longer have the consent of ‘consumers’. Then came the Great Hysteria, dictating how people must think and act, and what they should care about.

Aluminum planes cannot fly over 500 miles an hour at low altitudes, below a few thousand feet, and then disappear completely into steel skyscrapers, so the acts for which the 19 Arabs are accused of simply didn’t happen. They didn’t cause three buildings to implode and pancake into their own footprint on 9/11. Show us pictures of plane remains at the Pentagon. When Al Qaeda supposedly attacked the towers, they’re ‘terrorists’. When they’re attacking Syria’s Al Assad, they’re ‘insurgents’. If you doubt that ‘our’ government would allow such a thing, watch the Zapruder film of the JFK murder and then ask why ‘our free press’ still presents Oswald as a lone assassin. If it stinks like 3 day old fish, it usually is 3 day old fish and official presentations are those fish.

image6The emphasis on diversity and multiculturalism has allegedly improved the status of groups long discriminated against. Yet these advances have done little to reduce the alienation and despair saturating our society suffering from epidemics of chronic substance abuse, morbid obesity, and teen suicide. Throw in the world’s highest incarceration rate, an endless appetite for porn, urban school systems stuck in permanent crisis, and mass shootings that occur regularly, and what you see isn’t a healthy society.

Congressmen leave office with much more money in their bank account than their pay would provide, along with having full insurance/retirement coverage at our expense. Citizens constantly vote in the opposite direction from what ‘our’ government does. America invades countless countries in direct contrast to what we say we do, and what we established in Nuremberg. The EPA is run by industry insiders in the same way the agriculture department constantly acts as an enabler for Monsanto and their friends. ‘Our free press’ is curiously saying the same thing, almost at the same time every night, but doesn’t present anything beyond the party line. Government subsidizes corporations in so many ways it’s nearly impossible to list. Everything is seen from a corporate point of view and to their benefit in a land supposedly organized ‘by the people and for the people.’

The Republican Party clings to the view that reducing taxes, cutting red tape, restricting abortion, curbing immigration, prohibiting flag-burning and increasing military spending will alleviate all that ails the country. Democrats promised in their recently unveiled, and instantly forgotten program for a “Better Deal”, believe that raising the minimum wage, capping the cost of prescription drugs, and creating apprenticeship programs for the unemployed will favor their party with voters. Each wind of the Uniparty is led by aging Boomers that have long since alienated themselves from American culture and how their policies affect them. Neither will, or have delivered in any meaningful ways on any of the broad promises they have ever made.

Stop gerrymandering to help restore competitive elections. Limit or remove corporate money in elections at all levels, which may mean amending the Constitution. Require a balanced federal budget which will expose the lie that voters need not choose between guns and butter. Start treating environmentalism with the importance that it deserves, we should not be subsidizing corporate entities that destroy our existing natural resources. Break the current situation where Republicans/Democrats silently collaborate to dictate the policy agenda, and restrict the range of policy options judged acceptable. Dividing ‘consumers’ through the current political party system gets them to spend their energies in fighting for things of no importance, while both sides are looted and conscripted as tax cows for those wielding the power of the state.

The Gulf of Tonkin…9/11…the Gleiwitz incident…the Reichstag fire…Assad using chemical weapons…artificial sweeteners and glyphosate are ‘safe’…untested chemicals broadcast everywhere…GMO foods are ‘healthy’…WMDs in Iraq…Abu Ghraib…election fraud is a ‘myth’…the two-tiered justice system…poisoning our water…the absurd idea that a corporation and a citizen are equal when it comes to legal procedures or free speech…drug advertisements on the TV telling you to ask your doctor…insurance failures across the board…Google/Facebook/TV acting as thought police. A nation of consumers, moving like herd animals on ‘burning issues’, and ‘fads’ tearing down our history. This time it is confederates and next it will be Washington and Jefferson for being slaveholders. Americans are schizophrenic.

The love it or leave it boys have no minds; only emotions without any intelligence as they choose to believe what the American corporation sells. They can’t imagine using their minds to explore reality, if they even have minds. The biggest gang has declared that it’s a capitalist or a communist situation, us or them, leaving no room to explore what’s really going on, if you depend on official sources.

20170113_deepOur government has changed from a government largely controlled by the population, to a government focused on control of the population. Until ‘consumers’ understand that this government has failed in every aspect of its charter, it will continue to disintegrate. There’s no solution available for a government impervious to the will of the people. Silence equals consent.

Scientists serve the government’s military programs and can’t speak out when the government lies without ending their careers. Economists serve Wall Street, the big banks, and the global corporations. Psychologists and anthropologists help Washington subdue its victim populations. Journalism serves the government’s lies, a ‘terrorist’ is anyone who doesn’t have an air force, but terrorists who are trained and funded by the Empire aren’t terrorists but ‘insurgents.’ Doctors prescribe according to the drug companies. Wherever you look, you see professionalism serving a material interest. The military/security complex, Wall Street and the banks own this country.

Keep them entertained, which means, keeps their minds off anything else. Do this early, and often enough, and the youth, which turn into voters, never develop the capacity to think. They believe what ‘their daddy’ told them or what their favorite talking head sells.

We have no one to blame but ourselves for our current state of affairs. American citizens want to be safe, and in the quest for that accept most anything they hope will create that safety without thinking or questioning. Those who make up the Deep State aren’t conspiring directly by working together to rule the world. What they’re doing is taking advantage of a dumbed down fearful populace by using the chaos, incompetent institutions, and confusion spread by the propaganda press to institute their agendas. The Deep State consists of shadowy billionaires, mega-corporations, the military industrial complex, surveillance state agencies, bureaucrats, corrupt politicians and their mass media mouthpieces. You are being manipulated, and the hypocrisy must stop if America is to survive as a nation.

Destruction is the fate that each nation on earth can expect unless it pays homage and obeisance to these neo-feudal overlords who promise protection in return for national servitude, in return for the complete surrender of their people and natural resources to increase the rate of profit for the capital that controls the NATO military machine. NATO is the armed fist not only of America and its allies as nations, but also of the ‘capitalists’ of those nations who are prepared to strike against any nation that stands in their way of profit. Propaganda, lies, inventions, distortions and misrepresentations of reality in order to conjure an emotional response in ‘consumers minds’ of the desired type and action to follow, is a primary pillar of the mythology they create.

The only thing keeping America even semi-democratic is its tradition of free speech, so that is on the way out. You can see that in process. Major ‘news’ is now being checked by Google/Facebook/TV to see if its ‘fake’ and if so, it’s not presented. America is weakening its society in order to dominate it. What could accomplish this goal more efficiently than exacerbating the country’s internal conflicts? The TV says Nazis are involved and without question everyone jumps on board as if Jesus had spoken.

The hypocrisy is breathtaking to behold. Why aren’t ANTIFA and BLM protesting in Chicago to stop the killing of black people? Chicago doesn’t fit their anti-Trump narrative. It’s black people doing the killing. None of this is ever really about helping people as they raise retirement ages, punish the youth with school loans they can’t pay, and exempt themselves from most laws that apply to us. Those who defend free speech are scolded by those who believe that only certain views should be allowed to be heard. As long as the working people are fighting each other, no one bothers to challenge the root cause of our current dystopia.


Craig Dudley


13 thoughts on “Guest Post: Fabrication of Ethos

  1. If you were a builder and hired a construction company would you accept that after 16 years many construction deaths and those maimed money misspent,the building still under construction tottering,would you keep that construction company? Would you accept political statements by the joint chiefs whose business is war?

    Why are we paying for what we get?


  2. This JFK conspiracy is nonsense. Oswald did shoot him but the fatal head wound was an accidental discharge from a SS agent in a trailing car.

    The writer does correctly pin the problem on Congress on gerrymandering. Congressmen are so well entrenched that incumbents are almost always guaranteed reelection. They get in, cater to the local money machine, whatever that is(here in TX-11, it’s big oil/ag) get rich, live lavishly and us pee-ons can fuck off.


    1. No has an answer for that. Only platitude like “wake up”, “stand up”, “fight for your rights”, “get ready”, “do something” and other such bullshit. Nothing can be done until the freedom movement people unite themselves. And since we all literally hate anyone who doesn’t agree with literally everything we think, we can’t unite right now.


      1. You know my answer Brother build Community’s… Until the shooting starts that’s the only thing that actually helps our Liberty and our Survival…

        Liked by 1 person


    Ignore the rest of the article (like I did) and just scroll down a little bit and you’ll see a photo of some plane wreckage at the Pentagon.

    No disrespect, but it was asked for. I don’t know who was responsible for launching an aircraft into the Pentagon, but it was an aircraft. If the gov wanted to create and push a “plane attack” narrative, then it’s too easy to allow/assist some angry arabs in making it happen. The amount of damage done didn’t matter in the end. They were always going to get what they wanted, which was “OmG a major terrorist attack, we have to give up our freedom for more safety!” reaction from the public.


    1. Yeah, you keep telling yourself that. Watch the “Architects for The Truth” dvd. Planes? No way. I love the “non disputable” Believe me ’cause “I held body parts” drivel in PM, more .gov directed drivel to distract the dumbed down. WTC 7 anybody?


      1. You didn’t even respond to my point about a missile strike being unnecessary. Launching a missile is a high risk/Unknown reward type of operation. Assisting some angry arabs in flying a plane into the building is a much lower risk and still the same type of reward.

        It’s like the school shootings. Sending your guy in there to do the deed is high risk/unknown reward. Waiting for someone to just up and do it (yes it happens), and then you pounce on the opportunity, is a low risk op.


  4. Agreed on most of what the author says.
    The biggest problem the Liberty/patriot/ freedom community has is that no one is willing to work together.
    Those who try to get larger groups organized fail in the end due to a combination of infighting and infiltration by .gov agents. Look at the Malheur clusterfuck- fully half of the participants were .gov informants. The whole idea to take over the refuge was like at the suggestion of one of the informants.
    Bundy ranch, which was seen as a ” win” for our side had it’s share of .gov informants. Many of those who participated are in the process of being convicted in a government show trial. The rest just haven’t been arressted and charged. Charlottesville was a set up by cops and politicians.
    The government is infested with leftists, statists, and Marxists and no one opposes them.
    Like many other things, environmentalism began with good intentions. Now it is used by special interest groups and government to control those they don’t agree with. Enviro groups and the EPA are out of control.
    When .gov agencies make the absurd claim that a plowed farm field is ” mini mountain ranges” they are not basing policy on science or common sense. When .gov agencies regulate puddles and drainage ditches as ” navigable waters of the U.S.” they are out of control, and not using science or common sense.
    There are well over a thousand legitimate scientific studies that show no harm from genetically modified crops. The hysteria over GM crops is largely based on claims made by people who do not understand the process…

    No one wants polluted air and water and industrial waste is still a huge problem- but companies no longer dump waste into rivers and streams, or spew pollutants into the air.
    Our air and water are much cleaner now than when the environmental movement began in the early 1970’s.
    The EPA is infested with environmental extremists- former head Lisa Jackson even proudly claimed she was an environmental extremist. These are not the people who should be in charge of a .gov agency.
    How do we change the current out of control government/ police state?
    Start locally. Elect people who want to change the current system
    Then work at county level, then state level, then fed level.
    It’s either that or we end up in a sort of civil war that would be very bloody and last for many years.
    The left, at this point, appears to be all in for the war in the streets option.


  5. All we can do is help people see the light. First admit there is a problem, which they have prevented about 97% of this collection of states from doing.

    The uniparty, I heard a crazy radio guy go into it this weekend, and he’s trying to help people along, for silence is consent.

    I’m on every weekend trying to fight back, to stand by and do nothing is profoundly disrespectful to the most intelligent pack of genius every assembled that kicked King George off the continent and founded this collection of states.

    I revoked my consent long ago, now to just quit feeding the monkeys.



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