Trump Press Conference


Donald Trump dealt a major blow to day to the media’s narrative about Charlottesville. I give him a tremendous amount of credit for daring to challenge the ridiculous narrative of the media and take it on the chin. It’s also always a good day when the press corp gets beat up for their fifth column propaganda. Questions start at 7:20 on the video.




2 thoughts on “Trump Press Conference

  1. The Marxist media will just use Trump’s comments to promote their narrative that Trump, his staff, and his supporters are racists,misogynists,xenophobes,Islamaphobes,homophobes,Nazis, white supremacists, and on and on and on… and
    ” bible thumping gun toting rednecks.”
    The same shit they’ve said for years about anyone to the right of Stalin.
    That the photos of the “Nazis” showed imported fake nazis holding brand freakin new just unpackaged flags with the folds clearly visible was and is clear to anyone with an IQ greater than their shoe size.
    I’m also sure the feds and state police had informants and/ or provacateurs inside all groups present.
    To the Marxist media- there is no difference between white nationalists and the KKK or neo- nazi/ skinheads and that is how they portray anyone who is not thinking exactly as the leftists think.
    To the media- if you believe white people should not be replaced by third world
    “people of color” who are members of the pedophile prophet cult, or M-S 13 gangbangers- you are a racist,xenophobic, Islamaphobic, Nazi, KKK supporting,gun toting redneck.
    While there is some slight progress being made by alternative media- the Marxist media still controls the narrative- in part because most people believe most of the propaganda being spewed 24/7 by ” news media”.
    There’s no doubt in my mind that the police, the Charlottesville mayor, the governor, and antifa/BLM and other assorted leftist pieces shit worked together to insure that the unite the right rally ended up being a clusterfuck.
    Their plan was to blame the right for everything that went wrong- even though it was caused by the ” security” arrangements of the cops, mayor and governor- and to portray antifa,BLM et-al as the ” good guys” fighting the Nazis.
    Their plan worked.
    They used lies, half truths and obfuscation- along with paid protesters/ actors and faked interviews-one of which was with an ex CIA agent.

    The UTR idea was a good one, next time work to lose the Nazis and KKK or that’s what Marxist media will focus on 100%.


  2. It was a thing of beauty. Try and imagine Rubio or Jeb! giving a jolt like this to the scummy “journalists” with their, when did you stop beating your wife questions.

    There’s things that Trump does that I don’t get but all in all I couldn’t be more pleased to have this man as president.


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