Long story short, the cops did nothing and filed us single file out of the park and into Antifa. A state of emergency was declared and they refused to allow a peaceful assembly to take place. The police allowed it to become violent and used the excuse to declare a state of emergency and shut it down. There is absolutely no rule of law anymore. The hate on both sides is beginning to boil over, this WILL come to a head. We will not go gently into the night.



22 thoughts on “Charlottesville 

    1. The media is using the terms Nationalist and Supremacist as if they both mean the same thing.

      George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and probably every military member as well many Americans of all the races are Nationalists.

      A Supremacist is to be reviled and shunned.

      They are coming for us under the guise that being a Nationalist is equivelant to being a Nazi or a member of the KKK.


        1. It would not surprise me if he was a plant. The aim of this event was to lure participants from the Alt-right into participation and then to discredit them by deliberately focusing on white supremacists and Nazi imagery. That is certainly the story the media is pushing. What is appalling is that wanting to preserve heritage is a good and important value. Now the whole effort to prevent historical statues from being taken down has been sullied by the deliberate inclusion of extremists. A few real Nazi’s undoubtedly showed up but my view is that the whole thing was a trap and the Nazi goons were leftist plants.


      1. I have to shake my head do you guys hear yourselves…Do you think the media gives a damn what you think or who you are…Have you not figured it out that the media is just a propaganda tool for those who want to end your life and your bloodline…You guys(old ladies) set and natter about shit that doesn’t make a damn bit a difference in your survival…You cower at the words racist and Supremist while they poison your children’s mind and try and do their best to kill you…Where is your fight instead of your flight…They don’t care if your as pure as driven snow they want you dead if your not with their program…They will load you in the boxcars right along with the Nazis, Skinheads, Christians, Conservatives, Libertarians, and anyone else that isn’t toeing the line…I could go on but why, it will fall on deaf ears just like my advocating of building Communities…There is so few men with courage and conviction left it seems…Sad That…

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        1. We shall see
          Currently we outnumber the whiners and paid protesters
          If we repent and God blesses USA again
          We will prevail
          Encouraged by the children I see growing up after us


  1. Wish I could have been there. It will definitely be a priority to be next time. It is time for the white nationalist men of this country to make these BLM and antifa faggots learn of the sleeping Lion they are awakening.

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    1. I would not go in that direction if I were you. That is exactly what the globalists are attempting to precipitate — a race war that will open the door to a military crack down and possibly UN intervention. Dangerous times. The BLM and Antifa however, increasingly look like goons — totally ignorant stooges. I say, let them hang themselves with their nonsense.


      1. You are probably right but it is hard to sit back when your people and heritage are being destroyed and do nothing. I wasn’t raised to be a keyboard warrior. I was raised to be a man.

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  2. The media coverage is all bullshit and blaming ” the right” and Nazis and white supremacists and the KKK.
    No mention of antifa.
    The media wants riots, violence, and ” protests” that lead to civil war.

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  3. There is a reason mostly white males purchased 100 million firearms in the last eight years . White males know they are targets and have zero rights . White privilege = no white males . Diversity = no white males . The South Africa template is spreading across America . keep a eye out for the ” Catch up period ” Liberals are pushing , that is to deny white males the right to vote for 30 years.

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    1. 70,000 whites have been murdered, many thousands in barbaric ways, since he fall of Apartheid. A third of all S. African Whites live in squatter camps, because they are cut from the economy by Affirmative Action (in a majority black country), and they are now being threatened with having land and property seized WITHOUT COMPENSATION by the communist ANC government of Jacob Zuma. The country is failing rapidly, being declared “junk status” economically by financial ratings, and the police are corrupt. Failure of basic services and horrendous violence and crime are the norms. Afrikaner children live exposed in squatter camps on landfills, built from tin shacks, with NO RUNNING WATER or plumbing, and no medical care. And the world remains SILENT….

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  4. doesnt matter if we agree or not. they are baiting out the lefttards, trying to make something happen. richard spencer is trumps brown shirts.

    the communist will bait out, spencer by erasing history. a big game of tit for tat and chicken. how does this not turn into the french revolution? nobody sees teh bigger picture, when people just want this to stop.


  5. This could be that Crispus Attuck moment, when the answer is unclear who fired first, who threw the first throw, but when the walkers pass the wall you will know not that “winter is coming” but “They are here”.


  6. “The police allowed it to become violent and used the excuse to declare a state of emergency and shut it down.”

    Hmm, seems I have heard of this tactic being used before.

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  7. People are going to get caught with their pants down just like the guy who ran into those people…This country is so on edge that just a little push will send us down the abyss…Are You Ready?

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