Identity Crisis

Before the camps, I regarded the existence of nationality as something that shouldn’t be noticed–nationality did not really exist, only humanity. But in the camps one learns: if you belong to a successful nation you are protected and you survive. If you are part of a universal humanity–too bad for you.  -Alexander Solzhenitsyn 

The recent betrayal by the GOP of their voting base has shown the level of confusion and aimlessness within the party and raised the most terrifying of specters for a bureaucrat grifter, irrelevance. The progressives won and nothing has illustrated the utterly complete role reversal in such stark contrast as the paralysis of the Republican party during the Trump presidency. Priebus Inc. would do better to rebrand the entire organization the Grand Third Wheel, because the party has no platform, no purpose and certainly no direction.

18700080_558603261194034_2278810512846014144_nProgressives have long defined themselves in terms of Hegelian dialectic, offering the promise of a utopian tomorrow with the gratification of ‘fighting the ______’ today. The entire premise of their movement was that the bourgeoisie kept the proletariat down and the neo-Jacobins firmly planted their flag in opposition to the cultural, economic and legal norms of the society. They owned the counter-culture niche and waged a successful insurgency against the perceived monolithic American institutions of the public and private sector. As I discussed in this post, the revolutionary often becomes much the same as the ruler they deposed. Books will be written about this period in American politics, as the revolutionaries of the 20th century have transitioned to the conservatives of the new millennia.

The nature of the word conservative implies that the person wishes to conserve the existing culture and status quo. Conservatives defend the existing order and resist change. The Neo-Jacobins are twisting themselves in knots to discover ever-new bourgeoisie in an attempt to justify their position as perpetual revolutionaries. It is precisely how we get such gems as ‘milk is racist,’ or the obsession with genders. The reality of the matter is that the progressives won, the institutions are theirs and now they must rule. Despite the majority within the statehouses and Congress, the GOP has failed to make any meaningful progress on their core principles since perhaps the Reagan administration. The standard tactic of the boomer conservative seems to be banging his head against the right side of the Overton window the left has continually drug in their direction for the last five decades, at least. It would be sacrosanct to even attempt as a member of Conservative Inc. to push the window in a saner direction, there is simply too much money to be made painting a wry smile on your face as the graceful loser. This week is yet another indication that the Republicans are merely a lighter tint of blue and have positions dictated to them entirely by the progressive wing of the political spectrum…which in turn is steered by the radical left of the DNC, the Neo-Jacobins. The recent failure politically of the progressives is the catch-22 they find themselves in. The voters were promised a utopian existence if they succeeded in overthrowing the existing system and when it happened, a utopia it was not. Thus they reverted back to the perpetual insurgent mode and abandoned the white vote, focusing their entire efforts on the ’emergent peoples’ within the US and sealing their political fate in the short-term.

20139730_594300997624260_1779425821357029051_nThe party of social change and rioting over free speech is now resorting to censorship and thought crimes. The irreverence of Richard Pryor has been replaced by a Puritanical moral code that reduces the progressives to screeching, unfunny and boring cat ladies. What is edgy now? Being gay? Tweeting how you’re all about #Resistance as you buy quinoa? The safest, most unsurprising stance you can take inside the coastal hives at this point is slapping rainbows on yourself and virtue signal your self-loathing as a white person. Frankly, the best thing that has happened to the progressives has been the ascendance of the Alt-Right. Decades of intellectually dishonest accusations towards the GOP and boringly predictable reactions by the same has finally drawn to a close. The progressives have the bogeyman they tried painting the cucks in the Republican party as, and it scares them. The political discourse is no longer being defined on their terms, and they are no longer the lighting rod of politics, despite their ever insane antics by some mentally disturbed mutilated it-thing screaming about privilege. Nobody is asking if you are a progressive or ‘male feminist’ (read, self-loathing cuck)…the question is whether you are one of those awful Alt-Right people or not. The predictable boomer response to being called racist was a trickle down the leg and some earnest attempt to prove they were not a thought criminal. The Alt-Right has embraced this, owned it and revels in it, becoming the antithesis of what the progressives are. The GOP has been relegated to awkwardly standing to the side, unsure of its role now as it bleeds members, youth, talent and intelligence. Nobody is lining up to work for the tumor known as John Mccain. He inspires no one of useful age, nor do his ideas resonate with any of the educated people under 40. His actions exemplify what the conservative boomers of the GOP represent, nothing.

The progressives understand and see Trump as a symbol of white maleness, and they hate it. The Alt-Right speaks the same language and embraces the fact that they are a distinct people, with their own culture, traditions and history. The politics of 2017 are over the fate of people groups and the identity of the country, whether it makes the AARP crowd anxious or not. They had the privilege of growing up in a semi-functioning civilization, and were more than happy to gift the country to foreign nationals so the price of tomatoes could stay low. Far be it from the vast majority of them to question why those who are staring financial and ethnic oblivion in the face to be less than cordial about the reality of heterogeneous societies within which white’s sole function is a cucked tax cow. The GOP cannot even acknowledge white people exist and wonders why they just can’t seem to become relevant again. Thankfully it will be replaced or the new class of RINO’s that come out of the Millennial and Get Z will be those who listened to Spencer, Taylor and Molyneux. The progressives for years have depended on the GOP’s inherent white guilt and their ability to be shamed into obedience to keep the economic and social core of this country sufficiently in check. No more. Rather than ‘conserve’ the crumbling, fetid corpse of a civilization past, we must move on to constructing the new on the foundation of the old. The future can be ours again because of what we do and who we are, whether that is the US as a geopolitical entity or an amalgam of former states. Embrace the envy, hate and jealousy of your civilization, religion, and family. Perhaps none of us will live to see that day we long for, but the future is ours, either to grasp or give away.

I suspect a fair number of people might be upset or offended at the content of this post. Deal with it. I’ve never claimed to have cornered the market on truth, and I’m certainly not someone afraid to question the groupthink so prevalent within the liberty movement and Conservatism Inc. at large. I try to bring a voice to that thought scratching inside your brain like a fingernail, ever nagging you about the difference between what you’re told and what you see. Life is too short not to ask hard questions and demand good answers from yourself. 


– JJ




9 thoughts on “Identity Crisis

  1. You are spot on — the only alternative is to execute the traitors… and their family/spawn. I would say assassinate but that would assign some sense of executive importance to them. My “trigger” point is almost here (no pun intended). Good luck my friends.


  2. Bravo Jesse. I will take it one step further. Our elite rulers be they one or the other party have only two ambitions. Stay in power and two make there be absolutely no difference in lifestyle whether people work or suck on government. Their “compassion” is an act.

    The progressives want to overwhelm the system and think they will then create their utopia. We are not far away from the system imploding and that is when redneck will meet snowflake.



  3. Hell.

    I’m one of those rare Boomers who has spent my entire adult life disgusted with the 80-plus% of my age cohort that you described perfectly to a “T”. I completely disavowed those cretins by the mid-1970’s and simply hope the knees don’t give out before this gets kinetic.


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