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Guest Post: A Most Dangerous Idea

“All government, in its essence, is a conspiracy against the superior man: its one permanent object is to oppress him and cripple him. One of its primary functions is to regiment men by force, to make them as much alike as possible and as dependent upon one another as possible, to search out and combat originality among them. All it can see in an original idea is potential change, and hence an invasion of its prerogatives. The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane and intolerable, and so, if he is romantic, he tries to change it. And even if he is not romantic personally he is very apt to spread discontent among those who are.” – H.L. Mencken

Patriotism tells you our world is divided into special areas and those who’ve been lucky to be born in particular places, are better governed, outstanding, and more precious than those inhabiting any other spot. Every day you hear variations of this from the TV, school and almost every other place you go. We’re told from birth that it’s the duty of everyone living in our special spot to fight, kill, and die in the attempt to impose our superiority upon all the others whenever ordered. The price includes, in the words of General McChrystal, “a lot more population control measures. We are going to have to give up a lot more of our precious civil rights than most of us imagine because we want security.”


As ‘our’ government discovers new ways to limit our civil liberty and privacy, it’s important that we keep in mind that these infringements aren’t the root of the problem. It’s American foreign policy, the regime-change operations, the interference in foreign elections, coups, assassinations, embargoes, sanctions, foreign aid, torture, abuse, invasions, and occupations, which produces the anger and the hatred that then leads to the constant threat of terrorist retaliation. ‘Our government’ then uses the constant threat of terrorist retaliation to justify its constant and ever-growing limits on the civil liberty and privacy of American citizens; empire abroad leads to loss of liberty and privacy at home. (The use of dialectical materialism in the form of problem [thesis] -> reaction [antithesis] -> solution [synthesis] should be noted here, as well as how Marx and Hegel’s ‘great revolutionary leaps’ are regularly employed by Mordor on the Potomac. -JJ)

Iran is a good example due to our actions there for the last hundred years. We stood with the British who effectively took over Iran for their oil. Because of the British occupation a third of Iranians died during WW2 from starvation1.¹ In 1953 the CIA overthrew their democratically elected government because they had the audacity to nationalize their oil. The CIA installed their dictator whose secret police, we trained, were some of the most brutal on the planet.² During the Reagan years we shot down Iran Air Flight 655 with almost three hundred onboard. All Iranians know this, and more, but few in the Empire do because every day ‘our’ free press tells you the official story about our victimization by a country smaller than many of our states. We’ve done the same, with variations, in too many countries to list here.

When a national election is called, one-half of those eligible doesn’t vote. Far from thinking of the greater good of their society, most Americans embrace a tribal ethos of ‘what’s in it for me and my clan’ as they expect others to adopt their ideas. Many Americans identify themselves first by tribe or religion as in ‘Italian-American’, ‘African-American’, ‘Baptist’ or ‘Red Stater’. Members of these tribes gather often throughout the year to celebrate themselves, and they’re ready to spit on the cultures of others. Their loyalties tend to divide along tribal and regional lines. Facts don’t matter because ideology filters everything. In recent years, for example, elected officials have proposed the idea that their state should secede from the federal union (Texas/California), create its own currency (South Carolina), and enforce only those national laws with which its ruling warlords agree (Montana). Several state legislatures are forming laws that will outlaw public protest. We’re not as united as the official version would have you believe.

Americans accept individualism to the point that laws equating corporations with people, with the same rights as a flesh-and-blood human being aren’t successfully opposed. You say that democracy is messy, and that Americans should just be left to muddle along as best they can, and learn their lessons without interference but America is a vital source of uranium, soybeans, corn, situation comedies, ethanol, inspirational speakers and other such indispensable resources without which the global economy would collapse. Moreover, America possesses a sizable supply of weapons of mass destruction.

America is full of those who are eager to turn the democratic process to their own ends. Some politicians say that the secular state should base its laws on a Christian version of Sharia. Others aren’t concerned believing ‘consumers’ will consistently vote in moderate government who will move continually toward healthy secular society. I believe we have to face facts: we want a peaceful, democratic world, but we know some people aren’t ready for democracy, and Americans are some of these. Some recommend an authoritarian strongman of the sort Americans understand and respect, like the ones that operate behind the scenes; someone who can flatter their national pride and keep their well-armed warlords under control. Some believe Trump is that strongman…be careful what you wish for.

In countries we interfere with we tell those people they need a few decades of practice, under our control, before they’ll be mature enough to govern themselves. The British told their colonial subjects the same thing.‘Our’ free press told us and Iraqis that Iraq was one of those places. It may not be politically correct, but we have to accept that fact perhaps we qualify as well and maybe that’s the case in most countries. Most humans have trouble giving up their expectations to make room for others and we see that every day.

a2d2247ebaf5ff5be7bc1400e41c6cb9Democracy is several wolves and one sheep voting about what will be for dinner. Democracy is fully self-destructive and has been throughout history. Its usual focus is emotional which may be why the Constitution made space to remove the emotion and place our controls in the hands of oligarchs. ‘Our freedoms’ aren’t protected from ordinary politics but determined by them; recipes for endless social division, as different parties try to substitute their preferred vision of liberty for those actually in the Constitution.

Journalism covering ‘our government’ is mostly public relations; propaganda, done for money, and not for the purpose of describing truth. Corporate-owned ‘news’ is propaganda, getting its information from government-owned ‘news.’³ The problem is journalism, as it exists, isn’t what people believe it to be and doesn’t deserve to be trusted. The mainstream press has lost the confidence of ‘consumers’ becoming little more than the mouthpiece for ‘our’ owners, who spin their own self-serving tales and tell their own lies. Rather than acting as a watchdog against deception, the mainstream media have become the Establishment’s apologists and propagandists. If ‘consumers’ were told any troubling truth that might greatly shake their trust in the big lie and if they realize how far American politicians go to achieve their political ambitions, they might be more willing to believe other serious allegations of government wrongdoing. ‘Our’ free press is a propaganda machine for the ruling elite. Since ‘land of the free’ isn’t applicable anymore what will our new motto be?

I’m still wondering why Census needs my house GPS/coordinates, except that as a wild free-thinker, I may need to be carpet bombed some day…freedom can be only so free, don’t you know.

Craig Dudley


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Enemy of the People


The populist dichotomy casts everyone who disagrees with the supposed ‘will of the people’ as an ‘enemy of the people.’ It’s a short step from ‘enemy of the people’ to ‘not a person.’

– ‘Populism: The Downside’ Virginia Freeman’s Society

The recent statement on Twitter by the president, declaring the press to be the enemy of the American people set the legacy media into a tailspin. We received a few more breathless lectures from pundits about how this time Trump is really a Nazi and a dictator, as opposed to the previous day’s breathless lecture on the same topic. So far, this dictatorship has been so frightening that no media outlet has felt the need to censor themselves in any way. I expect it is because Don Lemon and Jake Tapper are simply willing to suffer even more than the massive persecution they already have to stand up to a tyrant, just like Fritz Gerlich did. I’ve been assured the circumstances and fortitude shown are identical. Not to be self congratulatory, but I discussed this very thing, and just about wrote his tweet for him in this post about three weeks ago. Trump is a populist and speaks in populist terms. Both the insipid media pundits and the president are correct, as we see two and possibly three opposing ideologies begin firing the opening salvos of the next four years.

_fnglfgxdee9m2vdnmh1maThe media sees itself as a gatekeeper for information. Allegedly, though I have doubts about it, journalism existed previous to when I became aware of what the media even was. Today, the vast majority of what masquerades as journalism is in fact, editorials presented as fact. The idea being hawked by the anchors and verbose editorials in the NYT is that these people represent a legitimate guild of professionals. This directly contravenes the idea that they simply present and report the facts of a situation. Experts are called such because they are qualified to form an opinion about a matter in which they have extensive knowledge, usually involving formal training  and practical experience. Pray tell, what about a journalism degree make the holder become the authority on CDOs or Israeli-Palestinian relations? Yet I am continuously told that these people are professionals, experts and the only people qualified to decide what I read. Somehow, they are the one indispensable thread between an event and deciphering what it means in slow monosyllables so idiots like me can understand the incomprehensible complexities of the real world.

Despite the insistence that the media are the kind middlemen between event A and information consumer B, there is daily evidence that the vast majority in the profession manage to do a stunningly poor job of it, even by government standards. The entire point of a middleman is to procure a product from the supplier and pass it to the consumer unmolested and substantially unchanged. In fact, most boilerplate in sale of goods contracts specify under the terms that there is an implied warranty of merchantability (UCC §2-3XX, §2-6XX). Kroger doesn’t take bags of rice from their supplier, mix some beans in with it and duct tape the package back up before throwing it on the shelf. It doesn’t happen because they understand people become quite upset when they find out the product they are paying for is polluted, and the brand will suffer because consumer confidence in it goes down. I’ll explain this in simple terms, because I don’t know that most people working in media have the first clue about economics or basic business dynamics.

The beans have been put in the rice for quite some time, and people accepted it as the cost of getting rice. The media enjoyed the monopoly as being the only rice seller in the nation, and precious few international rice sellers existed with access to the US market. Within the last ten years, no longer are they the only people with rice, and now anyone with a desire to do so can enter the rice market. Not only that, precious few grains of rice are making their way into the ‘The Most Trusted Name in Rice™’  bags anymore, and people are calling it for what it is, dishonest. As fate would have it, the old rice sellers have watched the brand value plummet and their massive national conglomerate begin  to lose hold of the market as a myriad of competitors found a way not to interfere with the rice and simply offer it to the customer. Lo and behold, we are now witnessing the fruition of the marketing director’s brilliant idea to start a ‘Fake Rice’ campaign claiming they are the only ‘real’ rice sellers and that those ‘alternative’ rice guys are selling tiny legumes and not to be trusted. When confronted with the fact that there is now a 10:1 ratio of beans to rice in said rice bags, the media promptly replied the beans are considered packing material and only racists and bigots demand their rice to be bean-free. In fact, even insinuating that a bag of rice should contain only rice is a direct attack on the six rice-selling corporations, the only legitimate ones, and in turn represents a national security threat to our food supply. The government should make it illegal for just anyone to sell rice, why people could just go pick up a bag without the appropriate number or beans in it. 

It sounds so stupid in those terms, but yet grown men and women are working themselves into a frothing mess over that very thing. Right now, the media, as defined by those handful of corporations that own nearly every outlet, is absolutely the enemy of the people. It’s an enemy, not because of their ridiculous claims about how they are standing up to a dictator. It’s become the enemy of us all because it is not a free press, it has directly injected itself into the political sphere, taken policy stances on issues and operates for one side or the other in a propaganda function. Not only that, but in the last two months, the vast majority of them have planted themselves squarely in the way of a peaceful transition of power and have done anything and everything, up to and including sedition, to undermine the current administration. Presenting unfavorable facts is legitimate journalism, excellent even. I’m dying to be able to skewer Trump for some of the stupid things he has done, however far more dangerous than a competent business man bumbling his way around a fragmented Constitutional philosophy, is the utter fabrication, rumors, leaks and half-truths being desperately thrown around 24/7 on the TV and in print, simply to remain relevant. One cannot mediate a situation in which they have inserted themselves into, and the press resents Trump for treating them like the political action committee they have become.

The unfortunate side effect of this is that the half the country that lives in the blue echo chamber has been gravely assured that Hitler is running the country and the only thing worse than yesterday is is today’s headline. Rather than a conciliatory, but oppositional position, in an attempt to remain relevant the media has either purposefully or unwittingly elected to radicalize a sizable slice of the country. The talking heads had better hope those seeds don’t bear fruit, because like Goebbels, I don’t think many will be considered noncombatants. I suspect most are too ignorant to have ever heard about what happens to most official organs of any given revolution. Hint, it’s like pancreatic cancer, only faster. Ask the victims of the Berkley riots how discerning roving mobs of people are about their victims. Most of the people hurt were of the same persuasion that the rioters were. Not to be discounted are the people who’s homes, families and livelihood will have been wrecked by the violence egged on by the familiar faces on TV. What might a person with nothing left to lose do to the person they blame it on?

s_s20_19739111This election represents the first time most of us are playing the same game, and we are soon going to see why populism is a transitional political phase. Populism is notoriously unstable, even in homogeneous countries, let alone in a country with whole generations inundated to blame those not like them for their problems. Perón in Argentina is the most recent example, though populism was the mechanism that the Jacobins and Bolsheviks used in their respective countries. Keep in mind that populism is a method of politics and isn’t tied to a political philosophy. The wielder simply claims that he knows what the popular sentiments of the general population are on a given policy. In so many words, it is democracy by proxy. It is a risky gambit because if you are incorrect, then the population is alienated, rebellious and resentful. Most of us can relate the last eight years or more, as we have witnessed over and over again that phrase ‘the American people’ proceeded by some asinine policy that less than half the country wants. The Democratic Party has run a bastardized form of populism for at least since Clinton, probably back to LBJ. In this case what I think makes this political situation particularly unstable is that everyone is claiming to be the voice of the people. The media and Trump are both spouting half-truths here. Each speak for their bloc, neither speak for me, and both are wrong about speaking for any semblence of a majority , let alone claims to be the ‘will of the people.’

What gives then? At some point one group will gain supremacy and to do so will have had to extend far beyond the legal bounds of the Constitution. Frankly, I can’t believe I’m going to write these words but I prefer it be Trump rather than someone else. At least so far he has not spoken of me as a potential domestic terrorist and as someone who needs to pay more tribute to DC for my right to live. I do not see an option that does not end in further statism, centralized government and infringement on rights. People are hurt, emotionally and financially, on both sides and it has now descended to the logic of a bar fight. You hit whoever is whaling on your buddy and the facts matter less than ducking that bottle getting thrown at your head. Principles matter less than your pound of flesh in the moment and your only concern is to get the other guy.

Ultimately, in a sense both Trump and the media are correct. Trump is a threat to the progressive’s democratic socialist vision of government. The media is a roadblock to Trump’s slightly less socialist vision of government. Here I am stuck rooting for the the one I hate least, simply because the other side isn’t content to leave me alone and a fair number would be more than fine with putting me six feet under. I’m afraid no one will listen to reason until they see how horrific the alternative is, and by then it’s too late. Things have a way of taking on a life of their own. Both Trump and the media will continue to escalate things, and I anticipate a Watergate-esque story and controversy to be in the works as we speak. It’s not impossible by any stretch that Trump has had wandered into some gray areas of the law in business and that could easily be tied into the Russia narrative. By the end of the year, and certainly before the midterm elections there will be a ‘bombshell’ or several in a concerted effort to take enough seats to begin the impeachment process. I would not be surprised if the press pool shrinks drastically or nearly disappears at some point as the hostility increases. Headlines will be run like ‘President Under Siege’ to give a slant of impotence and push the administration into further hyperbole and overreaction. This is not to slander all journalists, or paint them as a single unified bloc. Good ones still exist, just not enough to matter. There may not be much we can change about the situation, but forewarned is forearmed. Perhaps one day history will vindicate me as one of the guys who said ‘Hey,this probably isn’t the best idea’ when the history books talk about the mother of all ‘Troubles.’ Remember, it’s not the helicopter ride that kills you, it’s the sudden stop at the end.

UPDATE – 02.26.17



Jesse James

Guest Post: Making the Green Grass Grow

The Empire, America, invades, occupies and plunders several countries every decade, while China engages in ‘trade’. Iran hasn’t attacked any neighbor for two centuries, while Israel has ravaged several countries since its birth. Show us where Russia has engaged in any military adventures beyond their borders in any way comparable to what America has. The Empire’s messengers always omit or justify whatever crimes ‘our’ side is doing because, we’re told, the actions of the bad guys who use evil violence always legitimize what we do because we use good violence. When using the tactics you oppose in others, you become what you oppose.

We’re supposed to adopt the ‘groupthink’; Assad is a mass murderer, we repeat for years, that he bombed his own people, whether true or not. Reports arguing that it was more likely to have been a crime committed by our ‘moderate’ opposition friends are surely written by some Assad apologist or maybe Russians. Most of the Western media call President Assad “the dictator” and the government “the regime”. These negatively loaded words don’t belong in news reports. You find such terminology in editorials. News media which use these terms are an integral part of deliberate war-promoting propaganda. It’s not journalism. Projection is part of the news media groupthink.

poison_propagandaPropaganda’s goal is to spread the ‘official description’ to be mindlessly repeated by ‘our rulers’, and their supporters. This official tale doesn’t need to make sense, or pass any serious investigation. Truth isn’t the idea; the point is to draw a defensive ideological boundary, between ‘the truth’ as defined by ‘our’ rulers and anything else. Conforming to the ‘official reality’ is price of admission to the inner temple, where jobs, professional prestige, and other rewards of ‘Capitalism’ are found. Only ‘consumers’ actually believe this absurd official ‘reality’ which isn’t a problem, as it isn’t intended to be believed, accepted and repeated, like religious dogma. It’s a loyalty test which ‘our leaders’ use to determine just how far they can push this.

Years ago we were taught in school about how dictatorships change what’s taught to be true history to facilitate their current arranged societal biases. America has demonstrated this many ways. An easy example is how Fallujah and Aleppo are presented in their repossession by Americans or Syrians. American history is written by the victors and changes according to the flavor of the time. America does the same things it attacks other countries for doing, but you’re not supposed to notice that.

Public opinion in America is being stampeded to accept as unquestioned fact that Russia attacked American democracy. Lynch mobs, always part of this country, have declared Russia guilty. Keep this up and war comes next. No skepticism, no verifiable proof, just group-think let loose. To browbeat Trump into joining the lynch mob to hang Putin and Russia, ‘our free press’ are calling him a traitor if he doesn’t comply. Rumor, speculation and propaganda are the tools of American public dialogue, used by ‘consumers’, media and ‘our’ government. Anyone who shows the slightest dissent from the panic to lynch the day’s target is also likely to be lynched.

Despite the fact that Moscow has abandoned control of immense areas of Europe and Asia, ‘our’ experts insist that Russia is an expansionist power. This ‘expansion’ only seems to be occurring in zones that Moscow once controlled, into which the Empire creeps to extend their influence. American attitudes toward Russia are selective and cynical, without any real standards. Since the collapse of the USSR, the West has struggled to find a new bogeyman. When America ran out of national enemies, it allowed the Afghani Mujahedeen, we created to oppose Russians there to become Al-Qaeda, to be blamed for 9/11, and then becoming ISIS and the ‘moderate rebels’ of Syria who are supported by the Empire using it’s stooges; Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

The Washington Post was enraged when, in 2015, Russia shut down ‘our’ government-funded National Endowment for Democracy (NED), using a law that “bans groups from abroad who are deemed a ‘threat to the foundations of the constitutional system of the Russian Federation, its defense capabilities and its national security”. The Washington Post wrote: “The charge against the NED is patently ridiculous. The NED’s grantees in Russia last year ran the gamut of civil society. They advocated transparency in public affairs, fought corruption and promoted human rights, freedom of information and freedom of association, among other things. All these activities make for a healthy democracy but are seen as threatening from the Kremlin’s ramparts.” “Transparency in public affairs,” fighting corruption, and “freedom of information,” is vital for creating a “healthy democracy” in Russia when promoted by a foreign organization but is a serious danger to democracy if anyone should try to do that in America.

What you’re seeing isn’t legitimate concern for ‘our democratic system’, but a manufactured problem, meant to herd ‘consumers’ into accepting increased tensions with Russia creating conditions that won’t allow Trump to proceed with a reconciliation with Russia, as he has stated he plans to do. This use of American propaganda seems to be the deep state/military industrial complex attempting to wrestle control back from the citizens after they elected a highly divisive President who ran on a platform including peace with Russia. Most ‘consumers’ fail to recognize that these ongoing wars have little to do with keeping them safe and everything to do with enriching the military industrial complex at taxpayer expense.

The constant unspoken message is don’t think; agree. Don’t investigate; obey.

What’s the solution when you know ‘our’ government deliberately creates the enemies it pretends to fight? It’s a new twist on the Vietnam War history, when a colonel said on TV, that we had to destroy a village to save it. It’s the operating philosophy behind the NDAA Act and the five sided fun house on the Potomac. The formula is ‘we must kill them in order to protect them’. It’s stupid to think Russia would attack Europe: American ‘leaders’ are well aware of this but press on with NATO’s expansion, breaking our word to Russia.

Journalism never reached the goal it claims of editorial objectivity because it remains an arrogant slave to the financial and political compromises it must endure to survive. This deal with the devil makes it an unreliable source in most situations. American crimes are camouflaged by compliant media that doesn’t challenge the lies they’re told fearing they will lose their access to the politicians who mislead them.

The psychopaths who run ‘our free press’ created the lockstep media version: Russia is always evil and this may only be fixed by bombing them. Somehow all the ‘official media’ in the country have the same opinion. All news is skewed against Russia, much in the way it was skewed against any other target of the day. It’s no mystery because only six corporations own most of ‘our free press’. We honor ‘heroes’ for their bravery and for throwing away their lives for the lies that led to their useless deaths. War has now become our default mechanism: America’s main industry. Humans become a different creature when they have total control and no consequences for what they do.

2016-10-24-syria-4The Empire raped Qaddafi in the street, stole Libya’s oil and gold, and then destroyed the world’s largest aqueducts, his GRM water system. A war that we never hear about is going on in Yemen. It’s the Saudis trying to reinstall their ousted puppet. Yemeni society has been destroyed and the Saudis use American weapons to attack this country. The core of America’s success has always been armaments. We always had good weapons, and still do, maybe. Since WW1 the best earning American industry has been weapons. The economy hinges on ability to make war. The educational system is geared to discovering new military applications, concealing our actual history and producing compliant ‘consumers’. America defends dictatorships, and destroys countries that try to be free and independent.

War is our default machinery. Warmongers trumpet the virtues of war with no awareness that most of the victims of war are mothers and their children. Smedley Butler outlined our basic problem 80 years ago in his book; war is a racket. The message never reaches ‘consumers’. America, the war machine, keeps going no matter who is president. A President who disagreed with the powerbrokers who own us was ‘eliminated by a loner with a mental health history’.

America has crossed the line into madness. We no longer hear the words freedom and liberty. Divide and conquer is their favored tactic. The powers that be are flooding Europe with savages from the wilds of the world to degrade systems that worked well before this attack on their stability. The wars aren’t to defend liberty. They’re brutal onslaughts against targets that are given the choice to obey or die, for the Empire’s profit.

‘Peace’ treaties, beyond their understanding, were forced on the Indians and we broke every one. The whole world knows all this, but America just keeps lying and the world continues to accept those lies because America has the means to destroy just about any country. A country that has earned that reputation has earned ruin. It’s the outright lying that troubles me the most; the celebrated massacres in Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan, all for lies, for nothing except oil and heroin, the world’s two biggest cash crops. The obliteration of Syria is about a gas pipeline that Israel/Qatar/America wants to build. The Empire’s policy is to make all of Israel’s neighbors’ disaster areas, with no hope for freedom. ‘Consumers’ are conditioned, by schools and family, to blindly obey whatever anyone in any position of authority tells them.

When the communists or Nazis did these types of things, everyone was quickly able to see that such things were bad. But when the Pentagon, CIA, and NSA do them, Americans are expected to thank them for their service. Its commentary on how the American propaganda ministry operates.

The Empire has failed catastrophically in Syria due to brilliant maneuvering and coordinated military strategy by Russia: American objectives in Syria have been thoroughly undermined and the collapse of American influence across the Middle East is exposed. Even Turkey seems to be finding and creating pretexts to move towards Russia and away from NATO. Thanks to clumsy American provocations towards Russia, Iran and China, they’ve been driven together, rather than being kept separated and bickering as intended by Kissinger. They’re too smart to be driven apart again by, for example, bombing one of their embassies and trying to make it look like the other did it.

According to ‘The Plan’, America must contain and control the rise of Russia and China but they openly defy America. So what to do? A new strategy is necessary. Russia has become the main obstacle to Washington achieving its strategic vision of pivoting to Asia and maintaining its dominant role into the next century. ‘Our’ Intelligence Community has compromised its remaining credibility to incite fear of Russia and to advance the ambitions of deep state powerbrokers.

Putin isn’t working to delegitimize America democracy: America is doing the job quite successfully. He’s not destabilizing Europe either since the forces undermining the E.U. come from the austerity after the 2008 financial collapse and to the refugee rivers created by the Empire’s invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya and the ‘regime change’ project in Syria.


Craig Dudley


In 2000 the CEO of Blockbuster, John Antioco, laughed the Netflix executives out of the building as well as their offer of a buyout for $50M. By the first quarter of 2016 Netflix was valued at $41B and Blockbuster was celebrating the 6th anniversary of its bankruptcy. Agincourt, Somalia, the Alamo, Trasimene, the invasion of Gallipoli, the Bay of Pigs, Waterloo, Little Big Horn…most have now become synonyms for failure, or at the very least have made it into textbooks as cautionary tales. When outside stimuli are no longer allowed to sufficiently influence your behavior or decision making process, it is inevitable you will eventually make decisions worthy of being used as a cautionary tale. We laugh and mock those who have made such colossal mistakes and some of the smarter ones study them. The commonality between the aforementioned examples is that a) there was a fundamental misunderstanding of facts and b) there was enormous misplaced confidence, the Dunning-Kruger effect was off the charts. The burning question right now is, if protesting and rioting don’t result in prosecution, but don’t result in change either…where does this go next?

uc-berkeley-riotsPeople can often become so invested and intrenched in a specific ideology or belief that aside from rational arguments, they are simply unwilling to change because of the time invested and the power the idea has on their psyche. One can become so wrapped up in a particular idea or label that it in a very literal sense, defines them. The weaponization of identity by the progressives has created not just a social conflict in America among many of my generation, but also an identity crisis. If I walked into the crowd at Berkley a few days ago with a sign that said ‘I am _____.’ and asked the people to only fill in one thing, I would almost guarantee you it would be in identitarian terms. I am white. Therefore, I am responsible for slavery, famine, and probably eat children. I am male. Therefore, I am responsible for slavery, famine, the ‘gender wage gap,’ sexism, rape and probably eat children. When I was pulled from the womb I became guilty of all those things, despite never actually having committed them. Conversely, if I checked the appropriate box, then my own potential discrimination cancels out some of the guilt I was born with and puts me in the good category, provided I don’t espouse heretical political beliefs like Milo. I hope you can see the religious overtones to the ideology, it relies very heavily on a perversion of the Original Sin concept with the zealot being responsible for his redemption through works and appropriate rites like virtue signaling.

The current crisis is one of Tolkien magnitude to the True Believers. Their entire worldview, and to borrow from Freud, super-ego is wrapped up in either self-flagellation or flagellation of those who have not sufficiently repented of their Original Sin. If I had to fill in a single thing about what I am, my race and sex don’t break the top ten. This is not the virtue signaling we see so often among the right, in a vain attempt to prove they are the mythical colorblind creature so many pundits and politicians pretend to be. I believe you are what you do, and even then it’s only part of the story at any given point. Most millennials were too young during the George W. era, though there was only token resistance to the idea at all. The vast majority have known no other president that Barack Obama who was equally as zealous in his belief of Original Sin, as indicated through his many remarks about the scourge of Western ideology on the world and in particular his desire to fundamentally transform the country. To people like the Berkley rioters, I believe many simply do not contemplate that there are communities that might differ in politics from their own little bubble. One can see this effect inside the Beltway, Hollywood and other conclaves where it is inconceivable that someone is not a True Believer. Many don’t know what they don’t know. The rest can simply afford to ignore what they should know…for now.

We have vainly attempted to approach this problem from the wrong angle, as a policy debate rather than a psychological one. Trump’s actions are irrelevant to the legacy media and most of the people we are discussing here. People pointed out the ‘Muslim ban’ wasn’t, and I doubt very seriously even those writing articles on the executive order actually read it. Facts. Do. Not. Matter. You simply cannot reason a person out of a position they were never reasoned into. Particularly if that position is such a significant part of their self-worth that it is them. So rather than attempt to refute ideas and accusations that no longer make sense to even the most tortured misreading of plain English, it bears contemplating what a person in psychological distress will do. We had a march on D.C. with an entertaining amalgam of costumes and near incomprehensible ramblings by the celebrities du jour and those looking to resurrect their relevance.  I honestly believe many there expected some kind of sea change and shift in policy. It didn’t happen. There were protests about a temporary ban on visas. There were riots over a speaker in Berkley and people were beaten, one assault could be categorized as attempted voluntary manslaughter. The response from the state and local government was nothing less than tacit approval of the violent escalation in Berkley, and the response from the federal government was a snarky tweet. Still, Trump remains in power and his agenda looks to be rolling on.

rjs7d6gpbjdy.pngThus far the escalation from screaming, to marching to rioting has occurred and there certainly doesn’t look to be a deescalation to discussion any time soon. The progressive wing of the statists look to have learned very little from the Trump victory in November and absolutely refuse to acknowledge their version of reality is not measuring up to the facts of the situation. A more stark example of the Dunning-Kruger effect I cannot think of. The people protesting have the misplaced idea that Newton’s third law does not translate on a sociological level. The election most are so upset over is proof positive that a segment of America feels very attacked and very marginalized, and over the last eight years has not only showed up to the voting booth but showed up to the gun store as well. I don’t pretend to be able to read the tea leaves. However, there will come a point when the violence will elicit a reaction from either a state actor or non-state actors, or both. Starbucks and Berkley may not bother to defend their private property, but there will inevitably be a Korean shopkeeper moment. What would have been the response in Berkley to dead protestors and someone who claimed he feared for his life? Half the country would believe them, half would call him a murderer. The facts would be irrelevant either way. If ‘looking like a Nazi’ aka a Syrian student in a suit, is enough to warrant assault then what would be their likely response to dead or injured colleagues?

You get to laugh Netflix out of the building once. Reality is a cruel mistress, and often makes very stunning examples out of those who scorn her. The laughing is beginning to stop on the street, though it continues in the legacy media and among the pundit class in their gated communities. The next evolution will show us how many true believers exist, as many choose to continue to escalate to violent behavior rather than face a crisis of identity. The crisis of identity has been a generation in the making, and inconvenient facts will not reverse a generation raised on political tribalism. Escalation is inevitable because it is the only course left. Trump was the third way Glenn Beck is so obsessed with, a peaceful, albeit crude, stopgap. Unlike peace, war only requires one party to acknowledge the fact. People will die at some point, as a beating gets out of control or a building catches on fire. Trump will feel the need to respond and will likely involve federal agents or possibly the National Guard if the situation escalates even further. The echoes of Kent State are strong here. The moment boots on the ground show up the movement is legitimized and the color revolution has the optics they need. What happens after that is anyone’s guess. One thing is for sure, it will not go away.


Jesse James