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The Voter Fraud that never happens…


unknown“First of all, there was no voter fraud — they caught him,” Toscano said. “Nobody cast a vote. . . . There’s still no evidence of that going on in the state. But there is evidence every time you turn around that the Republicans are trying to make it more difficult for citizens to vote in elections.”














Lex Rex: What’s in a Date?


We have appealed to their native justice and magnanimity, and we have conjured them by the ties of our common kindred to disavow these usurpations, which, would inevitably interrupt our connections and correspondence. They too have been deaf to the voice of justice and of consanguinity.” -Declaration of the Thirteen United States of America


imagesMuch has been written about the deplorable state of politics and the truly insane choices the respective political parties have arrived at. We sit in the midst of a massively divided electorate, with an election that has already had overtones of vote tampering, hacking and interference of state actors. The collapse/seizure/_____ of Hillary Clinton has many people on both sides of the aisle floating the idea of a replacement candidate, and a delay in the election. In an attempt to get out in front of this discussion of election postponement, the DNC is purportedly having or considering an emergency meeting to determine whether they should go forward with her candidacy. The punditocracy has already begun to move the Overton Window into a discussion of how ‘normal’ an election delay would be. Should Hillary have yet another episode in public, particularly in one of the debates or a highly publicized moment like this last one, then her campaign will be effectively finished and an alternative candidate fielded.

In 1848 Congress established the official election day to be the Tuesday after the first Monday in November. Unbroken since then, it is law, it is tradition, and more importantly, a keystone to the perceived legitimacy of our elections. It may be debatable about how much election fraud happens, the lying and cheating within the conventions and other real, yet nebulous things that make up American politics. A delayed election however, is something tangible, an objective fact that cannot be debated. Elections have been held through economic depressions, war, natural disasters such as Sandy, and all were held on the legally stipulated day. A delayed election is prima facie illegitimate without a) an act of Congress, and b) sufficient cause, such as foreign invasion or national emergency of enormous proportions. Ergo, the results from the election will be illegitimate, and whatever individual inhabiting the office will have done so illegally. The DNC had ample time to field a legitimate candidate, and should have taken the opportunity to properly vet their candidate. Rather than do so, they elected to play political games and neglected to do even the most basic due diligence. So be it, they gambled and lost. Let the party machinations either pick a new candidate to place on the ballot such as Kaine or find someone else. Petition the states for a ballot exception, or conduct a write-in campaign. The onus is on the party for fielding a candidate that did not comply with the necessary requirements of a viable candidate.

Should Hillary Clinton drop out of the race I expect the whispers of a delayed election to become shrill screams. Cries of voter suppression and every farcical argument under the sun will be used to make it ‘fair’ or ensure a ‘valid’ result. The GOP will acquiesce in hopes of a Trump defeat at the hands of the new guy or girl and an opportunity will be given to us at that moment. Any and every individual you know who is remotely on the fence must be made acutely aware of how illegitimate this action is. Point to the not-so-distant past when people were called crazy tinfoil-hat conspiracy theorists for even suggesting a delay in the election. Emphasize the idea that if something as sacred as an election can be bent to the whims of a party, why can’t the results be? Attack one of the few remaining areas in which the government enjoys the public’s trust and leverage that to other areas. It is but a small jump from election fraud to rule by fiat. Many will defend the action under basic ‘fairness.’ The DNC has done what Lehman Bros. did with their portfolio, negligently and recklessly gamble, and lose. We will most likely be handed a hammer by the opposition, all we must do is pick it up and become an iconoclast. The opportunity will be there, will you take it?

I will not vote in a delayed election, it is a farce and an abomination I will not sully myself participating in. The results will be illegitimate and the authority wielded under them, while realpolitik, cannot and must not be considered valid. Congress may pass another Election Act permitting the day to be changed, however to do so would merely confirm the lawlessness we are currently under. The bill would be a naked appeal, of the most base nature, to a single political party. The acquiescence to this by the American people will set a precedent for the future. The law is dead, it no longer matters, and isn’t even worth the most cursory appearance of respect. Should these events continue on their current trajectory, I certainly hope I am not alone in seeing the US government as a hostile and illegitimate tyranny. I do not say that lightly, there is a time to be considerate and reasonable. There is also a time when the attempts at negotiation have failed and a frank, and honest message needs to be sent. I have grown weary of the game and wish to call it what it is, evil. Election day may very well change us this year from citizens to subjects…and those unwilling to bend the knee into traitors.


Jesse James

Forgotten lessons…


A fronte praceipitium a tergo lup

Fifteen years ago today, I watched as a 9th grade boy the innocence collectively stripped away from most of the United States. For the first time in many of our lives the US had come under attack in a real way, and the lives lost, while tragic, paled in comparison to the psychological blow to the nation. Islam came to the forefront of the national psyche, and Taliban became a household word and we spilled blood and treasure chasing ghosts in the Hindu Kush. One of the most startling images of that day for me, were the jumpers. The few rational minds that chose a free fall over burning to death or some similar fate. It was surreal watching a human being commit suicide on national TV, particularly at that age.

trade-01_3321412kToday we watched as the 15th anniversary of that day was overshadowed by the next appointed president’s inability to walk to a vehicle without passing out or having some type of seizure. The reality we are confronted with politically is much the same as the individual immortalized on that day. Some of us, myself included, came into this on the back end, with little other than bad decisions left. We didn’t ignore the plane, we didn’t ignore Islam and we didn’t make the decision to arm and fund them. Nevertheless, here we are, stuck in the proverbial tower, faced with only bad decisions. We will collectively bear the brunt of the negligence of generations, and the treason of a few. If there is a single moment that so completely sums up this moment in America, it is the one which we are remembering today. The kids aren’t alright, and this time the enemy is most definitely inside the walls. Even if we do what is required, the destruction has already occurred. Let us understand on this day of remembrance that we are not fighting for us, we have been weighed and found wanting. We fight so that those yet unborn can look back and say that the lessons from the coming 9/11 were not forgotten.

Jesse James

Brand Marketing and Guerrilla Movements



Yahoo News- Effectiveness of ISIS Marketing

Take a few moments and read the above article. Ponder on it a bit, and when you’re done, read it again, in the context of another guerrilla movement- your own. Or the one you want, at least.

You say you want a revolution yeah, well you know- we all wanna change the world…

Any movement requires propaganda for two reasons:

  1. Brand Advertising and Recognition
  2. Spreading a message to a target audience

Let’s discuss the first one from a marketing perspective. A brand is created. A brand needs a recognizable name, logo, and goal. Nike shoes don’t make you an athlete, but you think they do by the advertising. The name, the logo, and the goal (athletic ability) are all clearly stated. And when you think Nike, you think athletic shoes, nevermind the fact that many brands are not only better but cheaper too. Their…

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“Tactical Welfare” And The “Malice State”

Mason Dixon Tactical

As a lot of you know, there’s been a big hubbub of late over the fact that Max Velocity has gone to a paid forum for those who read what he writes at his website. As I told Max in a recent email, my original thought on this was that it was ridiculous, and made no sense. Upon reflection, I had to take my personal opinion to task because although I don’t see a need to do that with what I write on my blog as a “part timer”, that does not necessarily transfer over to what Max is doing with his full time gig.
As you know, I do this part time, and don’t need the income generated by what I write or what I teach to support my family, so it gives me more options. Max, on the other hand, does support his family with what he writes…

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