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Bracken: A Scenario For A Second Civil War

Those who can make friends and influence people will prevail, those who cannot will die. Do you hate them enough to enlist the Devil himself if it means their destruction? Methinks the Bear will be very interested in how all this turns out. Got friends in low places?

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Full Retard: Bowen’s Theory and America’s collective insanity

25981092492_ebb9a37bc9_bThe most prescient treatise on the political and social phenomena of this year is quickly becoming a toss up between Lord of Flies and American Psycho. The very first casualty of any and all political and social revolutions, more appropriately a regression in this case, is the people still communicating with thoughts and not emotions. If you have any doubt emotions have carried the day in public discourse, then listen to the radio, cable, and read the major news websites. How much of the information is actually…information? If you cannot cite as a verifiable fact or construct some type of logical syllogism with it then most likely it is opinion being passed off as fact and crafted to elicit an emotion or behavior, colloquially known as propaganda. I believe several factors have conspired to rid us of thought, the chief among them being the steep decline in education, the destruction of historical cultural norms and the increased perception of massive social, economic and political instability.

Following a rabbit hole that began with Spinoza, Descartes, Freud and eventually ending somewhere in psychotherapy, I ran across an idea that shed some new perspective on the collective insanity of societies under massive stress. Murray Bowen applied systems theory to the family as a unit, focusing on the whole and the relationships between the respective members rather than as a collection of atomistic individuals. Interesting stuff, but the relevant part of his theory was his idea of self-differentiation and societal regression. Self-differentiation to Bowen was how the mind works when dealing with emotionally charged,  stressful situations and relationships. High differentiation is the ability to a) discern between thoughts and emotions and b) rationally make decisions rather than react emotionally to a situation. Conversely, low differentiation is the inability to distinguish between emotions and thoughts, and a high degree of reliance on those around you to make decisions about something. Societal regression is simply low differentiation writ large. Bowen theorized during periods of high stress on a society, small group or family, differentiation can virtually disappear. An easy example of this is the siblings who can pick and fight, but present a united front to someone outside the family doing the same, whether their sibling is in the right or wrong. Essentially, the deciding factor becomes who is involved rather than what the facts of the situation are. Doubtless, some of his conclusions were colored by his personal experiences in WWII.

While I do not agree with Bowen’s conclusions entirely, I do find his concept of social regression to ring true in many cases. A case could be made for low differentiation in many circumstances, such as military units and team-oriented endeavors, but has incredibly destructive power in politics and intellectual pursuits. Human progress depends on highly differentiated individuals creating alternatives to the existing ways of doing things in science, business and other fields of knowledge. Rational thought, and by extension a high percentage of the population self-differentiation, is also a prerequisite to a  constitutional republic. There are other factors in the mix as well, but the ability to think through a position and vote against naked self-interest for long term benefit or well-reasoned beliefs is a crucial one.

What started as a trickle of emotional hysteria has now reached a fevered pitch, culminating in two of the most aberrant and least qualified individuals running for a political office giving them control of the world’s most fearsome nuclear arsenal. How could 300M+ people have collectively displayed not only such poor judgment but such strong emotionally driven decisions? Trump is a reactive candidate, an emotional response to a very real threat perceived by middle America. No rational person would consider him an actual representative of either his party or the ideals of classical liberalism. The politicos failed to understand he is an outlet of frustration for the American public and not the product of any rational process. The Trump candidacy is the proverbial fist through the wall in frustration, it helps the situation none at all other than providing a momentary catharsis. Utterly unpredictable in specific terms, it was inevitable all the same. Such actions seemingly make no sense, a nation of relatively well-educated individuals with high literacy rates and comparative wealth whose populace is increasingly displaying erratic behavior. ‘Triggering,’ ‘virtue signaling,’ ‘genderqueer,’ ‘pan-gender,’ ‘bi-gender,’ ‘non-binary’ and ‘safe spaces’ continue to twist normal human behavior into an elaborate, nonsensical word dance where rapists are welcomed with signs and everything from gender to race is now a garment to be put on or cast aside as fits your goals today. Reality is increasingly seen as an inconvenient truth to be generally ignored and on most college campuses today one is simply unable to even greet a person without risking accusations of visual rape, microagression, inherent racism in the greeting or facial expressions, calling a genetic female by the wrong (biologically correct) gender, and assuming the 20 something does not happen to identify as a geriatric or even simian that day. Perhaps emotional hysteria is too timid a word for the current state of affairs, and mass hallucination more apropos.

largeBowen I believe sheds some light on why this erratic and hallucinogenic behavior is occurring. A collection of individuals under stress, as we can all attest is increasing across all social and economic strata, will push individuals to react emotionally and lose differentiation. Mob mentality, if you will. To those in conservative circles it has manifested itself in the GOP fracturing along preexisting political lines and pushing groups inward toward themselves rather than the loose coalition of previous elections. The Constitutionalists no longer consider themselves part of anything other than people like them, the establishment has been much the same, and the rise of the alt-right has been a gravity well for the disenchanted of the hard right and libertarian parties that tired of the niceties and sought a more aggressive approach. Rational individuals would have adopted the ‘no enemies to the right’ method that has worked since Reagan and maintained the voting bloc. Emotional individuals cannot see past the us v. them paradigm and engage in a sort of tribalistic outlook to issues, where Trump, Beck or ____ can do no wrong because they belong to my group and anyone outside it must be destroyed. We have seen this among liberals as well with the Bernie supporters throwing fits over Clinton’s appointment to candidacy. Rational discourse between parties has all but disappeared as whites, ‘conservatives,’ males and heterosexuals are the enemy whether they utter a word or not. It has been made plain that the very existence of those conditions is an anathema to some other little group. On a hundred different social, political and economic lines we have collectively regressed into our own small group of people who think like us, talk like us, look like us and believe like us because America is scared. When America is scared we do things like demonize whatever bogeyman pops into our head and eagerly seek out and ally with those who all agree that the bogeyman must be slain for the good of all of us. In that frantic emotional state, no one ever contemplates that they are the bogeyman to someone else and that venom and hatred being spewed is a two way street.

The frightening thing about this tendency toward emotional homogeny is that it seems to feed on itself. Every Trump supporter being screamed at by feminists for being born a man or SJW’s for believing the ‘lie’ of national sovereignty creates a bogeyman that did not exist before. Trump supporters have been so galvanized by the us v. them approach that they have begun to respond in kind. Things a person would have balked at previously, such as imminent domain or import tariffs, now take a back seat as they willingly abandon those positions to ally with the only people who don’t seem to hate them, other Trump supporters. Again we see self-differentiation beginning to wane as rational positions are given up to fall in line with those who see the bogeymen as they do. Trump’s gaffes and policy shortcomings don’t matter to the supporters precisely because it is Trump. Trump can do no wrong because he is ‘us,’ and ‘us’ is on the side of good and ‘them’ are on the side of bad. The same exists across the aisle with the obvious support and adoration still being heaped upon a murderer, felon and traitor. The patriot movement is no less immune to this emotional knee-jerk response and the quite numerous ways of expressing our collective distain for the 90%+ of Americans fondly referred to as sheep, zombies and a myriad of other names.

Unfortunately, Bowen provided no real answers to solve this problem on a macro scale. The first step would be to remove the perceived stress on individuals, and as we feel less threatened many would undoubtedly agree that maybe not all men are bad, or that imminent domain is actually a very poor solution to economic development. The real kick in the teeth however is the realization that the stress will likely increase in the future. Economic stagnation will continue, racial division is becoming an increasing reality and the voices of reason are not only numerically inferior, but have little chance to be heard in today’s ‘if it bleeds it leads’ mass media exploitation of naked hysteria 24/7/365. The French Revolution comes to mind with the guillotine being used liberally on a whole host of people having very little to do with the real issue that started the whole thing, culminating in Robespierre’s paranoia and prompting his removal from the situation. The social phenomenon we are witnessing will continue to follow it’s crazy and wholly unpredictable path, driven by hysteria, hallucination and emotion. Half the battle is not succumbing to it ourselves upon realizing the rulebook has been thrown out the window and there are very little rational predictors to current behavior. The other half is guarding against it in our own lives and those we love, and preventing emotion from taking over our thought processes and overriding our rational behavior. Reality always wins the war, though it seems to be taking a drubbing at the moment. The closer we can remain to what is real and what truly makes sense, the better of we will be. Stay frosty, and never underestimate the power of stupid people in mass amounts.

Information on Bowen’s Theory:


Jesse James

Gear Review: America Stone

Joel Stackman from America Stone was kind enough to send me one of his sharpening stones to test and generally subject it to the kind of misuse and abuse that happens in the real world. The last month I used it as my primary sharpener for my EDC knife, and tested it on several others knives. As a caveat, I am anal retentive about sharp knives, and a hopeless brand queen as well. Ergo, if it’s in my pocket I can shave with it and I don’t use Chinese steel.

Before testing the stone, I generally like to apply a little bit of caveat emptor and find out about the man behind the brand. Joel was kind enough to oblige and smart enough to avoid incriminating himself in print, two excellent traits for modern businessmen.

Q: So tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? Any interesting hobbies? Craziest thing you’ve ever done?
A: I am an Engineer and I work at a one man consulting firm that provides auditing and inspection services to airlines, repair stations and manufacturers, basically I check their Quality Systems. Hometown is Winchester VA. Sharp knives is my passion. Statute of limitations is not up on craziest thing.
Q: What prompted you to start America Stone?
A: I have always loved fixed blade knives with the sheath stone pocket like the air force survival knives and Randals. And to be honest the stones were less than useless, I found a ceramics manufacture in the Midwest and had them make me some different alumina stones with different additives for hardness and abrasion. Spent two years playing with the formula and a friend of mine and I sharpened until we both said this is the one.
Q: How are the stones made? 
A: They are extruded from carbide dies.
Q: Any inspirations for the shape and material used? 
A: Just nothing sharpens like ceramics.
Q: What was your biggest challenge in starting America Stone? 
A: Money and time. I will say this I have sold thousands of these, and I have not had one complaint.
Q: Are there any future plans for new stones or different grits? 
A: No, it is what it is. It works and its supposed to be with you.
Q: How did you first hear about Western Rifle Shooters and the patriot movement? 
A: Been reading WRSA all the time since I started at
Q: Any thoughts on current events and the future of the country? 
A: Yea, if you do not have it buy it now. We are on borrowed time no matter what happens in November. I figure war and soon.


AmericaStone16The actual stone is roughly 4″ wide, a 1/2″ thick and perhaps 1″ of flat surface and 3/8″ on the angled surface. It came in a black nylon pouch with a loop on the back that held the stone snugly and seemed to be manufactured well enough, and a small instruction card. I kept it in my general purpose backpack with other assorted stuff that gets thrown in and out of the truck daily and didn’t have any problem with the stone falling out or the velcro going bad on me despite being subject to dirt and moisture at times.

The stone itself was consistent in grit and didn’t suffer any pits or noticeable variances. Joel did not recommend oil, so none was used. The stone is approximately 850 grit, so I would recommend you stay on top of the blade if you don’t want to spend some time sharpening it. The instructions indicate you are to move the stone along the blade, rather vice versa like larger multi-stone systems. It takes a bit getting used to unless you have used similar sized stones. Some care is required not to cut your fingers when the knife gets sharp, but I suspect the knife will provide a gentle reminder to your hands if you aren’t. Also one must pay attention to the angle of the stone. This is an old-school technique and care must be taken not change the bevel of the knife. All of my knives are 20º bevels except the fixed blade, so the angle of contact should be kept fairly consistent to whatever the factory or bevel you have ground the knife to. Those who have used Japanese water stones will find the technique easy to pick up. The instructions stated to use the pointed side of the stone, then the flat side of the stone, and finally the curved spine of the stone. The knives used were all well maintained so the second and third steps were primarily used. The stone turned black as metal collects on it, but the scratchy side of a sponge and some Ajax did a good job of getting about 90% of the material off the stone. I attempted four different knives, but wound up giving up on one, simply because it was a Walmart kitchen knife, poorly made and more than dull, and I had no desire to spend several hours to get it sharp.

Benchmade 3550 Pardue Auto:

My EDC for years, it’s a thin spearpoint made out of 154CM. The steel is a medium hardness stainless (HRC 58-61) that is a pretty good blend of edge retention and ease of sharpening. I found the stone to be easy to move along the blade, and an appropriate amount of material being removed. The blade was in relatively good shape, and it took about twenty strokes on either side and ten on the rounded end of the stone to get it to shaving sharp again. It was easy enough to use the stone as a single stroke down the blade. While not as convenient as a Lansky or comparable system, it did an excellent job at sharpening the blade.

Al-Mar Ultralight:

A little gem that was my EDC for several years, and now I carry if I’m wearing a suit or something that I need to go more low profile than a clipped knife. A flat ground drop point, it’s roughly 2 1/2″ of somewhat soft-ish (HRC 56-59) AUS-8. Having a much smaller handle, it was exceedingly difficult for me to get used to moving the stone rather than the knife. The stone worked, but between the shallow grind and the size it was not something I would repeat unless I had no other options.

Thistle Down Forge Custom:

A fixed blade carbon steel knife clocking it at 6″ it was the hardest knife I sharpened. With a HRC of 62, it was roughly comparable to D2 tool steel and certainly was a bear to sharpen. This is where I felt the design of the stone was ideally suited. The knife was easy to hold and the stone easy to manipulate along the edge, though it took more than one stroke to make one pass down the blade. I thought the design superior to the Arkansas stone of similar size and grit I formerly kept as a field expedient sharpener for combat and hunting knives.


I found the point of the stone to be unneeded in the knives I used, though I suspect for dull or serrated blades it would come in exceedingly handy. The rounded end of the stone is a great design and is a definite upgrade to flat stones, such as your typical square Arkansas stones. AmericaStone fills this niche nicely, and I believe it’s superior in that aspect to many,  if not most offerings in that market. I would not suggest this as your only sharpening stone. However, I would not hesitate to recommend this as a stone for your BOB, truck or hunting/camping kit. It does a workmanlike job of sharpening a variety of blades, including serrated ones and in a small, affordable package. As an added benefit to getting a quality product, you will be supporting a small business and a fellow patriot.


Reform, Run or Regicide: Tyrants in your tribe

*In a fit of irascibility I wrote this in the vein of Johnathan Swift and one of my favorite literary pieces, A Modest Proposal.


twilight-zoneThe quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.

(Enter Rod Sterling)

Imagine if you will…a group of steely-eyed men staring at the Constitution…contemplating the future of their families and how to keep Western legal traditions alive in their own small group…WHEN WE REWRITE IT LET’S PUT Y’ALL IN IT! THERE’S NOT ENOUGH Y’ALLS IN THE ORIGINAL ONE!!!!!…I don’t care who else joins the (redacted) the only people having a say in anything are the people at this table.

Now imagine it isn’t the Twilight Zone. It is all too real. The Truth Bat was used and now lay broken, splintered against unwaveringly confident ignorance shouting about purposefully using grammatical errors just for giggles, and stubborn pridefulness that insists neither historical precedent nor knowledge has any bearing on whether this special snowflake can finally do ‘laws for thee and not for me’ right for the first time in history. Reason, the Anti-Federalist Papers, thousands of years of government abuse, Lex Rex (You have read it, haven’t you?), John Locke and even appeals to basic fair dealing and natural rights could not hope to bulwark against the tsunami of just sheer stupidity. Like any reasonable person who finds himself hearing the snick of guillotines in the distant future, when presented with a situation such as this you need to heed the advice of Kenny Rodgers…’you gotta know when to walk away, and when to run.’ The takeaway here being you have three options when presented with a dysfunctional and toxic blend of leadership in whatever group you have thrown yourself in with: a) Reform b) Run c) Regicide. Ideally preferences will be in that order, and C is of course hyperbole and utterly hypothetical in nature, obviously.

In every group there is humanity writ small, whatever the goals, makeup or cultural segment it happens to be primarily composed of. Every group has a variance of personalities, even if it is only relative to the group itself. Personalities matter, particularly those in a leadership position within your group. These are the people who might very well be making sure people are pulling security while you are sleeping, keeping your loved ones safe while you are away and a myriad of other things. Do you know them? Maybe you know their name. Do you grok them? Have you seen them under stress? How do they relate to their wife and vice versa? What do they really believe? Everyone of those people mentioned in the preceding paragraph professed to be die hard III% patriots all about freedom and liberty for all. I suggest you take a good hard look at who you count as your allies. I don’t mean in a paranoid manner, but a little cynicism never hurt anyone.

I’m not sure I can do a whole lot for you if you don’t posses the wherewithal to observe whether you are in a toxic group of people or not. Individual members can be ushered out, and should be a rare thing if your vetting process works. What to do when you are the island of reason in a sea of stupidity? Well, look for other islands. Sit down and observe the group dynamic and figure out if the problem is endemic or isolated and what kind of social power those individuals wield. Are they essential? Is the ER surgeon with a mountain of medicine an archetype of his profession and a condescending prick? Does he lust for power or is he content to be lord of the medical tent? Make some notes on those who do lust for power and begin placing them on a virtual opportunity and ability matrix. Brush up on your Machiavelli and know the one person most dangerous to you, and secondarily the most dangerous person to the group. Under good leadership, it is they who will insulate the members against people seeking to sow discord. In the absence of that, under complacent or incompetent leadership, quite often the power vacuum created there will attract those looking for validation, a sense of empowerment or whatever motivates the cancer that is well-meaning tyranny. It is uncomfortable at times to go to this place in your head, but often through the veneer of civility we forget there are very, very few allies…only common interests.

archipelago.jpgAssuming you now pull your head out of your MkII evacuation hatch and realize you’re a minor character in Act III of multicam MacBeth, may I suggest three possible remedies. If a sufficient number of decent people are in the group, it’s entirely possible to reform the organization. Particularly if Col. MacBeth is the hub of all the people within the group. No one knows each other outside of the group, but everyone knows ‘the Colonel.’ More plausible the earlier you catch it, the less entrenched and slightly more reasonable the MacBeth is. Suppose for a moment your islands of reason make up about 30-40% of the group, not a majority but a sizable minority. The Macbeth’s have multiplied and now in some sort of insipid nepotism they occupy the majority of the leadership. The time has come to run away bravely. Channel your inner party whip and gather your little group of islands and leave, because an archipelago stands a better chance. Count your blessings and write stuff down, you now have excellent intel on at least one group of crazies in your AO. Also realize if the MacBeth’s are competent or maybe just lucky, much of your information is also known. Plan accordingly and do not be a Banquo. Lastly, you have failed in your reforms, you cannot, for reasons unknown, run and you are now stuck with your multicam MacBeth raging at empty chairs. Your final option is regicide, which unlike MacBeth does not usually result in you being crowned King of Scotland and carrying a head onto the stage. In fact, once you have gotten to Act V you have no good options left. I pray you do not have family and loved ones around to see the situation play out.

While this is obviously written tongue-in-cheek, it belies a serious problem many in the patriot movement have. The leadership of many groups/tribes/MAGs whatever hi-speed term you want to use, is too often woefully inadequate. Ineptness is dangerous, but can be remedied through study, repetition and a good work ethic. An insidious lust for power is a character flaw and breeds nothing but catastrophe and tyranny. I urge you to not trade in a tyranny 1,000 miles away for one at your doorstep. Good intentions are not enough for me to trust my loved ones too in the likely event of extreme stress, fatigue and hunger. If you would not trust your wives and daughters to the care of whatever group you are in should you pass away, then perhaps it is time to consider an alternative. This is not meant as a call for everyone to break apart into little atomistic fiefdoms where no one can get along and we cannot ever accomplish anything. Merely, it is a reminder to pick your friends carefully and realize exactly what you are getting into before there are no good options left to pick.

Jesse James

A Failure of Vision

“Restoring the Constitution” and “resisting collectivist tyranny” is not an ideology. If that is your starting point you’re doomed, and if that is you’re end point (i.e., your final cause) you’ve accomplished nothing.”SFC Steven M Barry USA RET



On my bookshelves there sits a section that would be more at home in Hillary Clinton’s library than the person that authors this blog. Among others, Richard Posner, Dawkins, Marx and Mein Kampf sit in that section. People seem to be intimidated by books that challenge the echo chamber they grow up, and live in. With the advent of the internet, rather than promoting discussion and the ultimate free market of ideas, we have self-segregated into tiny little groups where others like us are the majority and we can sagely nod at each other over our collective navel-gazing. It has created a sort of incestuous breed of ideas, simply because the premises on which many of them rest are never challenged. The statists should rejoice, for their cancer thrives only where ignorance reigns supreme. Ideologies prompt people to act against their immediate self-interest to accomplish something greater. The statists have an ideology, and remain committed to it. The state is their god and by right should and must control every facet of an individual’s life. The hue and cry of ‘progress!’ is a means to an end. The god-state they claim is a land of milk and honey, everyone having everything they need and a benevolent group of man-deities ruling it all. As flawed and infantile as it is, at least the statists remain steadfastly committed to it through its various iterations and adaptations through the years. Whatever one thinks of Mr. Barry, he hit the nail on the head with his remark and it troubled me the more I considered it. On the field of ideas, much of the right and many patriots seem to insist on firing blanks.

founding-fathers-call-to-armsThe internet is full of ideologues spouting about a return to the Constitution and other reactive nonsense. Reaction is a position of weakness, another entity is dictating the circumstances and frequency of action. I have been unable to fathom why those on the right continue to insist on simply reacting to the statists. I have come to the conclusion that it is a lack of coherent ideology. Imagine Thomas Paine or Jefferson idolizing the the 1530’s and declaring how the colonies should return to the glory days of Henry VIII. I dare say the colonists would have been less than willing to rally to that cause. The Founding Fathers won an insurrection because they offered an alternative,  a divergent path to travel  to a brighter end. It was not a return to some bygone day, idolized by men who weren’t there and imagining some Arthurian fantasy about good kings who don’t tax tea and paper. For decades the right, and patriots alike have been trying to claw back time to a different era, a different population and a much different zeitgeist. The U.S. of today looks nothing like the lily-white, culturally and religiously homogenous colonies of 250 years ago. While there were obvious social and religious differences between the colonies, they pale in comparison to those found in the U.S. today.

Rather than simply yearn for an era that was and will never be again, we would be better served on building a new one. Craft a new vision for our country, our people, however that looks. While the balkanization continues in the American Empire, the only vision for the future being presented is the one crafted by statists. Ideology is timeless, capable of application to circumstances as different as 1500 or today. We have lost our way and created icons and deities out of mere men. Good men…but men nonetheless. The trappings of liberty is what we are attempting to hold on to, dusty documents and mere words. Words did not make us free men. A dusty parchment does not grant me the right to defend myself or or own property. Those words we worship communicated ideas, and a savage loyalty to them. It’s time we stop with the worship of the past and apply that same ideology to the present and the future. The circumstances today are drastically different that 240 years ago. The demographics differ, social norms and the technology we and those who mean to rule us posses differ as well. Adapt or die a relic. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but yearning for what once was is not one of them. A compelling case needs to be made for the future, whether that is a tiny piece of CONUS somewhere or your own county. Reacting is not a plan and some guy in a tricorne didn’t convince people to fight an empire for the better part of a decade through regressive thinking and reactive actions.


Jesse James

A Forgotten History

Read it. Read it again. The Law of the Jungle is still alive and well. Unite in common cause or die. Time is fast approaching where the only choice will be to bleed or go spill theirs.


armenian genocide2.jpg

It came first with a tax and a set of laws. The Ottomans, seeking to further cement its Iron fist from the Sultinate, fearing growing issues in Europe and desiring a means to motivate the growing social revolutionary youth class, found their savior in creating the long thorn in their side- the holdouts of a conquered culture, the remaining scaffolds of the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Eastern Roman Empire among the Armenian minority population.  Islam had tolerated them though repression, but as the winds of change began to blow with a new generation, so did the attitude towards the Dhimmi.

Among the youthful Marxist-inspired revolutionary class, an unholy marriage of marxism and Islam was created. The Young Turks, as they became known, sought solidarity throughout the Ottoman Empire. Dhimmis were thus not allowed to own any new property, and what property was owned could no longer sit on higher…

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Reichswehr to Wehrmacht: The disaster awaiting Law Enforcement

Class-46-Commissioning-Photographs-089.jpgI cannot explain why I failed to make this connection sooner, but I was turning over the debacles in Miami and Idaho in my mind, and the changing paradigm of how law enforcement is perceived in America when I had a minor revelation. Even a blind mouse finds the cheese on occasion, so I hear.  American LEO’s find themselves in much the same situation as the German Reichswehr did eighty years ago. For those unfamiliar, the post-WW1 German Army was the Reichswehr, a small non-mechanized force of 100,000 men hamstrung by the Treaty of Versailles…the European version of Reconstruction. I suspect most are familiar with the Wehrmacht, the beast that rose in 1935 and took on a very different attitude than its predecessor. The German people were going through rather austere economic conditions during the time of the Reichswehr (sound familiar?) and much was blamed on the rank and file military for the defeat and conditions of the day. Were they? No. Did it matter? Negative,  Ghostrider. The response was an organically formed close-knit community and lack of engagement in the political or cultural sphere at all. Rather than remain non-political, the Reichswehr became apolitical.

While the Reichswehr were true professional soldiers, a cultural revolution was sweeping through Germany in the early 1930’s and they failed to recognize the dangers they were becoming embroiled in, and where the cultural current was taking the country. The Reichswehr grew in the mid-1930’s, burgeoning to 300,000 men which the general staff was more than willing to cooperate with. Hard to hate the man who’s dumping money and personnel onto you. The quality of soldiers differed greatly as well, the Reichswehr could afford to pick and choose, as well as having the benefit of men like Rommel instructing and grooming the officer cadre. For many it was a family tradition and from the impressions of German’s contemporary to the Reichswehr era, the officer class was seen as equivalent in social standing to professors and educated professionals. Contrast this with the Wehrmacht who was swelled with volunteers and conscripts, the former politically/ideologically motivated and the latter stuck trying to just make it back home. The organization was further plagued with problems of infighting between the politicos that quickly made up its general staff and the uncomfortable marriage to the Shutzstaffel and later Waffen-SS.

From the writings of men who were in both the Reichswehr and Wehrmacht, the attitude post WWI was generally that the political sphere was for civilians and they were soldiers. Little attention was paid, or at the very least little was done in regards to the machinations going on around the Reichswehr in 1933-1934 as the National Socialists began exerting an ever increasing control over the organization and diluting the professional cadre with a massive influx of enlistments and party apparatchiks. Perhaps the initial 100,000 men were of impeccable morals, professionalism and patriotic. What good does that do when you allow an influx of 7M-8M people occurs in less than 4 years? In their quest to remain apolitical, the Reichswehr allowed themselves to become coopted by hostile interests. I hope the parallels are becoming evident here.

Bundesarchiv_Bild_102-00291,_Kavallerie_der_ReichswehrBy now the mentally deficient are keyed in on the German and screaming that Nazi is too good a name to call cops or going apoplectic that someone would dare call the angels in uniform anything but heroes. If you’re incapable of understanding both evil and good people wore the German uniform, then leave. Do not continue reading. Do not comment. Click the x and continue on your merry way, this surpasses your ability to comprehend. I suggest all read some books written by guys on the other side of WWII, particularly those of professional soldiers that served in the Reichswehr and later the Wehrmacht. It is from the above perspective that I approach this topic. I am a realist. The fact that certain attitudes and movements exist, whether justified or not, is reality. Acknowledgment is not approval, something that you would do well to remember.

Stuck in the Middle has been the theme song this summer in may ways, particularly for the untenable situation LEO’s find themselves in. Much like the Reichswehr, they are slowly becoming more ostracized. Unfairly or not, a growing minority views most law enforcement as illegitimate, dangerous and a menace. The Miami incident, a truly ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ situation served to legitimize the faux situation in Ferguson, and lend much more credibility and even sympathy to the BLM protests and their more violent cousins, African nationalist movements. The most recent Jack Yantis debacle simply adds even more fuel to those fires. What support law enforcement has from those who actually value law and order continues to wane in the face of the continued lack of prosecution.

The gradual transformation of the German Army from a small, apolitical cadre of professional soldiers to the very political war machine that was the Wehrmacht was catastrophic for the country. I see many of the parallels happening to state and local LEO’s today. While the professionalism clearly varies greatly within the community in terms of marksmanship and interactions with the community, the uniform they wear is becoming seen more and more as a threat and less of help. The response so far has been a significant amount of navel-gazing and not the dramatic sea change necessary. While the complaints of Dindu Nuffins dying at some kind of astronomical rate are patently false, there still remains a disturbing lack of recourse and justice when it comes to police misconduct. The hue and cry of a few bad apples has grown thin, not because of whether the bad apples are many or few…but simply because there is a perception that the bad apples are not punished. The ‘you can’t understand because you aren’t one of us’ mantra cannot and will not work. That attitude works for groups that jealously guard the integrity of the uniform they wear, not those that casually dismiss things like killing family pets just because and SWAT raids on the wrong house. Many departments exhibit neither by any sane standard. Another failing tactic is the ‘thin blue line.’ I am expected to swallow the bad apples argument and judge officers individually, yet the mantra screams to consider anyone with a badge part of a cultural group. Which is it? While the above seems to round up much of the more reasonable complaints the general populace has perceived by the police. I have seen no meaningful responses from police, with the exception of the statements made by the Dallas police chief.

Should law enforcement continue on this trajectory of increased alienation from the population, while retaining the ‘just following orders’ attitude concerning things like the recent MA gun bad, it risks becoming something entirely different. The changing face of law enforcement could be due to several reasons. One, the job culture is sufficiently toxic to push high quality officers to other departments or other jobs. Secondly, the public’s perception of the job has changed and the job is not attractive to high quality candidates. Lastly, the hiring practices of the department are flawed and insufficient to select high quality candidates. Could be all of the above, or a combination of one or two factors, but either way none of this is good news. Nobody wants functional retards having a badge. Bad decisions with a badge create situations like Jose Guerena or Miami. Shooting at autistic people is not advised if you want to mend the obvious cultural fractures taking place here. Like the Reichswehr, you change the type of man in uniform, you change the organization, and eventually the perception of the uniform catches up.

The level of blame to be laid at the feet of both law enforcement and Dindu Nuffins will never be settled. What MUST be settled is law enforcement’s willingness to admit fault, correct it, and engage with the populace. Stubborn obstinance will force law enforcement to find solace in the arms of the one entity willing to still entrust them with authority and funding, the federal government. The federalization of law enforcement will fundamentally change and I think dramatically increase both the number and method of law enforcement in the United States. As Director Comey and Loretta Lynch have so clearly shown us, the leadership and implementation of policy is politically rather than fact driven at the federal level.  Failure of the police to reintegrate themselves back into the culture will result in a Wehrmacht moment. Federalization of police has already been discussed and given a few more Miami’s and Dallas’ it will take center stage. The Strong Cities Network has seen local law enforcement begin to integrate politically with federal and globalist organizations. The DOJ continues to beat the race drum and demand Consent Decrees with police departments, again politicizing the law enforcement profession and removing much of the control from the department and local populace. The control a local community has over its own law enforcement will continue to diminish.

In conclusion, I suspect some will disagree with me for being too kind to LEO and others because I was too harsh. Clearly there are endemic problems with law enforcement in America, just like every other facet of government. We’re coming apart at the seams here, what did you expect? However, Turkey became the most recent illustration of the kind of instrument the police can be used as when they are no longer atomistic local departments and become a federalized force. Who did the rounding up of the failed coup? Who did the subsequent ‘arrests’, and to be frank, purges? I am rooting for law enforcement. I want them to pull out of the nose dive and not be unwitting participants of a malevolent central government. To do that they  must remain local. To remain local means to be part of the community, not a separate one. Start punishing the bad apples, and keep punishing them…and just maybe Joe American will believe the rest are good ones. The alternative? Dallas. A badge becomes a target and we continue this action-reaction cycle until we run out of ammo or bodies.

Jesse James