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Bunkerville Redux: BLM’s momentum and Cleveland

CncT1ErWgAAiUbu.jpgI remember watching the opera in Nevada with great interest, the story reading like a movie script. Ranchers fighting an oppressive government, the average Joe American getting off his recliner, kitting up and coming to a fellow citizen’s aid. It was almost enough to give me hope we were not well and truly screwed as a culture. The victory was hollow as the patriot movement pissed away the momentum and propaganda value of the moment with infighting, little in the way of strategic goals and no path to achieve them. While the BLM crowd certainly has their fair share of knuckledraggers willing to dish out the pain with little thought to anything else, they have also developed a propaganda wing and leadership sufficiently insulated from their violent members to provide political and cultural clout…and more importantly a plan. The patriots have no plan; we have some fuzzy platitudes about restoring liberty and a return to the Constitution, but little in terms of practical ways to achieve it. The most cogent has been implemented in the American Redoubt, thanks to John Jacob Schmidt and others, though it is only regional in scope.

Black Lives Matter experienced a stunning success in Dallas. While many look on it as tragedy, those who have been calling for the death of police for years have seen results. Finally, someone is willing to put their trigger to the finger rather than merely talk. Whether you disagree with it or not, Dallas has legitimized the movement to many blacks and maintained national attention on them for weeks. While alienating many decent people, the BLM loudly hoisted a flag for those who believe that such action is warranted. Dallas has served to attract the violent and weed out the moderates, creating an echo chamber of racism and violence within an already dangerous movement. BLM is now ‘hardcore’ and has ‘street cred’ among those who found the protest/soft power approach boring and prefer a more skull-crushing modus operandi. Moving into Cleveland, we are seeing an opportunity for this group to maintain the momentum they have built. Police are angry, but they are also afraid, and frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more attacks before Cleveland.

In short, this is an opportunity for BLM to achieve their version of Bunkerville. Should they be able to shut down the GOP convention and send the politicos scurrying to their cars and panic rooms, it will only serve to legitimize their status as a force to be reckoned with. Is anyone willing to die to be a delegate? I posit that none are. Should they succeed in shutting down or significantly turning the media away from the coverage of the convention and to the street, the movement will continue to attract the violent and more importantly control the narrative. Unlike the Bundy’s, the BLM movement operates with the full faith and credit of the D.C. power structure and most of the American oligarchy. There is absolutely no reason for them not to kill, maim and loot to further their goals until there is any pushback. By the way, pushback does not include cute hashtags, changing your Facebook profile picture or thanking police officers. None of the BLM savages care what your opinion of them is, they already hate you and many consider you an inferior race or at the very least racist, mortal enemies. The violence will escalate until there is pushback in the terms they are speaking very clear, bodies. An organization willing to kill law enforcement can hardly be expected to balk at killing a civilian…particularly if the trigger pullers do not hesitate to kill those of other races in uniform. It is my firm opinion that the aggression will continue until there is a firefight, not from police, but by ordinary citizens. The boiling point will then be reached and an all-out power struggle will occur in many of the major metropolitan areas, and wherever the battle lines happen to be drawn. No-go zones similar to London and Paris will develop, on both sides. I have no way of knowing if Yugo-style politics will dominate or the federal government manages to keep a lid on things. I do know that meaningless platitudes will be given condemning the actors against BLM as waaaacist, KKK, neo-nazi ect. as departments and individual officers scramble to figure out how to keep a semblance of peace and which side to take.

New-Black-Panthers-Logo  So here we lie on the cusp of a huge opportunity for those allied against us. The regime hates the Trump candidacy, for better or worse. The Cleveland PD, as I have stated earlier, are wholly unprepared for the epic Charlie Foxtrot that is descending upon their already fractured city. Whatever violence occurs tomorrow through Wednesday will be tolerated and even tacitly approved of by the racist Boy King. Tomorrow is their moment, and we shall see if they have the wherewithal to seize it. Much can be learned of the BLM’s efficacy this week, as well as their tactics, techniques and leadership abilities. I certainly hope they are as ill-suited to capitalize on the situation as we were. The alternative will be yet another significant hurdle and possibly the violent arm (ala Brown Shirts) of the regime providing suppression with plausible deniability. We failed the grasp the golden ring when we could have, now another has their turn. If we are willing to learn anything this week, let it be that history seldom remembers the also-rans, runner-ups and the pretty close. Should we get another chance to have a national moment like Bunkerville, let us use it as an opportunity to unite, push toward a clearly defined set of goals and make meaningful progress…not as an opportunity for .gov to establish a prime fascia case for arresting the few people who will stand for freedom.
*Edit: as of the publishing of this article it appears the BLM is continuing to build their momentum into the convention with the incident in Baton Rouge. It doesn’t take a seer to ascertain where this is going.

Sic semper tyrannis,

Jesse James


Summer of Fun™

Three cops dead, one suspect smoked and two at large in Baton Rouge. Looks like things are really building up a head of steam before the GOP convention tomorrow in Cleveland. What could go wrong with White Nationalists, Black Panthers and bikers all mixing it up in a single city, open carrying? Stay frosty…and stay out front. 
Live free or die,

Jesse James

Skull-Stomping Sacred Cows: Sun Tzu on Dallas, Cowardice, and Training


I’ve held my tongue publicly, for a couple days, in the interest of not treading on the dead. As I’ve watched know-nothing news commentators, and politician police officials make statements that are demonstrably wrong on the nature of the attacks, however, I’ve decided to vent a little bit, in the interest of helping increase the survivability of my readers…Fair forewarning however, while I’m going to try and keep my language clean for this article—because I believe the message is important enough that I don’t want to run off those milquetoasts who are scared to read harsh language—those afraid to read the truth will probably still not want to read this. If you don’t like it, stop reading when your feelings get hurt…or man up and read what needs to be said.

(For those that are going to jump on the “John hates cops! This article proves it! He’s badmouthing cops!”…

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Grasping the Thorn: Bracken’s Cube revisited


On all her breezes borne,
Earth yields no scents like those;
But he that dares not grasp the thorn
Should never crave the rose.

– Anne Bronte

I first came across Matt Bracken’s  cube of badness during my last year of law school. It struck me as plausible, albeit something that might happen ten, fifteen, twenty years in the future. My what a difference three or four years make. While the Muslims are busy killing homosexuals and whites, it seems Black Lives Matter has joined the fray. The oligarchy of the United States has been waging a war against both for decades now, using hard power on the Muslims and soft power on the black community via economic repression (EBT, War on Drugs, Section 8 ect.) and dog whistle politics. Both have responded to the perceived or real repression by following a predictable path to insurgency. Strangely enough, though traditional American’s have been suffering much of the same abuses and outright murder of their countrymen, they are loath to make the jump from words to protests in all but the most egregious cases. The Muslims arrived at outright insurgency quicker, largely in part because of the religious aspect of their culture and the far greater use of hard power on them by the American oligarchy. While there exist marked differences between orthodox Muslims and Black Lives Matter types (henceforth referred to as African Nationalists or AN’s), the salient point here is that both are at irreconcilable differences with the American oligarchy. I couldn’t care less how idiotic what they believe in is, or how different they are or how it’s all the (((eskimos))) fault…the bullets are LITERALLY  flying at this point. I care who is doing the shooting, how many sides are there are, where do me and mine fit into this equation, and how do I win.

While some may consider this hubris, I would take a look at Matt Bracken’s CW2 cube and modify it slightly. If Einstein proved nothing, it was that one should never be afraid to float a new idea, even if it contradicts Newton. Matt focused primarily on racial, economic and geographical factors as predictors of behavior. While accurate in most respects it has neglected the factor of class. America has clearly defined classes, most of which are becoming increasingly crystalized, and it is the collision of these cultural tectonic plates that are causing this eruption of violence. Rich, white people are not a homogeneous group. The oligarchy class consists almost entirely of them, though there are a sizable percentage of traditional, wealthy whites who were conservative and have become increasingly radicalized the last several years. The two can be plotted at the same point on the CW2 cube, yet are highly opposed in reality. The same can be said of wealthy blacks. The Congressional Black Caucus cares little about their own race outside of a guaranteed voting bloc, it is their job to make sure the black people they represent remain poor, uneducated, imprisoned and dependent on the American oligarchy. Like any real-world application, the categorization of this many variables is messy at best.

Here is how I have broken down the actors in this upcoming conflict:

  • American Oligarchy
    • Homogeneous socio-economic status
    • Varied Race
    • Primarily Urban
  • African Nationalists
    • Homogeneous race
    • Varied socio-economic status
    • Primarily Urban
  • Traditional America
    • Homogeneous values
    • Varied economic status
    • Primarily Caucasian


Given the actors as they stand now, it really has devolved into racial, political and cultural flashpoints. Traditional Americans are in conflict with the American oligarchy on a cultural level, the government hates us for who we are. African nationalists hate the Traditional Americans for what we look like, and the American oligarchy for being in power. Contra, the American oligarchy is trying desperately to both energize the minority voting bloc and antagonize the racial divide, while averting open conflict between themselves and the minorities politically. There seems to be an ever increasing political divide between the black voting bloc and the Democrat party, as there has been between traditional Americans and the GOP. We shall see if the BLM, ANs and Black Panthers coalesce into the DNC’s version of the TEA party. The American oligarchy is represented at the local level by the police, who clearly are at odds with the ANs goals and their specific enemy, within the larger enemy of Caucasian people. As you can see in the above Venn diagram, the domestic conflict developing this summer is tripolar. I did not include orthodox Muslims in the analysis simply because they are outside actors and currently at conflict with all parties. This discussion is strictly domestic struggle in nature, as I believe CW2 will be largely a numbers game. While out-punching their weight, the Muslim’s in America do not represent a large enough group to be an independent actor in the conflict.

All neatly wrapped up and in a bow, right? Wrong. Many of the actors in the above diagram are unaware they are even in conflict. Most traditional Americans do not see themselves in conflict with anyone yet. Their naiveté of identity politics is and will continue to be fatal. Many see themselves in political conflict with the regime, but few see it as a cultural war in which there is conflict along political, religious, economic and nationalistic fronts resulting in an existential conflict. The African Nationalist movement fails to see the American oligarchy’s need to keep them as a permanent underclass, willing and able to riot and loot at the behest of their rulers. The only one of the actors truly aware of what is at stake and who its enemies are is the current regime, the American oligarchy. The regime is currently attempting to use the hammer of Black Lives Matter and the anvil of DHS, FBI and various other three-letter agencies to snuff out the more threatening of the three actors, traditional America. Once that is accomplished, keeping the serfs in line is relatively easy, given the most heavily armed, educated and economically significant speed bump in their way is taken care of. The AN’s are not land owners, gun owners or of real economic import. They lack the economic freedom from the oligarchy that most of traditional America enjoys. I do not need DC. They do not provide me with bread, transportation or housing. The oligarchy needs me as a taxpayer, more than I need them to regulate how to pay employees or destroy my truck’s gas mileage and engine with their EPA regulations. The AN’s are easily controlled and manipulated via soft tyranny if traditional America falls. The man who feeds you, owns you…and traditional Americans are the only ones able to feed themselves at this point. Perhaps history will remember Mr. Trump as the man who awakened the sleeping giant. Time will tell, but it will be a bloody time indeed.

In conclusion, I do not mean to cast any aspersions on the validity of Matt Bracken’s analysis. His idea holds true, insofar as he has stated. However, I believe Thursday bore witness to the fact that within the last four years the actors and zeitgeist of the country has changed and evolved. I do not hold myself out as a man gifted with any particular skill other than to see with my eyes as best I can and let the evidence presented form my opinion of reality. What I see developing is a racial, political and cultural conflict forming that few Americans are willing to see for what it is and even fewer are willing to modify their behavior for. An American insurgency is in its infancy, and law enforcement has but two options. Comply or die. Whether you agree with the premise, tactics and practice of law enforcement in America or not, the hard truth is that no department is capable of dealing with even semi-organized attacks against them. Many are woefully undermanned for the task, poorly trained as a whole and are hamstrung by both the human terrain and media campaign waged against them. Many are seen as brutal thugs, and some indeed are. More will become so to simply survive. They have taken the king’s gold and oppressed in his name, and they will be the first to feel the backlash. I sympathize with many because I do not think the choice was made consciously, but I recognize the effective range of my empathy is 0 meters. Either they will back down or crack down and the blood will flow on all sides. Cleveland beckons, but the question remains. What are YOU going to do about it? We all would like an end to this mess, but the price will be ghastly indeed. The price of the rose is the hundreds of thorns. Is it worth it to you? Nobody is here to save you and you aren’t going to get to sit this one out. Adapt and overcome…or die. Best be writing those blank checks out, because on a hot night in Dallas someone wrote the first one for his ideology.

Jesse James

Summer of Fun™: Lone Star Badness



I can only imagine the Left will be intellectually honest and apply the Dylan Roof principle here. Right? Shooter represents all of his race? Bueller? Bueller?

In all seriousness, if the 30+ shots initially reported are to be believed then a huge push will be on for another gun ban. Sacred cows were involved and sacred cows are not to be held accountable for their actions. Naturally, the only recourse will be the weapon. It’s almost amusing to watch the news anchors dance and awkwardly rephrase things in their head to  pay homage to the sacred cows. ‘Peaceful protest’ (cough, cough, Baltimore) seems to be the word of the day. Clearly.

The fissure continues to widen in the hearts of many. Unreconstructed Americans will not see this as a gun problem. It will be seen as the fulfillment of the promises shouted since Ferguson, Missouri. Perhaps this will be a defining moment in the Summer of Fun™, perhaps not. I’m not seer, but this is just one more push in a very bad direction. Cleveland beckons, brave reader.  One day, the dirt people will have had enough of being told to pay the price for the sacred cows’ actions, whatever color or religion they happen to be. If anyone had any doubts about how little these people care for those outside their tribe, listen to the defense of the suspect taken into custody by the local SJW scum. Religious, no? Us good, them bad, the end. The bloodletting continues until we make it stop. Yearly attacks didn’t work, monthly didn’t do much either. Now we are almost to the point of weekly national events. Pray for the wives and kids of those injured and the deceased. Do something this weekend to further your survival of this badness. Be hard to kill, God knows there’s too few of us as it is.


*While I’m as critical of the police as any free man should be, this is neither the time or the place. They were fellow Texans, and I make the rules here. Consider that when commenting.


Jesse James