Month: June 2016

That awkward moment…


…when one of the left’s Sacred Cows starts murdering the other Sacred Cows. We can only hope the Musloid degenerate self-identified as a straight, white, Christian male. Order will be restored to the state-worshipper’s galaxy and the screaming at my ilk can commence.

If you doubt for a second the mental indigents who, despite the corpses, refuse to acknowledge reality are not every bit as radical and immune to reason as the orthodox Muslim who committed an act of holy war in Orlando…you are a fool. It’s a religion. The dead served the agenda of the state and thus their death was about as tragic to the state-worshippers as Katyn, Holdomore and Armenia was to the respective cult followers in those countries. Things will only change when there is three or four more zeroes behind the number we saw Sunday. Pray for the dead and wounded…but pray more for those still living who will witness the unspeakable future we are creating.


Jesse James


Where is your God now?

the-truth_obamunist-blasphemyI’ve tossed this idea around for some time and lacked the edge and caustic mood to put a truly fine point on the issue. Today was that day…lucky me. Ideas matter, particularly ideals. A concept bigger than the individual, one of right and wrong, what we live for, what we kill for, what we die for. Western culture once idealized God, as rudimentary as this sounds. The Catholic and later Protestant churches greatly influenced the culture and people strove toward being like Christ, or the ideals set forth in the Bible. Those were generally reflected in the laws of the land and the zeitgeist of the people. That ideal continued after the advent of the United States until the god of materialism slowly crept into American culture. Greed outran morality, legality and any sense of duty. Wall St. continues to be the penultimate example of a society driven solely by excess and greed. So went American culture, we idolized the wealthy, the Warren Buffets of the world, and wealth became the measure of a man. In my childhood I still remember success was thought by many of my parent’s generation and my peers to be a McMansion, a BMW and a swimming pool. Perhaps a vacation home if you’re an overachiever. Which brings us to today.

Just as the transition from God to Mammon happened in gradient fashion, so it is today. The idiot millennials have figured out that wealth does not buy happiness, but in most cases merely serves to amplify and exacerbate the character flaws of the individual to destructive proportions. Hollywood provides an exceptional example. No, the millennials, adrift in a sea of self-loathing, microaggressions, triggers and safe spaces rejected wealth, though they continue to feast upon the wealth of their parents or betters (the producers), and have turned to the state as their new god. While Lincoln, FDR and their ilk have plagued this nation for decades, it is only recently that a significant, and perhaps majority, of the population have placed America on the altar before the god of state. Whether through ignorance, desperation or actual stupidity, my generation will be the first in United States history to idealize the concept of state. There is no higher calling. Like the one, true God, the acolytes of today’s cult du joure believe the state is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, and cannot sin. Read the Five Solas and substitute the Federal Government for God. It reads like a position paper for the candidates.

Maee7b14da498bdead561cf745fe58402The attitude of state-worship is a concept most cuckservatives wholly adhere to and eagerly recite the catechisms of for their respective insipid voting blocs. The high priests of the cult have set the McMansion on fire, figuratively speaking. Conservatives have failed to even understand what is happening and continue to consume crayons and throw them at each other in the corner. The alt-right is reactionary, and at least manages to flip the proverbial chess board over and express its desire to pummel the heretics, thought it offers little in the way of solution. The libertarians simply moved to the fire, stripped, lit up a joint and started quietly asking why can’t we all get along. The patriot movement cannot decide whether to put the fire out, feed everyone in the room to the fire, attempt to convince the occupants the house is indeed on fire and that’s not global warming making them sweat, or simply slip out the back door and laugh as it burns. Rather, he just stands there, arguing with himself maniacally, too frozen in either apathy, endless internecine fighting or simple indecision to even move.

The coming badness, is really a religious war. Not the family infighting of the Catholics and Protestants, about which interpretation of the Divine was correct. No, this is a wholly cancerous and all-consuming anathema to mankind taking on the dusty remnants of Christianity, and the agnostic materialists of the baby boomers. History has noted how the state-worshipers dealt with the Eastern Orthodox Church. Progressivism, liberalism, statism, whatever you wish to call it has its roots in religion. It is every bit as cancerous, ruthless and insipid as Islam. Neither will tolerate competition, or even coexistence. We must begin to understand that we are facing religious zealots. Logic, reason and intellectual discourse are simply not possible with the true believer. No, the only headway to be made is in toppling the false idol of the state. Their god is weak, ineffectual, cruel and necessarily unjust. One day they too will fall under its ire and be ground up much the same as those whose destruction they cheered. The irony of Robespierre and the French Revolution should not be lost here. Kill their god. Kill their belief. Don’t acknowledge their deity and then vainly attempt to convince them that yours is superior. Ridicule, mock and scorn every sacred artifact they hold dear. It worked on us once, and it can be used to swell our ranks again. I ask you readers, where is your God? On the Potomac? In his gold-smeared 747? Sitting on 66 Smith Rd., Anytown, USA? Parked in the garage? Who has the blank check to your life? Only quiet introspection can answer that question.


Jesse James

The Trump Fallacy: Patriot’s Palliative Care


I drive past TEVA Pharmaceuticals on a regular basis here in Virginia, one of the world’s largest producers of Fentanyl. Given the recent publicity thanks to Prince, it’s only fitting that I make the comparison between the opiate and the World’s Most Exciting Presidential Candidate. Fentanyl has the dubious distinction of being an exceptionally effective opiate, 100 times more powerful than morphine and 50 times more powerful than heroine. Serious stuff. Trump, despite the rhetoric, the wall, Megyn Kelly, David Duke, and literally his entire past, has persisted. Whittled down from a field of 17, he stands a roughly 50% chance of being president. No small feat. Such would be an unmitigated disaster for the patriot community and America as a whole.


The last few months has seen the fever pitch of patriot activity and the willingness to act slowly wane. Why was a subject discussed at Patcon this weekend, and I personally believe Trump has been the primary reason. While certainly distressing the mindless idiots in the mass media, black-supremacists, La Raza and SJW’s, he has provided a relatively safe bleed-off valve for the building societal pressure. While many gladly wait for Trump to hasten the cuckservative’s self-immolation, it has only happened in limited cases…with Beck The Crazy Mormon™ being the chief result. So far what many had hoped has failed to happen, Trump has not destroyed the GOP but has in fact indicated a willingness to play ball with them. The meeting with Kissinger and Ryan’s grudging acceptance should leave no doubt.


The problems with this mindset are legion. Coasting is not an option for us, particularly at this point. We are facing the very real possibility of a crumbling economy continuing to falter and at some point, fail. Roughly 1/3 of the population is working, and as the cost of living rises it is inevitable that people like myself will be unable to afford to support two or three other people in addition to myself. Racial tensions are slowly reaching a boiling point. I suspect at some point the bricks and eggs will become molotovs and a Trump supporter will return fire. Once the precedent has been set, I think it highly probable there is further escalation. If history is any clue, once the line between a shooting and a gun fight is crossed, there is very little chance of deescalation. The point being here, is that Trump may indeed be a Black Swan. A highly unpredictable individual, thrust into a position of political and social power at or near the zenith of our social unrest. Comparisons have been made to the 60’s, but I suspect the underlying social fissures that exist today are much deeper. The 60’s were an era of experimentation and rebellion against traditional America by a minority, the 2010’s will be marked as an era of culture war by mutually exclusive and diametrically opposed ideologies. The natural coalescence that is a necessary component of any successful movement has been compromised by the siren’s call of a dramatic, quick fix.


1e3fe9dd77ab9355d273ab79cc481b9d.jpgTrump has become our Fentanyl. He makes us feel better, but that is merely all he does. Fentanyl does not kill cancer, viruses or do anything other than relieve pain. It relieves a symptom of the injury, not the injury itself. Whether Trump is a true Black Swan or not, the endemic lack of motivation within much of the patriot community this year could prove to be disastrous. Should there be a true Summer of Fun,™ then perhaps rather than focusing on the three-ring circus of politics what time we do have would be better spent on finding those who will pull a trigger next to you. The clock continues to tick the seconds down. It’s relentless, unstoppable. Badness is coming. Either you believe it is and that spurs you to act, or you do not believe. It is a binary choice. As I’ve said before, the future belongs to those who want it bad enough to write a blank check for it. The future does not belong to those too distracted by CNN or FOX to go ruck. Too mesmerized by Drudge to can or learn to orienteer. Too sure of a New York billionaire to see the tidal wave of badness. Politics, particularly on the national level, DO NOT MATTER at this point. Your only real concern should be the local sheriff and perhaps the local politicians. Palliative care is for dying people, to make the transition more comfortable. I refuse to be made comfortable whilst my culture, and country slip away. It’s our duty to rage against the dying of the light and though long and hard the road may be, continue to do so without giving in to the mind-numbing stupidity of hopeful acquiescence. Superman does not walk among us and he certainly is not running for president. Make it happen or die. I don’t want to be here any more than you do, but I am willing to make it happen. Are you?


Jesse James