Month: May 2016

For Sale: Virginia politics


McAuliffe-HIllary-Clinton-AP.pngAdding to our illustrious  recent tradition of state corruption, Terry Mcauliffe is currently being investigated by the DOJ for questionable campaign contributions. Given his close friendship with the Clinton family and instances of him pushing big Chinese donors toward their ‘foundation,’ I am hardly shocked. Nothing will be done, the corruption will go on. As a Virginia citizen I welcome our governor to sell his influence and power to foreign powers, I would just appreciate that he kick some of the money in my direction and be open about it. I’m sure the Chinese only have our best interests in mind. One wonders how anyone at all sees the federal or state government as legitimate anymore…




The perfect example of multiculturalism



Naked man. Lions. What could possibly go wrong? The only thing more fitting was if the two predators were named Communism and Islam, and he had a ‘Coexist’ sticker on his rear when he jumped in.



Prepper Festival

Where: 211 Main St, New Castle, VA 2412

When: May 14, 2016 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Cost: FREE



I’ve attended the last two years, and it is a good time. Beautiful little town, decent people there and not the worst way to spend a Saturday. Peruse the workshop list, and make a point to come out if you can. There were some decent deals last year, not much in the way of gunshow scalping that I saw. If you’re in the area, come say hi.



Update: Summer of Fun™


As predicted, Londonstan has a new mayor, Sadiq Khan. The Drudge Report headline making me chuckle, though I’m sure the SJW’s likely needed a safe space after reading such words. I doubt Matt would ever deign to read me, but I appreciate him calling it what it is, Londonstan…the newest caliphate territory. Get used to seeing Summer of Fun™ because the sardonic chronicling of America’s descent into madness will continue until I finally get murdered for using Tor.

IMG_4965JPGIn other news, the anti-immigrant Soldiers of Odin have finally attracted the ire of the ADL and begun a push into America. The cousin of the original European group of the same name, it appears SOO is beginning to pick up steam, now in 42 states since its inception a few months ago. I perused the Virginia page and saw a meeting in Charlottesville is set to take place the 22nd, with 7-8 people attending it. One of the individuals is local to me, and several are obviously in the Charlottesville area. The rest of the group appear to be concentrated in the VA Beach area. One can only imagine why. The membership appears to have doubled in the last two months, which judging by their VA page makes sense. The majority of posts and likes seem to indicate traction sometime mid-April. While not necessarily concerning, it’s worth noting that they have a chapter in Ohio.

As I’ve stated before, the fault lines are increasingly showing between the differing groups of American culture. Mental indigents will see it in terms of whatever ‘-ism’ they can throw at it, but we are slowly reaching critical mass. I suspect the apparent nomination of Trump will placate the unrest on the Western side of the fence, but will result in a net zero decrease overall. Trump has served to provide a focal point to all the hatred and vitriol thrown at conservatives, whites, males, and Christians within the last decade. It matters not he is not conservative, nor Christian. He looks like those they hate and that is as far as the process extends. Is it any wonder the ruling oligarchy see citizens and voters as nothing more than income-producing units to be manipulated and owned on a level the plantation owner never could? The culture has been reduced to the point of strictly identitarian politics, and Trump is ours, like it or not. Middle America, conservatives, Christians, blue-collar workers, and particularly white males are all personified by Trump to the statists, SJWs, Black Lives Matter and La Raza crowd. You may protest that you’re a libertarian, or a ‘real’ Christian or that you didn’t vote for the Donald. IT. DOESN’T. MATTER.

The one thing I am watching with increasing interest is the gradual realization by decent people of just how the rules have changed. We’re told by Greenwood-ites that it’s character that matters and content of your heart, freeeeeeedom, and other such drivel. Trump acolytes in particular have begun to see that for what it is, meaningless platitudes. By now I expect some of you to be angrily pounding responses to those last two sentences. I ask that you press on. Truth is absolute. It’s unchanging and as such I roundly reject the idea of ‘your truth’ or ‘my truth.’ Nonsense, there is one truth. Since the William Buckley era we have gotten bogged down as ‘conservatives’ or whatever you wish to call them, in attempting to reason with unreasonable people. Trump did what others would not, he shrugged his shoulders and said ok. He played by their rules, and it balkanized the last segment of the American population, the white working class.

Consider this parable. A man shows up in a remote, undiscovered village with a tractor. Wanting to help them he plows their land and shows them all they can accomplish with such machinery. Immediately he is labeled a witch doctor for possessing such magical powers. He attempts to become tribal chieftain through reasoning with the elders that his knowledge of agriculture and construction would greatly help everyone, should he be able to direct the workflow of the village. He is informed they will never appoint a witch doctor as chief. Two days pass, and he informs the elders the gods sent him and bestowed him with great magic. If they do not appoint him chief they will be greatly displeased, and all of their women struck barren.

The first argument fits with Aristotelian logic and common sense. The only issue is the argument simply does not fit into the cultural paradigm. The second one does. One got results, the other did not. I posit that we have seen both voting blocs, really just large ideological swaths of the country, officially turn away from non-Western methods of reason and electioneering. The final linchpin of reason and understanding that transcended racial, religious and economic considerations has finally been worn through. The game has changed and all of America is playing it now. SOO and BLM and the like are the vanguards of the unrest rapidly approaching us. Stay frosty and keep out front.



May Day

MayDay_hover_2.jpgI must confess, I have mixed feelings about May Day. One one hand, I abhor the deification of the ‘working man,’ because since its inception it has been nothing but a dog-whistle for socialism and rioting. On the other hand, those screaming at police are alienating and radicalizing ‘middle America,’ wherever they happen to reside in the nation, and also serve as useful examples of the Alice in Wonderland logic so pervasive today. The very people screaming for suppression of free speech, private property, and religious beliefs find themselves at the wrong end of the police they militarized, doing just that. The sweet smell of irony.

So while the tear gas wafts across Paris and La Raza screams in Los Angeles, we begin to see the beginning of the long, hot summer to come. London is poised to elect a taqiya  Muslim mayor. No doubt he will get right on the problem of Sharia Police in Londonstan and have much to say about the spate of honor killings and not-rape happening to Western women. The Austrians rocked the EU and showed some much needed common sense with the resounding support of the FPO’s anti-immigration and nationalist position. One can only hope for a Finnish level of resistance to invasion and the opening of Glock’s coffers and production in a mass re-armament of the populace. By all accounts, it should be as equally exciting in Europe as it is in North America. The icing on the cake is the breach of the Baghdad Green Zone by Al-Sadr supporters and continued stress on the country’s fraying political structure. ISIS will eventually move on the greener pastures, read Iraq, if the Soviets continue to show they are unwilling to let the Assad regime fall.

Then there is Cleveland, Ohio. While we are on the subject of May Day being the VFS’s official start day to the Summer of Fun™ here in the US, we may as well talk about the coming Super Bowl of riots. Let’s take a look at the city a little closer. Cleveland has ~ 389,000 souls, 53% African-American, 37% White and 10% Hispanic. It’s notable that the city was ranked the 7th most dangerous for cities under 500,000 and 11th most dangerous US city. Murders have more than doubled since 2013, likely due to global warming and the residents no longer having the calming effect of cool breezes from Lake Erie. Cleveland has a major port, the third-largest port on the Great Lakes in fact. Norfolk-Southern and CSX provide much of the shipping out of the port and into the Northeast and mid-Atlantic, and I-71, I-80 and I-90 provide truck ingress and egress from the port.

purge-election-yearIf you plot a one mile radius around Quicken Loans Arena, the site of this year’s GOP goat-rope, it will include the Cleveland Port, I-90, I-77, all major North-South and East-West railroad lines going from the port, and Cleveland State University. One mile. Case Western is already gearing up for mass legal defense of ‘peaceful’ protestors courtesy of the Black Lives Matter movement, Occupy Cleveland and various La Raza-esque Latino movements all vowing to ‘escalate’ things if Trump is the nominee. The possibility for the mischief disrupting two major highways and a rather significant international port certainly exists.  John Robb over at Global Guerrilla posits that the police equipment requisitioned is unlikely to get there in time to train with it or possibly not in time at all. International port and rail lines fall under the control of the federales, which I suspect will be told to stand down. Much the same with the city police, as the CPD has already knuckled under to a consent decree from the DOJ and has been under scrutiny since 2010. June and July promise to be exciting times for all of us, and we should continue to keep a positive smile on our faces whilst preparing for the absolute worst possible scenario. I hesitate to predict the actions of a racist lame-duck president wholly engrossed in identity politics, but I doubt it will be helpful to our cause. Consider what needs to be done in the next six weeks and go do it. Use Cleveland as a chance to observe large scale civil unrest and provide a useful timeline for contingency planning. How long did it take for social order to break down? How instrumental was social media in organizing the people en masse? What kind of equipment and tactics were used by the police? By the protestors? Were they effective? There is a goldmine of information we can glean from Cleveland if we pay attention. Stay frosty.