Month: April 2016

191 Days…

Be ready. Do your tribe proud. Don’t embarrass yourself or those you love. The time is coming where there will be a binary solution set. Show you want it more, or go quietly into the night. Your call. 


Matches…meet gasoline!

La Raza and their ideological acolytes trashed a police cruiser and damaged several others in a protest outside a Trump rally at Costa Mesa. Imagine Cleveland. If you think the country will be anything but completely Balkanized by November then I strongly suggest you rethink that position. They want it. They aim to have it. What are you gonna do about it? 


Bracken on Alex Jones today


Video: Former SEAL Turned Author Predicted Vet Demonization and Border Collapse

Matt Bracken is laying down some good analysis on our current situation and the likely scenarios involving future unrest. He also mentioned WRSA, so it’s good to see Pete getting some exposure to a new audience. It might be worth encouraging Alex to have him on more, remember what I keep pounding on… the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Regardless of what you think about Alex Jones, a lot of people listen to him and he wields a pretty large platform for potentially like-minded people. It could be the first time a lot of these people have heard calm, well reasoned analysis on our current situation. Be pragmatic enough to do what needs to be done, because second-place is simply unacceptable in the coming fight.


Something wicked this way comes…

“We’re the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our Great War’s a spiritual war… our Great Depression is our lives. We’ve all been raised on television to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars. But we won’t. And we’re slowly learning that fact. And we’re very, very pissed off.”  –Tyler Durden in ‘Fight Club’



While the majority of news today will be the dog and pony show of ¡Eleccion! and what exactly the Northeast thinks of who should be the next Caesar is not high on my list of things to contemplate. You may think I am beating a dead horse or stating the obvious, but let it never be said that I fail to rub gratuitous amounts of salt in a wound until the problem is solved. Watch the video, then watch it again. The behavior here is more socially acceptable to a good majority of your countrymen than the Catholics across the street protesting the Planned Parenthood clinic. Ponder that for a moment. This is now what passes for acceptable in modern American culture. Don’t believe me? Then take a look at this or this or this or this or this or this. Am I overtly concerned that some misguided horror movie extras are going to come get me? No. I am using it as a rather poignant example of how far this culture has gone. Students of history wonder how past societies degraded to the point of sacrificing children to Moloch. Given the exponential rate of decline in the twenty-nine years of my life, it’s entirely possible I’ll be able to explain how before I die.

The battle lines continue to be drawn. Technologically and militarily we are the new Indians, but culturally and religiously we are the new Jews. Your very existence is an anathema to a good part of your own country now. Sure it continues to remain under the surface in all but the most crass and brazen of our society, but it exists nonetheless. The vanguards are paving the way for a collective ‘permission’ if you will, as the less crazy and more respectable begin to feel that expressing their true beliefs will no longer incur negative economic and social pressure. Hence the transgender bathroom issues and the bearing down of truly massive amounts of economic capital just to placate .03% of the population and likely less than that of their customer base. From a business standpoint it would never make sense to suggest to the owner of my company that we risk losing 10% of our customers or damaging our brand for customers a) who already employ us and b) would likely not leave if we kept the policy the same. The goal is cultural.

Lastly, there is no white knight. I know it smarts, Cruz supporters. Some would probably accuse me of taking undue pleasure in seeing it all burn to the ground. Some might even go so far as to say in my own little way I am encouraging it. I don’t. The dirt people with which you and I identify with cannot even come to a consensus on something as simple as what to conserve. The election is increasingly resembling what I used to read about the Mexican elections when I was still living in Texas. It’s sense of legitimacy has become laughable. No longer are people like me accused of gross cynicism by thinking men, it has become readily apparent how crooked and deceitful the idea of ‘free elections’ are in America. This isn’t a call to bemoan our condition. I simply want those of you who read my somewhat less than profound thoughts to know this on a visceral level. No more effort needs to be expended by us worrying about or trying to reform the process. Just let it go. Save who you can but let the rest go. It’s actually quite freeing. The future is open, we are standing on the cusp of a new era. Let’s not be unduly tied to the husk of the past and look forward to a place where we or our children can one day be left in peace…as free men.



Damnatio Memoriae: Brexit and Tubbies

oflag.jpgNothing is new under the sun. I am quite certain, as I have that on the highest authority, thought perhaps the means and methods change. The Romans, as many cultures did previously and continue to do, had a practice known as damnatio memoriae. When a Roman citizen did something so egregious or traitorous to the Roman ethos the Senate would attempt to erase the property, statues and very mention that individual even existed. To purge every vestige of his existence restored a modicum of the honor and pride of the community and family he had discredited. Stalin was quite fond of doing the same to his political enemies and that scion of integrity, the Great Soviet Encyclopedia. Much the same has happened this week, with our currency and the current stern talking down-to the Boy King gave the British.

Jacksonian. Wilsonian. Few people even recognize these terms anymore. I lament that Jackson’s policies were not more widely held and adopted, with the exception of his views on suffrage. Much of what I have read about the man seem to indicate he was a hard man, liked to have a good time, hated the central bank and wasn’t big on negotiating with his enemies. Wilson was much in the vein of Jefferson, but less than half the man and even less his intellectual equal. The two men could not have been any more different. Wilson was ambitious; the son of a minister that left his roots and was a lecturer and public administrator before taking his poisonous and ignorant views to the White House. Jackson lost two brothers and a chunk of his face to the British in the Revolutionary War before becoming a frontier lawyer and plantation owner. Wilson would have been quite at home today in D.C., his international meddling set up nearly 75 years of warfare and tyrannical federal monetary policy continues to affect us today. Jackson on the other hand, would have in all likelihood began immediately shooting people in duels on the White House lawn, or worse. Speaking as someone with considerably more Native American ancestry than Elizabeth Warren, I respect Jackson’s nationalist ambition to extend my country’s reach and influence, whether I agree with it or not. The man was a great warrior-chieftain for my people and did much to further our influence and power, we are still reaping those benefits today.

I give that brief, and admittedly slanted view of history to couch the following within that context. Jackson had to go. Anyone with a supra-100 IQ has noticed the current purging of our history and our culture. The slow demonizing of the Founding Fathers, the stripping of Biblical and Western symbols and statues from public lands or buildings, the faux-Confederate outrage, the gradually building hatred of white culture and whites in general, and now the currency. Such is the building crescendo of the statist’s damnatio memoriae. Finding it impossible to compete on the field of verifiable facts and historical evidence, they have resorted to erasing the past. The statists thrive on chaos; a culture-less, sterile wasteland must exist to provide them the tabula rasa necessary for them to foist their inferior version of existence on the common man. A man without a past is a man without a future, there is only the present. He has nothing to cherish, nothing to defend, has no lens with which to view life through, nor context to place it in. Such is the multicultural existence, everything is accepted as culture and nothing is culture…a twisted abortion of logic quantified by Hegel.

I saw the internet erupt in ire at the new diktat from our dear leaders in the U.S. Treasury, but few connected the dots to the similarly received criticism of the Brexit by our meddling Boy King. The British Empire was arguably the height of Western Civilization in terms of power and influence. While certainly not perfect, and admittedly less than amenable to the colonists in America, it played as pivotal a role in world history as the United States has. We inherited much from her, and despite the heavy German influence here, I dare say much of the philosophical and religious underpinnings of early America reflected a variation of Britannia. The statists will not have the British Isles becoming self-aware again. Though the seeds have been dormant for some time, we have been seeing an increasing awareness of the difference between your average British citizen and the third-world Wahabi filth washing ashore. Nationalist movements are making headway and Britain still has the Channel to keep the infestation at bay. Ergo, you saw our Boy King threatening not so subtly to wield the club of the petrodollar so that the British might be kept on track for their cultural damnatio memoriae. The advancement of culture, trade and technology made during the time of the British empire must continue to be erased. The proud and rich history must be erased as the island and all its people are absorbed into a post-nation-state hell of third-world disease, terror and mind-bending rates of rape.

I hold out little hope for the true implementation of the European damnatio memoriae. While certainly doable in most of Europe, the cultural void the statists are attempting to create has created a welcoming vacuum for an aggressively metastasizing death-cult. The Islamists are eagerly pushing into the continent and coopting the benefits of Western Culture and thus the vacuum continues to fill faster than the statists can delete the existing European cultures. The United States however presents a much more promising opportunity. We see much of it in Canada where the glorified Justin Beiber currently runs the government much like a yoga class in Berkley. Muslim invasion presents little threat here other than terrorism and the assorted crimes it engages in. The importation of enough Muslims to displace 350M people is mind-boggling. Rather, the Clinton-Warren ticket or Clinton-Napolitano ticket will befit us with a pair of pseudo-women unfit to run a house, let alone a country…and the damnatio memoriae will continue. The inexorable progress to a post-gender society will continue, as will the reinvention of national history and cultural identity. Teach your kids what Western Culture is, teach them to cherish their culture, their family and their history. Traditions matter, culture matters and tribe matters, do your job as a parent, sibling or family member. The culture war starts with you. People are rarely willing to die for nothing but take a look through history and you will find a crowded list of those willing to die for God and country, whatever the names used to refer to those two. VAE VICTIS!



The meek shall inherit the earth, but the future belongs to the commas


They died hard, those savage men-like wounded wolves. They were filthy, and they were lousy, and they stunk. And I loved them.     – General Douglas Macarthur 


main_900My entire life it has bothered me to be ignorant. I don’t speak of such things as which Kardashian or transvestite made the cover of whatever asinine publication litters salon coffee tables, but about things that matter. Whether it be a working knowledge of the European masters or how to wire a three-way switch, I feel compelled to continually plug gaps in my knowledge base. I am supremely blessed to have grown up in an environment where my parents were understanding of blown breakers, fried Frankenhairdryers and requests for everything from breadboards to Das Kapital. I fail to understand the dangerous attitude that ignorance is acceptable or even something to be proud of. I have little time for imbeciles unwilling to educate themselves and worse, smugly using that ignorance as if it is a virtue. Ignorance, like hope, is not a plan nor a tactic. 

I cannot force you to educate yourself. Likely most of the readership here is educated in many areas, but I see little difference in many who claim the patriot moniker in meat space and those we collectively deride as sheeple. ‘I don’t do _____.’ is not an acceptable answer if you want your seed to continue. The comment was made that the future does not belong to those who mix TATP in a bathtub. The future very much belongs to that mindset, one of terrifying, all-consuming perseverance of near Biblical proportions. A mindset like that will turn that period into a comma, ‘I don’t do ______, but I will learn because I hate them so.’ One need look no further than the Battle of the Plains of Abraham during the Seven Years War. It is quite often fatal to underestimate those willing to cross rivers and scale cliffs in the dead of night to have a chance to kill you. The Groundrod Primer is an excellent example. A dear friend and fellow patriot said it better than I could.

“It’s a new world. You should be thinking ahead. Looking behind and assessing failures, so when the next problem rises you may know what weakness looks like and exploit it. We are in 4th gen warfare. Adapt or fail. This is likely a skill set we lack and desperately needs development. We are playing tic TAC toe, they are playing chess. Do you see Indian tribes outside the benevolence of our master? No. Why? They played the old game, they didn’t understand or seek to understand the paradigm shift.” 

I want you, the readers, most of who I know have a high level of buy-in and are willing to do what needs to be done and learn what needs to be learned, to have frank conversations with those around you. If we truly believe this thing is going sideways then let us act like it, damn it! I see people stepping forward to train others in skills that we desperately need. How to shoot, how to gather intelligence, how to feed ourselves, how to patch ourselves up, how to communicate and protect that communication from others, and a dozen other subjects germane to keeping a tribe together and functioning in a world gone insane. Many are stepping up, but I see more periods than commas. I submit this is a binary equation. If you ‘don’t do _____’ then in an existential struggle, absent the Almighty you will live or die at the behest of someone who WILL do ____. I hope they are a friendly face. I am not making a call for unrestricted warfare, or the requirement that we all be masters of combat, agriculture, communications and medicine. I am merely asking that do absolutely everything we can to become as proficient in those areas as remotely possible with the time we have left. That we honestly ask ourselves how much we hate those that would destroy us and our way of life, and act accordingly. Perhaps it is better phrased another way. How much do you love your family, your way of life?

Dying is relatively easy. It requires little training, less effort and merely a deflated sense of self-preservation. Living for something is an altogether different beast. You must spend treasure and time in its pursuit. It takes consistent effort, often when you don’t feel like it, often when you have to forego more enjoyable pursuits, often the progress is difficult to quantify. Many of us will have to die to accomplish that, but dying is not the object, merely a means to an end. Let us make a determined and consistent effort to be better than we were last week, or last month. I for one find it unacceptable to contemplate the next dozen generations of history books written in Arabic or some sanitized communist screed extolling the ultimate victory of statism over the evils of individual freedom. Don’t like that outcome either? What are you gonna do about it?



GroundRod Primer

http://www.combatstudiesgroup.blogspot. … t.html?m=1


Plan to action_0.jpgWould anyone be interested in setting up a class in Virginia. I have an option available in Bedford, VA, but am willing to travel. I have 2-3 people willing to attend the class, and 10 is required as a minimum. Those in  mid-state North Carolina would have a reasonable drive as well. Cost is $300, so budget $20 for four months and you even have gas money. I’d prefer something in the early fall timeframe, but again that’s not set so let me know your thoughts. Let us not be all show and no go.

My next ex-girlfriend: Cruz, Cleveland and Cucks

A point comes in everyone’s life, whether it be a car, a gun or a woman, when you know better. You KNOW you know better, but you don’t really know. True knowing, Heinlein said it best with the term groking, implies action consistent with that knowledge. I know a burner is hot because of the radiant heat and that cherry-red metal, ergo I will refrain from grabbing it. Lest you think I’m Spok and posses nothing but logical, rational judgment, then let me disprove that theory post haste.

Ted Cruz reminded my of a particular redhead I used to know, not to be confused with the current red-head of protestor fame and possessing a decidedly more graceful personality. She had all the red flags anyone who has every dipped their toe into the pond of the fairer sex would recognize, and no doubt some of you cringe at the thought of past encounters. Of course I knew they were there, but I did not KNOW they were there. You grok? While no doubt this will ruffle a few feathers, let us take a look at Mr. Cruz with the same lens we would use if his last name had a D attached to it. Much like Obama he grew up with a father who was not a citizen, and from an entirely different cultural norm. Like most who eventually make it to the ‘approved’ list on the DNC or GOP ticket he studied at Harvard. Once done he clerked for SCOTUS, did private practice for a year (representing some guy named Boehner), and started working for the Bush campaign in ’99. Interesting note, people oft forget he was instrumental in getting Roberts, yes THAT Roberts, on the Bush legal team for the hanging chad debacle. He then served as director of policy for the FTC, during those golden years of synthetic CDO’s, no-income, no-job loans and unremitted fraud. I’m sure you’ve heard the rest, solicitor general and then TEA party fame, all the way to D.C. A forty-six year old man with less private sector job experience than I had before I turned 20. A man who ran for AG as soon as he got back in the private sector and bowed out, and run for a Senate seat two years later.

Anyone else see the red flags here? I look at the young, hungry lawyer and I see much in common with our current POTUS. Perhaps some policy disagreements, but if your schtick works then stick with it. The Beck people and those perhaps less misanthropic and desperately seeking a political savior see the projection of their mind and not the man. I look at the campaign doing everything shy of breaking the law or the RNC rules, and I see shrewdness on the part of the Cruz camp, but I also see much of the Bush campaign circa. 2000 in Florida. I also see the company he is beginning to keep. A man willing to take the silver for an opportunity to ‘fix things’ rarely does. I’m sure Jim Bakker started out with good intentions. The office is calling to Ted, his actions have changed in the last few months, as has his rhetoric. Cleveland will come and go, the silver will be offered and will be taken and America will have their next-ex, to begin anew the perennially amusing abusive relationship with D.C.  I hope not, but I know enough history to bet against it. A man does not spend decades willingly in D.C. and politics without compromising his soul, particularly under the Bush administration and at the FTC. A man who claims to be an ‘originalist’ and ‘strict constructionist’ does not consider himself to be natural born if you are the son of a Canadian ex-Cuban Revolutionary and born in Calgary.

Ted Cruz has paid his dues and definitely was not the first choice, but the longer I watch the more convinced I am that perhaps I was incorrect about Ryan. Bush will assure those in the halls of power that while there will be rumblings and a few ceremonious heads will roll, the business will go on as usual even if there has to be frothy, public dissent between the ‘insiders’ and Cruz. Shakespeare put it best, “Let me have men about me that are fat, sleek-headed men and such as sleep a-nights. Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look…He thinks too much; such men are dangerous.” A real revolutionary would never be allowed to even entertain the idea of headlining the ticket, even if voter fraud made their election impossible. It would give the general populace hope, and hope often begats perseverance…a truly dangerous thing. One need only look at the Ron Paul campaign for evidence of how far a true public servant is allowed to get, let alone someone itching to eviscerate the bureaucracy. Like any tribe, they put aside petty differences of opinion when faced with a perceived existential threat. The only person the DNC, RNC, China, Saudi Arabia, all of Hollywood, half the country and every cuck from here to Europe seem to all be coalescing to protest is not named Ted Cruz and is in fact a natural born citizen. Do I like Trump? Nah. Cruz is much more satisfying on an intellectual level for me, if I can push away that feeling of being sold a time-share property by a revival preacher. Trump is vulgar, he’s clueless about some things, he’s arrogant, he’s rich and points it out, but he’s at least done something. Political office is not his career, he is beholden to no one. An actual civil servant, even if I don’t agree with the man on much of his policy. I’m not ginning up support for Trump at all, I’d much rather 2M people stay at home on election day and the other 364 days of the year convert their fellow man into starving the beast into submission and buying every scrap of food, ammo and training they possibly can. We will never vote a man capable of real change into office because we forfeited that right demographically long ago. I digress though. The fraud will be strong this year. If nothing changes then I would be little surprised to see a Cruz/Kasich or Cruz/Rubio ticket lose to Clinton in the general. My hope is that in doing so, people open their eyes to just how deep the corruption and feckless self-serving run in this country. That 2016 becomes the final push to illegitimacy in not just the primaries or elections, but the entire system. We can only hope. If you have any thoughts, questions or rude, snide remarks then leave them in the comments section below.

– JJ

BTFD: Largest coal company goes under



Peabody Energy filed for Chapter 11 today, after posting a loss of $2B last year and seeing it’s shares nosedive, ending the day at $2.07. Arch Coal, the 2nd largest coal company in the U.S. filed for bankruptcy in January. The talking heads cited renewable energy of all things as a key component in the disappearance of profits as well as a weak Chinese market and sliding prices of natural gas. Little was made of draconian regulations pending, part of the Boy Wonder’s plan to “bankrupt the coal industry.” Peabody employs nearly 8,000 people, most of whom will likely find fulfilling part-time work at prestigious jobs such as Fryolator Peon #3 at McDonalds and Kroger Checkout Man #5, and will most assuredly have more time to praise our great and wise leader with, as they will only be working 20-25 hours a week. Fear not, their health care coverage will be taken care of by the continued financial raping of those not reconstructed yet and forced to buy a crappy product at 300% markup.

originalI would caution those doubleplusungood thinkers who point out that should natural gas and other companies continue to struggle in the progressive’s war against heated dwellings and light bulbs, it might take awhile to reconstitute a company and train a workforce. Such unpatriotic critical thinking would deny us proud residents of this most glorious nation the opportunity to create multi-billion dollar government initiatives like “Go dark for Gaia” and  “Polar Bear Love: Turn your House into a Winter Wonderland and Have a Coke!” or PBLTHWWC for short. Our economy has never been stronger and our infrastructure never more sound.

normal_Broken_Axle_and_twisted_-torques_ibeam_memberIn all seriousness, little has been said about the changing face of energy in the U.S. As it has shifted further away from coal and regulations have made nuclear power an unworkable alternative, the grid has increasingly turned to natural gas. As the heavy trucking industry continues to push for conversion to natural gas, it will provide additional squeeze on the commodity, pushing prices northward. Those interested should look up the price hikes in Allentown, PA during January when there were widespread power outages. $2.00 kw/hr. Outstanding. Should the Boy Wonder’s regs make it pass SCOTUS, heh, at least two dozen coal plants will be decommissioned, and 60Gw of capacity will disappear with it. That’s 60+ nuclear reactors. California continues to lead the way and plans to eventually shut down nineteen gas-fired plants and a pair of reactors by 2020. Where will the energy come from? Well, thirty states already mandate you buy more expensive electricity that comes from ‘renewable’ sources. I’ve been assured that it works better and is essentially the Fiji Water of electricity. Which you will pay because you have to, and you will like it. While this may not effect many who frequent this site in terms of utilities, it does effect us all in other ways. I’ve seen first hand how restless the natives get when there’s not power for a week. By Day 7 there were no more happy fun times, and that was with AEP continually assuring people when the power was coming on and actually delivering on that promise. Two weeks. Different strokes and all, but here, two weeks. You’d start to see individuals coalescing and what life looks like under the thin veneer of civilization. Coalmageddon isn’t going to end us all. However, it adds just a little more pressure on everyone, takes just a little more money away and likely will make things just a little more uncomfortable for people. Little things have a way of turning into big things if you keep adding them up. Just ask the RNC.


– Jesse James

PSA: Save the date

Do you want to meet the man, the myth…the legend, the one men want to be and women want to be with? Yeah, me too. Or if you want to tell me how much you admire my piercing wit, and ruggedly handsome ( think Quasimodo) features and shake my hand, tell me I’m an idiot,  or listen to those smarter and more qualified than me, then be there or be a crayon-eating, multicam drag queen (credit goes to Barry for that). 


When: June1-6

Get your $$ in before May20th.