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Hope. Because while dark may the night be…we win the war. 


Magic talisman

The Solution!

Gentle Westerners,

nobombbeltA reasonable proposition. We should petition our dear leaders through such democratic processes as Twitter hashtags, Facebook filters, and meek, introspective speeches about our micro aggression towards the oppressed and clearly misunderstood Islamic refugees. They have contributed
much to Europe in their short time there, discovering new ways to utilize swimming pools, creating new cultural customs and breaking down oppressive, patriarchal and sexist barriers such as sexual consent, and wholly redefining pedophilia. It is my hope that by placing these magic talismans…signs…and a wholesale effort by every citizen of Europe and the United States to accommodate in every way these Muslim emissaries of peace and enlightenment, up to and including, our daughters, our wives, and our children, that we may prevent, through no fault of their own, the provocation of our most esteemed future rulers. It is my most fervent prayer, to Allah of course, that the signs may serve as a gentle reminder to our overlords to be more patient with the  most unenlightened kaffir. May we bask joyously in the fire of Western civilization and the apex of humanity thus far, as it is destroyed, our chains resting lightly upon our neck, and the screams of our mothers, daughters, and children singing in our ears.

Biting the hand that feeds…



dont-bite-the-hand-that-feeds-youMoveOn, the Soros-backed professional protest organization has decided that push has finally come to shove. Such solidly American organizations as the AFL-CIO and Democratic Socialists of America are also backing this march that, in their own words, plan on having thousands arrested for civil disobedience and create drama in Washington. The plan is to march God-knows how many malcontents from Philadelphia to D.C. over the course of ten days from April 2-11 and then a sit in from April 11-18. While I would love to protest for nearly three weeks, I have unfortunately made prior commitments…mostly working so my taxes can pay for the attendees meals, housing, and medical bills since working is not exactly their schtick. I suppose in a way that makes me there in spirit? Their demands consist of some hazy platitudes about billionaires corrupting politics, apparently the irony of being funded by a real-life billionaire Nazi collaborator is lost on them. Strong anti-Trump overtones, it generally follows the usual anti-hate, voter suppression, anti-capitalist and pro-communist melodrama you see in all SJW protests.

I couch the following analysis in the background of the increasing rhetoric about whites not having a right to exist, white communities need to die and the increasing hate and polarization being directed by the media and various ethnocentric groups at largely middle America, the Allegheny’s (that one’s for you Barry) and ‘country folks’ in general. The Great Lie has slowly been pushed to its absurd conclusions that your average American, as self-medicated, uneducated and historically, culturally and politically ignorant as they are, simply cannot continue to buy into. We have seen the GOP establishment, Black Lives Matter, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, the Savoy crew and the Sea Island boys all become quite public bedfellows. Third parties are in discussion. Much hubbub in Mordor on the Potomac.

I don’t pretend to have the slightest idea whether this will truly materialize or disappear into the ether of the Internet. However, the sheer volume of the idiocy has reached rather epic proportions. I can only imagine the reaction of the liberal elites, both the GOP and DNC, to several thousand of the unwashed masses soiling their morning commute to the halls of power. Caving and cucking would be the order of the day, a modern day Children’s Crusade in an attempt to appease the ‘lessers’ outside their ivory-towers. The SJW’s understand that in a civilized society if you control the language, you can shame people into obeisance. What the socialists and thugs have showed their understanding of in Baltimore, Ferguson and Chicago is that political power comes from the barrel of a gun. Raw, unchecked, mass violence and rioting. We have firmly moved past the realm of ideas and into the realm of might makes right. The paradigm of rule has been slowly changing before our eyes, but more so in the last year. BigGov was managerial, and largely recognized the need for X amount of producers to keep the party going. Sure it was oppressive, but not until you stepped outside the “Free Speech Zone” or sandbox of appropriate ideas. We saw a crackdown on Bundy, but there were no mass arrests of militias and the Patriot movement. It would have cost too much and why risk an insurrection and loss of tax revenue? They understood that one does not bite the hand that feeds them, the producers make the world go round, which keeps the parasites happy and the elites in rule. The reason for all the establishment hate toward Trump is a defense of their credentials. To play ball with Trump is to admit their own failure. To admit their graft, corruption and social programs designed to benefit the permanent underclass.

The racial and cultural tension today has been created by those who have truly bought into their own lie. Where the elites were Machiavellian or at the very least pragmatic about the ‘War on Poverty’ or the other handouts and pandering. Not so with the BLM or socialists.They drank their own Kool-Aid, and an intellectual Jonestown has occurred. We have now reached the point of philosophical purism by a significant social minority…I pray it’s not a majority. Dissent is treason, disagreement will not, cannot be tolerated. Treason justifies all sorts of things, among them being physical violence. After all, if words hurt then your opinion, voiced or not, is an offense. Your very existence becomes something that must be extinguished, lest you infect others with your ‘hate.’ I suspect Cleveland will be a scene of riots, and possibly D.C. The realm of acceptability has been shifted yet again, the definition of obscene, violent and fascist describes less and less behavior. Chalk it up as the continued devolution of American culture to Stone Age behavior and tactics. Perhaps Bracken was on to something with his CW2 cube, it certainly seems to ring true given the last year. Be safe, stay frosty and keep up with your cardio.




GVDL: Make It Go Faster

To what end? We keep screaming faster when we resemble the myriads of historical examples (Scots and Greeks come to mind) where people could not come together even to confront an existential threat to their culture. As of yet we offer no viable alternative to Leviathan, and as much as I wish ‘leave me be and unto you the same’ would work, it hasn’t and won’t. The grifters that 70%+ of our nation has become will not be content to merely let us be. The window of opportunity for networking, skills and long-distance discussion will close. The #BLM retards managed to construct a rather effective agitprop organization in less time than most of us have been reading WRSA. Tell me we aren’t capable of more than they are.

Western Rifle Shooters Association



Money quote:

…If you want to “reform” this government from within, get extra ammo, extra fuel for the wood-chipper, and pack a lunch…

Welcome to Consequence Land.

Population: You and your family.

Plus 100+ million collectivists who believe that you have whatever you have because you are a racist, sexist, Eurocentric, homophobic hater who, by virtue of those crimes against Duh Peepul, are exempt from any sort of moral consideration owed even to other species, let alone fellow humans.

Get it?

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A Most Fearful Occupation

“Sometimes the man who looks happiest in town, with the biggest smile, is the one carrying the biggest load of sin…And all men do love sin, Will, oh how they love it, never doubt, in all shapes, sizes, colors & smells. Times come when troughs, not tables, suit appetites. Hear a man too loudly praising others & look to wonder if he didn’t just get up from the sty. On the other hand, that unhappy, pale, put-upon man walking by, who looks all guilt & sin, why, often that’s your good man with a capital G, Will. For being good is a fearful occupation; men strain at it & sometimes break in two. I’ve known a few. You work twice as hard to be a farmer as to be his hog. ”

– Ray Bradbury, Something Wicked This Way Comes


failA rather cynical part of my soul has been gradually anticipating Donald Trump’s Robert Kennedy moment. Perhaps we almost had it today, perhaps not…I suspect only God knows. I certainly don’t wish the man ill, but nonetheless I would hardly be shocked at the news of his demise. My purpose is not to discuss the man, but to discuss us. Bundy Ranch happened, garnered national attention, and people were angry on both sides. Three months later, Ferguson. The Baltimore riots the following spring. It’s hard to ignore the racial divisions they caused, and the ensuing rise of increasingly militant ‘protests.’ Then came along the Paris attacks last November. People were afraid. Immigration and Syrians became real concerns to some and a sign of bigotry to others. Less than a month later a similar incident in San Bernadino, pushing even more fear and more controversy about things previously taboo. The liberals, including the GOP, have very much boxed themselves in. If race and religion are your twin pillars of identity, as the left has made very clear, then at some point those without the favored melanin or burka will begin to use that thought currency as well. The DNC’s biggest failing was not anticipating the unintended consequences of state-backed segregation…namely, forcing everyone to become racially homogenous voting blocs. Enter Trump. From blue-collar Democrats to white nationalists, the man has cobbled together an impressive voting bloc. We really should be paying attention, and I don’t mean to the election.

The Patriot movement has continued to model itself after the GOP establishment, and rather than concentrate on paddling the lifeboat further away from the Titanic, gleefully continue to stab those paddling in the eye for using the wrong colored paddle, or better yet poke III™ holes in the boat because they don’t like the shape of it. Alexander Kerensky coined the term, “no enemies to the left,” meaning if you were to the left of the Russian Socialist Revolutionary Party politically, he could work with you because there were shared enemies and political overlap. A modest proposal, if you will. “No enemies to the right.” The anarchists, the libertarians, the Constitutionalists, the conservatives, Birchers, alt-right and even those idiotic Glen Beck people are all to the right of the current paradigm. The left has consistently excelled at garnering the support of not just your regular joe mechanic or plumber in places like Pittsburg, but also your full-retard bitransmultinongender greenpeace lesbian. How? They don’t eat their own. Actually listen to a Democratic debate. It’s a love-fest. How have they lost part of their base to Trump? The DNC fractured the base too much under the current regime and the chickens have come home to roost. The primarily Caucasian blue-collar workers lost their jobs to foreign workers, witnessed the hypocrisy of Ferguson and Baltimore being called “peaceful demonstrations” and listened when they were told being white is a microagression and reparations should be a thing. Simply, the Democrats ate their own.

I will undoubtedly be excoriated for this, but it needs to be said. The Patriot movement has morphed into a twisted version of Berkley. Every special little snowflake has his own brand of anarcho-capitalist-pale0-conservaconstitulibertarian that is far and away superior to anything even God Himself could come up with. Does the labeling sound familiar? Trans-cis-bi-gender blah, blah, blah. Then comes the box-checking and posturing. I’m far superior to the Consteeetuuutionalists cuz I’m a fashy-capitalist anarcho-socialite. I get four points on  the Hyphen Scale and you get none so that makes me more patriotic if patriotism wasn’t so 18th century…I’m an ironical individualist but I’m so atomistic I felt oppressive telling my limbs what to do because did my arm ever sign a social contract with my brain…I will now go by the name Confederate Limbs of Jesse. Again, sound familiar? Minority lesbian beats liberal white girl, but not tranny muslim vegan. It’s crass but you get my point. The shenanigans need to stop. Now. I hear we care about our “tribe” or family or community, some even care about the country. Then care enough to put the difference between libertarian and constitutionalist aside. Or don’t. You can argue about it in meatspace after the idiots protesting in Chiraq put you in the gulags or ex-Nazi Soros decides turnabout is fair play and Detroit finds a new use for all those abandoned factories and cheap gas. Realistically speaking, the vast majority of the Patriot movement can agree on things like the right to self defense, the right to own property, the right to free expression and free trade. To the left of that, lies our enemy. Attack them. Don’t debate whether self-defense is a God-given right or because of some evolutionary prerogative for self-preservation of the species. Who cares? Does it really matter if you’re dead? Here’s a sobering thought to those fall-on-your-sword types. Hope you don’t have kids. While you’re busy killing the movement over Jefferson v. Adams v. Bastiat intellectual cage matches, they get to live with the results of your intractability. What kind of person sees the train coming but doesn’t kick their family out of the way rather than win an argument over what type of diesel is in the locomotive? Work with people whether you agree on everything or not. You obviously manage to do it at work. If we fail to put aside our petty differences and remain balkanized, WE. WILL. LOSE. Which is more important to you, winning the argument or winning the war? People say they hate the way things are, I largely don’t buy it. If the Patriot movement really, truly, deep down in the very fiber of our being, hated the cowards and traitors who have destroyed our way of life, then we would be doing whatever it takes with whomever it takes.

So this is my plea, for the love of God can we stop with the purism and mirror mirror on the wall who’s the biggest patriot of them all? Find common ground and let’s concentrate on the real enemy and not the guy who agrees with 90% of what you believe. I implore us to be good men. The kind who can come together and disagree but still work productively together. Men willing to further a common goal and attack a common evil aimed at the destruction of every one of us. As Bradbury said, being good is a fearful occupation. Particularly in times such as these, the twilight of an empire. Less stabbing and more paddling would be much appreciated.




Screaming idiots and new ideas: NPI’s Identity Politics Conference

hqdefaultI made the trek into Mordor on the Potomac this past weekend to attend the National Policy Institute’s winter event, aptly titled Identity Politics. The ideology the ‘alt-right’ has staked out, a rather controversial far-right political movement, has been making waves and writing some very lucid articles about the state of Western Culture. They were enough to intrigue me, and I attended the event because I prefer to hear information first-hand. I pass the experience on to you with what relevant commentary I can provide. Washington D.C. is still an oozing pit of vagrancy, corruption, liberalism and crime if you had any lingering doubts.


It was a chilly night, the humidity made it seem colder than low 40’s. The better-half and I were walking towards the Ronald Reagan building, watching black Lincolns pull up to some BET award ceremony going on as we walked by. I anticipated a rather esoteric discussion on identity politics, by a surging political ideology. White collar stuff, perhaps controversial, but only to the professorial types and political junkies. I had even joked about protesters to her that afternoon, because of how boring I anticipated she would find it. You could hear the shouting a block away from the entrance, I was mildly amused…she was not. Dirty, screaming socialists shouted “KKK, right this way!,” “Black Lives Matter!” and “F*** you white supremacists!” as we walked through a path carved out by Secret Service and Capitol Police into the building. The hatred was visceral, oppressive, a primal, regressive anger that roiled and consumed the weak-minded, afraid of what they were unable or unwilling to understand. I smiled at the barely-functional retards, not a single alpha male in the crowd to present a credible threat, feminists and gelded men all, but the pretty woman clinging to my arm was mortified. Chalk it up to the risks of dating a free thinker. The images from the last post were from the event, I’m sure there are more out there.

The rotunda was well appointed, most of the participants in the event were younger, I’d estimate most of the crowd of 150+ was under 35, with half under 30. The education level was somewhere north of a bachelor’ degree if I had to guess, and I had the impression most were as well read as they seemed from my research online. People paired off and began talking, many joking and poking fun at the protesters downstairs. Most seemed proud of the distinction that they were upsetting the SJW’s and carried it as a badge of honor. My first impressions of the alt-right was that it represented a shocking segment of society, educated whites unafraid of the term racist and open about their desire to see themselves as a cultural group…which is very much against the ‘rules.’ The first ten minutes alone were worth the price of admission.

What is the alt-right?

CZlApLCWAAECShtThe alt-right is the intellectual equivalent to mainlining Redbull in the Thunderdome…on fire. The movement is tech-savvy, has found very effective ways deflecting and even embracing labels thrown at them by liberals, tends to be very well read on European history and has a level of distain and vitality that should worry CPAC, but more so the liberal base. There is much here to learn, fellow Patriots. Optics matter, and while the alt-right has significantly more controversial issues, their ability to mock and satirize the shrieking from the left has yielded much better results than ceding the field to their accusations and attempting to meet their demands for self-castigation and groveling.

Paul Ramsey was the first speaker of the event, and essentially hit the high points of exactly what the alt-right is. His delivery reminded me of Stephen Colbert, and played well with the crowd, the sarcasm and caustic sense of humor was enjoyable. The movement is of the big tent approach to philosophical purism, a ‘no enemies to the right’ approach. It’s amazing what can be accomplished from avoiding the temptation to eat your own. The general concept is recognition of what he deemed as sex-realism, race-realism and identitarianism. Anti-feminism, men’s rights, and some would even say patriarchy are the main positions he grouped under sex-realism. Gender differences are real, sex is not a social construct, divorce is patently in favor of the female and traditional roles of men and women have real cultural value sum up the general sentiment here. Race-realism, the words that make everyone very uncomfortable. Ramsey is no Stormfronter, screaming about Jews and purity tests. Here the alt-right falters. A great variance exists among the movement from what I could tell by the reaction of the audience to the speakers. Clearly some hardliners existed, but there is also a segment of what I at least would consider reasonable people. The majority of Ramsey’s discussion on race centered around the failure of a ‘one size fits all’ approach. I thought this was an excellent way to present the problem. Cultures have different proclivities and what they view as heroes, villains, admire and detest, as well as cultural norms. While his argument that race is not a social construct doesn’t entirely hold water with my own views, there are differences in ethnic groups that have become apparent through the breeding habits of cultures. A key point to note here, different is not implying inferior.

Kevin MacDonald was the second speaker, a writer/editor of the Occidental Quarterly and a professor at California State University. He represents what I took to be the further right position of the alt-right when it comes to racial politics. Much of his presentation was centered around the adverse effects of immigration, a position I generally agree with. However, he veered off into an anthropological discussion about genetics, intelligence and race that I thought went too far. While I am perfectly willing to accept results of proper research and actual scientific fact, regardless of how uncomfortable. The truth is the truth and we must bend our belief to that and not vice versa. Having said that, focusing attention on admittedly flawed IQ tests and genetic tendencies with limited research should not be the topic of a formal policy discussion. It detracts credence from the other topics and I felt it was markedly out of place. While he was the low point of the night, he also had one of the most succinct and compelling reasons for limiting immigration and ultimately a rather ominous symptom of it we are currently seeing. Many of the 3rd world immigrants coming here come from places that do not have any heritage of limited government along with attitudes unfavorable or even hostile to our culture, placing increasing stress on the fabric of our social norms and culture. The increase in unskilled labor continues to degrade what egalitarian underpinnings are left in U.S. culture, creating a permanent underclass that is largely a homogeneous culture. The culture here has already began to slowly warp and will increasingly continue to do so as economic and social status become increasingly seen in a racial and cultural light, rather than the result of superior qualifications such as education or talent. While the SJW’s see the world through this lens already, it is a different paradigm altogether for tens of millions of people to actively see the world this way and change the situation the only way they know how, such as they have in Syria, Lybia, Egypt, Colombia, Yugoslavia, Ukraine, and Brazil. The U.S. is still clinging to a thread of egalitarianism, education and hard work still provide a chance at social mobility, regardless of color or creed. This point is worth considering, and is alone the reason I would limit immigration to a near standstill.

The last speaker was the founder of the alt-right and editor of the Radix Journal, Richard Spencer. He spoke at length on how far the movement had come, their signature slur ‘cuckservative,’ and of course, Donald Trump. I was surprised he did not speak of the Don in messianic terms. The importance of the populist message and limitation of immigration he brought to the forefront of American politics was praised, but Donald does not define the movement. Rather, Spencer spoke of the ‘Great Erasure.’ The concept that our culture is tied directly to our past, and multiculturalism shears that bond with our ancestors. Heritage, tradition and even religion becomes sanitized, sterile, and meaningless. What is a Texan? It’s not a driver’s license or address. It’s not just a piece of land. It’s a culture. The bravado, the guns, the hat, the accent, the boots, the plain-speaking, the connection to the history of the people who went before and struggles like the fight for Independence (ours, not the Republic), and yes, the land that those hard men occupied. Sure, not everyone is all of those things, but all Texans are enough of those things. Strip all of that away and it’s not Texas, it’s mostly a hot, dusty, rainless god-forsaken desert. That is the crux of identitarianism. The past matters, YOUR history, YOUR people, YOUR traditions. Fight for it or lose it.

In closing, I suspect the alt-right has not seen peak saturation. Their refusal to play the SJW game has seemingly worked. Many of the people at the event were former SJW’s or very liberal, so quite a bit of crossover has happened. That was astounding to me, since I previously thought that segment unreachable. The meme cuckservative is worth its weight in gold. It crystallizes and focuses the frustration of libertarians, true conservatives and anyone who’s ever been stabbed in the back by the GOP into a single, derisive word. Imperious, haughty scorn is an effective thing. While I certainly don’t agree with everything the movement espouses, nor many of those who take cultural identity and take it into the realm of cultural supremacy. I pray this movement does not morph into a white version of Nation of Islam or La Raza. It’s a sad statement to the state of the union that as controversial as the alt-right has become, the vast majority of their views would have been rather uncontroversial in America a century ago. I suspect what we are seeing is a return to tribalism in America. Multiculturalism has seen its peak and now rather than having a shared identity, history and heritage, we have been sectioned off into competing, irreconcilable and often diametrically opposed factions and cultures, to either amicably divorce or go the way of all empires. The balkanization has happened, accept it and prepare accordingly.



* I will not entertain idiotic discussions on race about this. I have Marx, Hitler and Dawkins on my shelf, though I agree with none of them. If you’re incapable of understanding the difference between discussion of ideas and acceptance of them, then you’re in the wrong place.

Back from the Circus


So much screaming. So much confusion about very simple concepts. These people will not survive, the unfit, unthinking, and woefully uninformed. They. Don’t. Like. You. Revel in it, evil hates its counterpart.