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“The cuckservative meme spread faster than the zika virus on steroids, terrifying establishment Republicans and inflicting a devastating blow to their morale. The power of utilizing rhetorical arguments is giving us the upper hand by deconstructing entire ideologies with a single pejorative…Now is the time to shift our focus to attacking the document that is at the center of worship for those who are giving away our nation to hostile aliens…I am talking about the Constitution. You know, that quaint document that has been used by the Supreme Court to uphold and justify every major social policy that conservatives are at odds with, from the legalization of abortion to gay marriage.”


The little section of the internet I frequent has recently been awash with contemplation of the Constitution, its continued validity or even usefulness in light of our current situation. I can understand the frustration, and find the questions to represent a maturity of the political and social awareness of America. I won’t pretend to be the definitive authority on the Constitution, but for what it’s worth I have doctorate-level education on it. Clearly arguments are based on facts, but since this is primarily my opinion, I hope you can accept the premise I’m not coming at the topic from a position of ignorance.

The Constitution is flawed. In hindsight, perhaps one even may posit that it is badly flawed. Contra, we don’t know the outcome were it written differently, so there is no definitive way to opine whether or not the way it’s written was ideal and WE are the limiting factor. Much of the hate directed at the Constitution stems from its use to justify abortion, gay marriage, our current security state or one of the many examples of cultural suicide we see today. Quite a weak rational argument, albeit an effective emotional one. I see the same argument from the anti-gun crowd. An inanimate object is misused and the blame is laid squarely on the tool, not the individual. We as Americans have abused the Constitution and waved it as a banner from everything to an invasion of hostile, uneducated 3rd world immigrants to the murdering of our offspring for convenience, to mismanagement, graft and corruption of every manner of trade and business under the Commerce Clause. It has been interpreted erroneously, the plain English meaning obfuscated, and we have allowed it to happen. The document is not the problem. The application is. As easy as it is to throw it all away and think we can come up with some Pan-European or Neo-Western Culture paradise document, it is as much fantasy as Captain Hook for a career choice.

Madison and Jefferson were both quite far to the right of the Bell Curve, their political theory and intelligence absolutely dwarfing anything we have in modern times. The likelihood of having a similar collection of prodigies, all more or less agreeing on a similar goal, and drafting a document at the precise time a country was ready to accept it is astronomical to the point of the absurd. You know this. Who are these men waiting in the wings to surpass them today? I know of no one to even their equal, let alone surpassing them. The cultural and societal decline have tertiary effects that bear our consideration. The education system is a joke, it turns out shrieking pseudo-intellectuals with no education but a Ph.D. or J.D. in indoctrination. Ask me how I know. It takes decades of study, tutelage and the genetic equivalent of a lightning strike to make a mind such as theirs, even in the best of conditions. The family unit has all but disintegrated. Men are being feminized, women are being forced into neo-masculinity and we are slowly becoming an androgynous society. Half the men I know are in barely post-pubescent arrested development, not fit to be husbands, fathers or even responsible citizens. No, that is not a valid course. We would sooner end up in some Robespierre-esque New Amerika than even approach what we had gifted to us in 1788. I’m not worshipping the document, but I recognize our inability to improve upon it and the folly of trying. We are in the dawn of a new American Dark Ages and we have the hubris to think we can improve upon the American equivalent of the Roman aqueducts.

The Constitution is an embodiment of ideals. Flawed, but a quite stunning document in its own right. Those ideals are part and parcel of what represented the best of Old World Western Culture and mated it with the distinctly unique proto-American perspective (later to become the American mythos). Those ideals such as property rights, self-governance, the concept of individual sovereignty and freedom of religion ARE Western Culture. Would we the courage and tenacity to resurrect those vanguards of freedom, prosperity and enlightenment that make up our proud heritage. I say this not to worship the past or the men who wrote it, or the words enshrined as our laws. Worship such as that stunts growth and cripples a society. As trendy and emotionally fulfilling as it is to be iconoclasts today, it is now more important than ever to preserve those relics from the past for what they represent. Hope. The hope that one day we can return and even surpass the culture that spawned them. We can do better. Perhaps not today, perhaps not our children. One day though, perhaps if I strive and fight and bleed and pray and scream against the encroaching darkness…and when the rivers of blood have dried, the tyrant has supped the bitter cup of rebellion and our people have shaken off the ashes of an Evil Empire, the Almighty will grant my grandchildren, or great-grandchildren the privilege of living in a time such as that. Let us pave the way and not let history remember us as the idle that stood by while civilization collapsed around us…nor as the those that threw the baby out with the bathwater.


– Jesse James


Local, Local, LOCAL: An Example

Aftermath of tornado in Appomattox, VA


By  now you have heard the cries for local, local, LOCAL, by myself, Pete at Western Rifle Shooters Association and nearly everyone in the patriot movement that has even the slightest grasp of 4GW. This starts now, not when the Western Civilization collapses, not when the apocalypse starts and FLOTUS sprouts horns and flies around the White House on a dragon (Rev. 17:5) or some other earth-shattering event. Here is a perfect example of how you can begin winning hearts and minds. Have your guys show up in some semblance of similar dress, such as the same color T-shirts, same hats, same something and go help. Grab a chainsaw, a trailer if you have one, whatever is needed in your particular case and go be helpful. Tell the nice people who you are and you’re just here to help them in any way they need. Begin establishing an alternative storyline to what your enemies are telling your neighbors. How likely are those people to believe the “right-wing evil militia babykillers” line when you were the respectful men and women helping them clear their yard, or pick up the scattered wreckage that was their house and life? It won’t pass the sniff test for most.

This is an excellent way to test a) your organizations skills at mobilizing people on short notice, b) who is serious and willing to get their hands dirty and who is just there to look cool, and c) who has leadership skills and who doesn’t. We want FedGov out of our lives don’t we? Well then this is the flip side of that coin. If you’re part of the community then you need to go out and help your neighbors and by neighbors, I mean even the ones you don’t know. The alternative? The state or federal government steps in and you’re the guy thats complaining about the organization that’s actually helping them. So if we truly wan’t to go back to local, private citizens helping each other out and the government staying in their lane, then this needs to be done. Be the alternative, or shut up. I’m serious. If you’re not willing to help the community then don’t expect them to support you when you need it. This is a low-risk, easy way to build respect and goodwill among the community if you’re willing to go out and do it. You won’t like the alternative to success. I promise.


– Jesse James

Doing Tribe Right: Part II

Part II: Organizing into specific task-oriented Divisions

Horizontal-organization   My second foray into the rather messy and imprecise world of herding cats, errrr, patriots is a discussion of the role of middle management, or those with supervisory power. For those of you living under a rock of still stuck on military terms, in this context it would be the equivalent of a Captain or Lieutenant. If one remembers the purpose of an organization it is the efficient division of labor. Having covered the ‘who’s in charge?’ portion, we now will begin to discuss the actual division of labor. I will emphasize the fact that form should follow function here, the division of labor should be done to further the vision of the leadership. Your leadership has articulated a vision and made a concrete, achievable plans to accomplish that vision haven’t they? If not, see Part I. What am I saying, if they haven’t done that then remove them or remove yourself. They are not leaders. I’ll say it again LEADERSHIP WITHOUT VISION OR PLANNING IS NOT LEADERSHIP!! 


1. Creating specialized divisions, or…’Hey! He’s got the more funner and more importanter job!’

There are several important facets I believe necessary to a functioning tribe. Logistics, Operations, Administration, Communication and Intelligence are the five divisions I believe are sufficiently broad to organize all but the largest and most sophisticated tribes. Remember, the goal here is rough division of labor, not having a specific division for every conceivable thing. It is inefficient to have a ‘Food Division’ a ‘Water Division’ and ‘Medicine Division.’ Instantly I question your intelligence, as do the competent people you hope to recruit. You do want competent, thoughtful people on your side don’t you? Rather, you have a Logistics Division. Is it stuff? Yes. Then it belongs to the logistics guys. They can figure out how to stash it, store it, or do whatever they need to do to provide, wait for it…logistics for your operations, admin, comms and intel people.

When selecting someone to manage a division, being knowledgeable and competent in that particular field should take primacy, with leadership ability a strong secondary consideration. Do not select someone who has no idea how to operate a radio as director of communications, unless no one knows how to use one and he has show interest and self-motivation at attaining competency. Directors who are not proficient and skilled at their tasks are not taken seriously, not respected and there most certainly is no esprit de corps. While no doubt everyone and their mother will want to be Delta/CAG/SEAL Ops guys, your time would be better spent on other things at this point. This is a volunteer organization, so I would recommend if you cannot accommodate the amount of interest in a particular field then create a rubric and hold interviews or tryouts. Your leadership should be doing quality control here. If guys want to be all high speed then they better hope they can run a 13 minute 2 mile and score in the 9 ring at 600m right after. I’ve found people get much less enthused when they find out they have to actually run, train and put forth effort to be ‘high speed’ and the few you do get are worth ten times the number of losers who can’t be bothered to try. I would also encourage the leadership to heavily emphasize a holistic view of the tribe. The logistics guys keep you fed. It’s not lame, it’s vitally important. The intel guys keep you from freaking dying because you didn’t know 500 derka-derkas were headed for you screaming ‘Allah snackbar.’ Everybody has a job, and it’s part of the leadership’s job to make sure that the organization functions as a whole or watch it die as a collection of squabbling individuals. The ‘I’m more importanter’ attitude by one person or a specific cadre within the organization cannot be tolerated. I will go into the specifics of each division at a later time, but I would encourage you to begin thinking about it now. They are the spokes surrounding your hub of leadership that are necessary for your success.


2. Divisional Organization…letting fiefdoms, fief.

Within these individual divisions, the Director (head honcho, call it whatever) is responsible for the organization. The leadership should demand efficiency here, but under no circumstances micromanage. If you have to micromanage, then find a replacement for the individual. It is not the leadership’s job to be running a specific department at the neglect of their primary responsibilities. Be prepared to accept a wide variety of organizational methods here. Some people are OCD and things are labeled, alphabetized and then color coded. Some people have extremely informal and ethereal methods of organization. IF IT WORKS LEAVE IT ALONE!!!! For example, Operations lends itself to round table discussions, loose hierarchal structure and less quantifiable organization. The rain makers have more pull than the scrubs, the Director may know certain people work better together on projects or someone has certain talents, the possibilities are endless. The point being, it may look like chaos to the outsider, but if consistent, acceptable results are being achieved then leave the damn thing alone. Logistics or Administration are much more quantifiable and can be scrutinized closer for efficiency and organization, but I would say specifically when it comes to Operations, in small companies it more closely resembles managing a team than adhering to strict organizational protocols. Let the leadership of each actually exercise leadership, and judge the results. Ultimately the overall leadership is responsible for any failure in leadership from the Directors, but function, not stylistic differences should be the primary concern when making that judgment call.

While in the beginning, most tribes would require the leadership committee to wear multiple hats, an aggressive culture of mentoring needs to be created. Have the leadership, particularly at this state, invest the time and energy required to achieve competency and as much expertise as practically possible about whatever division they are moonlighting for. Do not let it become a permanent fixture for a couple individuals to be doing all the work and the rest freeloading. This is the exact culture that got us here, please don’t recreate it. The leadership needs to find willing members as they become available to fill these gaps. Those individuals in turn should be mentoring others as they lead, and so on and so forth. Cross-training should occur once your rank and file members have achieved a standard, yes have standards, of proficiency in their position and it should be done regularly. Ideally at any given time 3/4 of your organization or more can step into a different role should they need. This creates flexibility and helps ameliorate problems when an influx of new members occurs. Some positions require more talent, trust or perhaps have a steeper learning curve. I would dare say people tasked with Intel analysis and collating should not be your newest and least vetted members. Use common sense here.


I have given you examples of what I know works, but it is far from a treatise on the subject. Use common sense and measure things by results rather than methods, in most cases. Those in a supervisory capacity are those with whom you will either foster the most trust and admiration, or the most distrust and disrespect. Your leadership skills will make their jobs easier and an asset to your tribe, or will create debilitating amounts of chaos. It is also among their ranks that coups and dissension occur. If a particular segment seems to be coalescing into a different and toxic entity, it is either being permitted or encouraged by the individual tasked with leading them. That is not to say dissent should not be sanctioned, but that it should be voiced and addressed the proper way and through proper channels. I told you this wasn’t easy.


– Jesse James



Watch the most recent Republican debate. Did it hurt? Good. Watch it again. Then watch it one more time at full volume. You know it deep down. Own it. Look in the mirror and whisper ‘No one is coming to save you, puke. Now what are you going to do about it?!’ What indeed? Local, local, LOCAL, or die. Dealers choice.

Virginia is for…Cheka, comrades!

Senate Bill 522

The names and training records of law-enforcement officers as defined in § 9.1-101 and fire marshals as defined in § 27-30 are considered personnel records and excluded from mandatory disclosure pursuant to § 2.2-3705.1.”

“Our whole philosophy is one of transparency.” – Valerie Jarret

Malheur did not end with Oregon. People talk, and the ones you need to be concerned about, learned, adapted and began making phone calls. Ferguson and Baltimore were not the right optics, the offended parties would have collectively burnt down more property than they did and it would have endangered the voting bloc incumbent progressives had relied on for the better part of five decades. The DOJ would have demanded answers, the Obama administration would have opposed it, because the current ruling regime, like any oppressive government, is at the whim of the mob’s opinion. A lesson can be learned here somewhere about picking the right time, right place, but let’s not get carried away with the knowledge. Perhaps we should consider why those in power think we are the appropriate avenue to further their oppressive agenda and not Black Lives Matter?

A great many Americans do not trust their their government anymore, if national polls and the sniff test is any indication. Part and parcel of this feeling is the perception that law enforcement is conducted in an unfair way and grievances continue to go unanswered and unresolved. Rather than ameliorate the situation, those in power have doubled down on the stupid. In what only can be described as a move of sheer brilliance, the Virginia Senate has already passed a bill to keep police officer’s names confidential. To my knowledge there is no state or national precedent for this, at least here in the U.S. Clearly precedents exist in such democratic strongholds such as East Germany, pre-1945 Germany, post-Czar Russia, Democratic Republic of China, Iran, and virtually every African country since the 1950’s.

The issues are obvious. The potential for abuse becomes astronomically higher. It very nearly incentivizes lawless behavior from law enforcement. The vast majority of society is held together by our collective agreement of social norms and the threat of public ridicule, shunning and censure. In my city of ~80,000 the chances of being caught pushing down old women is decently slim. The reason I don’t is primarily because I believe it’s wrong, but even if I didn’t there is the threat of public ridicule and censure. Becoming an anonymous badge removes an important impetus for morality and legal behavior. The Milgram experiment makes this point abundantly clear. Make the individual anonymous, put them in a room with an authority figure, and watch the magic happen. I have no doubt this correlates closely with the various threats and cries for the identity of Levoy Finicum’s shooter in Oregon. Like all things, it will be done in the name of safety, ‘for the children’ and wives of law enforcement and take us yet one step closer to the gaping maw of tyranny. One wonders if simple insistence on lawful behavior by law enforcement would solve the problem more handily than attempting to model the police in Virginia after the Cheka.

Virginia House of Delegates Member Listings:

Milgram Experiment:

-Jesse James


* This is not designed as a hit piece on law enforcement, but rather emphasizes the problems I believe is endemic among many departments today. I believe in the concept of lawful exercise of police powers, but believe like virtually all agencies of government the current version is badly mismanaged and twisted. Silence is complicity, inaction is a choice.

Situational Awareness

You can’t kill what you can’t see…

The advent of the smartphone has blessed the masses with computing power greater than that of many of the first spacecraft, and has significantly changed the human landscape in America. While it’s given us access to more information than any civilization previous, we have collectively taken the fire of Prometheus and relegated ourselves to roasting marshmallows. I digress. One of the side effects of perpetual phone usage is an alarming lack of self-preservation and situational awareness among many people. This is not rocket science, people. Fatigue, weather conditions and time of day all factor into the equation, but as the video below shows, often muggings, robberies, and assaults can be difficult to schedule at your convenience. Be aware of your surroundings, know what ‘normal’ looks like where you work, where you live and where you frequent. Be able to see things out of place, strange vehicles, someone loitering, people paying too much attention to you or purposefully not looking at you. Who are they? Fighting age male? Visible tattoos? What kind, service branch, possible gang related, biker, douchebag frat ink? How are they dressed? Baggy clothing that can hide things? Are there bulges anywhere, is anything printing around the waist or back? Footwear?  What are the hands doing?  Are they visible, twitchy, absentmindedly touching a spot on his clothing?

I am no III ninja warrior, but I make a conscious effort to notice as much as I can. Make a game out of it and eventually you start developing an unconscious habit of noticing things. The Woman and I make a habit out of making stories up for people at restaurants. How did they meet, what are they talking about, stupid things like that. It makes both of us look around, notice the diners, who is upset, who is not, who is acting strange, what they look like, where they are sitting and what kind of people you are around. I make a point when I walk in anywhere, as a mental exercise, to pick the one person that is the most dangerous to me. Who is the most physically capable, or potentially armed, and where are they? I doubt if I am right most of the time, but it forces my brain to engage and actually scan the room for threats. After awhile I began doing it automatically. It only takes a second, and you don’t need to have the Jeb Bush ‘dohhhhhhh’ face while you do it. Notice where the entrances and exits are. Do yourself a favor and don’t sit with your back to it. Start being an active participant in life and don’t be the clueless knucklehead who figured out too late that burying your head in the sand is not cover nor concealment. So go out there and use your imaginations, if you had to clear that smoke wagon where would you go, what would you do? The few times I have drawn a firearm or had a hand on it, it was inevitably the worst time. On every occasion I was tired, or in a vehicle, or some other less than optimal situation. Bad things happen at the worst time. Again, I make no claim to be awesome, but I’m a little better today than I was yesterday. The one thing I do know is that no one ever became a master by accident. Think! Look! Listen!


As Things Become More Sporty…

Western Rifle Shooters Association

calvin coolidge newspaper painting“Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.”

A few things I plan to keep in mind:

– Basics matter: Good air, water, exercise, sleep, and food are essential for everybody – even (especially?) if no-shit Armageddon has arrived. Ignore this one at your peril.

– People skills matter: You will have no authority, and very little force projection power. Better plan on being damned persuasive, as it is the biggest tool in your kit.

– Good judgment matters: Lives will be saved and lives will be lost by judgment calls. Think it through, and don’t be driven by events. Choose actions that are reality-based and well considered. Chess, not checkers, ja?

– Good leaders matter: It’s not just the General Bethlehems you have to guard against – it is also the well-meaning types who haven’t yet embraced the horror of the situation. Both can get your people killed or worse.

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I approach this topic with no claim of answering all potential problems, nor providing all solutions. However, I do believe a thoughtful and careful reading of this will address 90% of problems that occur within a group of patriots. I have had personal experience being in a leadership role for an extremely dysfunctional group with 30+ members and draw much from that experience, as well as my experience in the world of small business and management within that scope. It is also my desire to provoke some thought and hopefully other input from those who have held leadership positions in the workforce, and provide sources for further improving the readership’s skill in creating and maintaining a management structure that will accomplish their goals effectively.

In the interest of full disclosure, I believe in the “hearts and minds” approach. While many do not espouse this view, I believe it is key to the survival of the movement in this rapidly balkanizing and increasingly hostile culture. This is still a culture war and we are unable to swell our ranks through reproduction before a full-blown conflict or cultural revolution sweeps the remnants of Western Culture in the dustbin of history. Therefore the only other option is to convince others to join us. David Kilcullen’s books are excellent on the topic, and I highly recommend Counterinsurgency to get a rudimentary, but useful understanding of how to properly employ this very powerful weapon in 4GW.


Part I: General Organizational Structure of a Small Group

You have four, five, ten people that all agree there is a need for people to come together. I would assume at that point you all agree on the reasons, be it political, economic, religious or cultural concerns about the ski-slope trajectory of the Former United States. Allow me to extend my congratulations on your collectively impressive powers of observation. Realize from the beginning that this fledgling group will not just “fall into place” and things will just “work out.” Thinking such as this is the equivalent to the hopium espoused by the masses that the patriot community prides itself on pointing out. If through reason and a logical thought process you convinced yourself the precipice this country is teetering on, then why would your tribe not demand as thoughtful and reasoned as approach?

  1. Leadership…the buck stops where?

The first thing that needs to happen is the establishment of some type of governing structure, be that a single person, or a group. Accountability must be built in from the beginning. I am a huge proponent of a leadership committee consisting of three or five people, with a rotating chairman. In my opinion it minimizes the possibility of one person derailing the organization in the future, as well as providing a balance of perspectives. The people who are in leadership need to be your best and brightest. Above all though, it is absolutely essential they put the well being of the organization and its members first. You must have buy in here, there is no substitute. I don’t care how smart and what skills they bring to the table, if they are not invested, then they cannot be effective. Cut them loose, find a use for what skills they have in another part of the organization. You could fill libraries with the books written on leadership, and many have said it better than I could. The point being, you need people with leadership skills more than anything else in this position. I cannot emphasize this enough. You want people that can earn respect from your members, foster trust and be an example for other members to aspire to. I know, blah, blah, blah, you’ve all heard it before. In small business it’s the difference between success and failure, and in this case failure now means an embarrassment to the patriot community, later it means a hole in the ground.


  1. Power…the uneasy ground between Caligula and impotence.

So you’ve got your three amigos and now you’re ready to rock and roll. Not quite. The Pilgrims were smart enough to write a compact before they ever set foot on Plymouth. Your little merry band needs to have what authority they do and don’t claim established long before anyone else asks the question. It needs to be codified, in plain English, and distributed throughout the group. Change and amend as necessary, until you get needed consent. People will not submit to authority unless they’ve agreed to. The alternative is rule by force and I don’t see that as being particularly effective right now. Uncle Sam takes particular exception to people horning in on his territory. The two poles here are keeping the cats herded, streamlining the decision-making process, and allowing input from people. Believe it or not, input from others keeps the one-dimensional thinking to a minimum and has the secondary effect of promoting confidence in the process. This is a volunteer organization and if people don’t like it, they tend to take their toys and go home. I’ve had much better results allowing employees to have input and even rejecting it, than just declaring how it is. Clearly this cannot be done all the time, and there needs to be no question about who the final call belongs to, but when you can, ask for input. This hearts and minds thing is no joke and it starts in your organization. People need to feel like they matter and their opinions are at least considered. You think it’s stupid and unnecessary coddling? Then you’re not cut out for this. Step down.

The main functions of leadership need to be quality control, internal mediation, articulating goals, and developing a plan to achieve them. At the very least your leadership needs to act as quality control internally, and a barrier between your guys and the crazies that inevitably will come calling. A word of advice, you can afford to lose anyone. I don’t care if it’s the love child of Robert E. Lee and Chesty Puller, if he’s a head case, lose him. That’s not to say treat people as expendable, but it’s your place, your duty, to make those hard calls and cut the arm off to save the body. There are many options out there for dispute resolution. Pick one and be consistent. Make people have faith in the process and guard that buy in like it’s your most precious commodity, because it is. Pick achievable goals and have a plan. Not some fuzzy, esoteric HR mumbo jumbo about rainbows, unicorns and kittens. Concrete 1 year, 3 year, and 5 year plans need to be drawn up and worked toward. You would be surprised what can happen in five years, Google went from a single patent application to a net worth of $52B in that time. Failure to plan is the single greatest downfall of an otherwise functioning business or volunteer organization. Lack of vision means you will slowly bleed talent and finite resources as you ineffectively pursue goals, some which may even be mutually exclusive. I know we’ve all heard it, yet inexplicably only a few actually do it. You should be able to grab anyone in the group and have them articulate exactly what the goal is for the next year and have an idea of how to achieve it. Stasis is an organization’s mortal enemy, if you’re not improving, you are falling behind.

You also need to establish a way to streamline your chain of command in emergencies, ancient Athens got it right in my opinion. One man runs the show and everyone deals with it. Ideally that would be the person with the most operational experience, or at least the one with the most expertise has operational control. Again, this needs to be understood and agreed upon before the shit hits the proverbial fan. The purpose here is to keep people on the same page and have them understand their appropriate roles and responsibilities long before the situation presents itself.


In conclusion, this is nothing but the most rudimentary discussion on the role of leadership. I believe true leadership to be more of an art than a science and your leadership style needs to reflect what your group, as a whole, needs to maintain order and discipline. What I do hope you take away is exactly what kind of role leadership needs to play in a volunteer organization. In the business world it’s the job of the CEO/President and General Manager, in your tribe that same cadre must exist, even if it’s under a different name. People can and do quit. You can and do fire real talent because of incompatibility with the company’s goals or personnel. I’ve tried to outline what I believe the effective scope of a governing body is and flesh out some general guidelines that have worked for me in the private sector. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of planning, consistency, and buy in from your rank and file guys. It’s important to see yourself from the beginning as a steward of other’s confidence and trust. Guard it carefully.


-Jesse James

Casus Belli

Gentle reader,

I have witnessed with equal parts chagrin and fascination at the slow movement toward mainstream culture the patriot movement has made the last several years. From a meteoric success, to abject failure and everything in between, I truly believe a cultural movement has been carved out and is continuing to go through the birth-pangs as it transitions from an idea to a movement. I would like to see this movement succeed, but the lack of organizational structure and internecine fighting must be overcome.

The knee-jerk reaction within the movement seems to be quite inhospitable to any type of organizational structure other than one based on squad-level military units. This is laughably ineffective and while I certainly admire those with sufficient will and membership to make it work, it is one-dimensional, and in most cases the actual effectiveness of this type of structure with non-military personnel is supremely disappointing. I will delve into this in a more detailed way, but with few exceptions, a single squad in any military is not designed to operate as an entirely independent unit, free from any and all supervision, assets, and logistical support…in combat. The patriot movement is asking much more. You must not only become proficient in the martial disciplines, but also logistics, public relations, intelligence gathering, dispute resolution, just to name a few…the list grows sickeningly long when you sit down and actually map it out in the real world. Rather than continually try to pound the square peg into the proverbial round hole, let us consider another way.

I believe there absolutely exists a need for military structure within the movement, but there also exists a need for a more corporate-like entity as well. Very little time will be spent slinging lead, the vast majority will be day-to-day activities and attempting to win hearts and minds. Malheur and Bundy Ranch provide excellent examples of how crucial an effective communications and PR plan is. Both also highlight the danger and difficulty of seeing a massive influx of individuals into an informal group and how to properly integrate other organizations and people without creating conflict and chaos. I believe this is where the military model begins to break down unless at some point there is a single governing body that is somehow able to exert its influence on the patriot movement as a whole. Organization will never happen in a time of crisis, the inverse will occur. We cannot depend on things sorting themselves out in our time of need. That is sheer idiocy and the height of wishful thinking. We are better than that.

A properly functioning organization is not awash in red-tape, politics, and inefficiency. A properly functioning organization does not mean you surrender your identity, free will, and morality to a Jim Jones 2.0. A properly functioning organization is nothing more than a basic division of labor, with agreed upon goals, to efficiently achieve an outcome desired by the members. I trust you are an adult and can grasp that the grand bogeyman is not simple organization, it is bad people. So leave the rugged individualism argument at the door.  While there are latent problems with any division of labor, no matter who, what or where, it is indeed possible to mitigate them. It can be done. I will give you the tools to do it. It is not easy, it is hard work, but the alternative is what we have currently. I have personally seen 20-30 men slowly drift away from the movement because there was a dearth of organization and leadership. Men who were motivated enough to have the essentials stored, willing to show up once a month or more and train, men who could have been crafted into a single entity to dramatically change the landscape of their small city. I doubt it was an isolated incident. My goal for this first series of posts is to help small groups of patriots become sufficiently organized to become more effective than they could be separately. We cannot afford any more Malheurs. A man died. Yes, it was the result of a tyrannical government agency. It was also the result of disorganization and confusion in the face of crisis. Sobering, indeed.


Stay tuned and buckle up,

-Jesse James