“Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others.” Groucho Marx

Reading “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” and Smedley Butler’s book “War Is a Racket” will help you understand why America’s government is hated. The only just war is fought to defend someone’s home from ongoing invasion.

Compulsory schooling is a tool for promoting government-friendly attitudes; nationalization of information, goals, and methods makes the classroom an effective arena for teaching conformity.

“The plain fact is that education is itself a form of propaganda – a deliberate scheme to outfit the pupil, not with the capacity to weigh ideas, but with a simple appetite for gulping ideas ready-made. The aim is to make ‘good’ citizens, which is to say, docile and uninquisitive citizens.” H. L. Mencken

Free speech barely exists, only ‘responsible’ free speech if it doesn’t offend anyone which isn’t free speech but censored speech. Speech that doesn’t offend anyone doesn’t need protecting.

How do you know if the ‘news’ which gets most of its information from government sources tells the truth? It’s legal for them to lie to you but if you lie to government, you go to jail.

Government systematically manipulates us. The idea ‘our’ media is free of government influence, is accepted as certain truth, yet every day they demonstrate just the opposite. Some stories appear to be ridiculous, but there’s nothing amusing about their intent. A politician makes some bogus claim and the TV repeats his words as if there’s no question about it. It’s dangerous for ‘consumers’ to be so ignorant of our world but that lack of awareness is because of media/government collusion.

What democracy do we have when ‘consumers’ must rely on Wikileaks to discover government actions? Evil Governments operate negatively, disciplining ‘consumers’. It’s the only way those in government imagine their power: to demand and punish, never to work with society to understand their problems and help. Whistle blowers go to jail.

You’re expected to accept every lie you’re told by ‘our’ government and even more hilarious, they expect the world to accept those lies also. I hear I ought to be proud to be an American; Proud of things that used to be inconceivable are now routine, from crotch frisks at the airport to Tasering of elderly people in their homes, torture, and ‘lock downs’ of entire towns to apprehend a single suspect, and then there’s our military problem.

We’re told that Russia has no right to help Syria. That’s because that interferes with the Empire’s plans. Any nation strong enough to counter American imperialism must be defeated. The Empire endlessly wages global wars, in multiple areas and at home against anyone challenging America’s aims of control. When the Empire declares that Russia is an outlaw state that “does not act in accordance with international norms” it means that Russia isn’t following America’s orders. By “international norms,” America means it’s will. America never keeps any treaty.

Why can the Empire have military bases in places like Djibouti, Okinawa, Diego Garcia, Uganda, Somalia, Qatar, Afghanistan, South Korea, Bulgaria, Japan, Italy, Romania, Pakistan, Iraq and Spain, to name some of our thousand bases, while it’s unacceptable for Russia to have a base in Syria: Because the Empire says so.

The federal government can tell you how many “Pacific Islanders” stole a car, the precise number of “American Indian/Alaska Natives” who were arrested for vagrancy or how many whites were busted for counterfeiting in any given year but the government agencies are unable, or unwilling, to publish how many illegal immigrants are arrested in America each year. You distrust the immigrant flood but you support politicians who create it by meddling in the countries they come from, which creates the flood.

How many times has the major media that supposedly report these things, told you, that in February 2014, ‘our government’ engineered a bloody coup that overthrew the democratically elected President of Ukraine, replacing that government with a fascist government, so that Ukraine is now torn by a racist civil war, like we did to Yugoslavia and others?

You’re told that ‘democracy’ started, when Ukraine’s President was overthrown, in a ‘revolution,’ ignoring the American “coup”. The head of Stratfor, a ‘private CIA’ firm, said that it was “the most blatant coup in history.” The Empire’s news-media doesn’t report that. American news-media won’t acknowledge that ‘our leaders’ lied leading to invasions, or that ‘our’ overthrow of other governments is a coup instead of a ‘revolution’. Such things aren’t allowed, except in such few small-audience news-media; the few American news-media that aren’t owned by America’s aristocrats.

The Empire has to realize it doesn’t own Central America or any other part of the world, and that people have a right to choose the type of government they want. We didn’t lose Cuba or Nicaragua, because the Empire never owned them.

Understanding how America’s news is controlled and for what purposes, is essential for any American who wants to truthfully understand ‘our government’ and its relationship with America’s aristocracy. That aristocracy owns the news-media, finances political ‘campaigns’ and overwhelmingly determines which candidates will ‘win’ or won’t.

Who decided America can demand the resignation of another countries leader? It never occurs to ‘consumers’ to question such arrogant statements. Wouldn’t Syria’s Assad, whose country has suffered America’s directed bloody atrocities for years, have the same right to demand that Trump or Obama step down?

People in power don’t have to defend their statements rationally: They can rely on decades of conditioning and propaganda. Americans live in denial from spoon-fed information by ‘official’ schools, politicians and media.

You’re told that you’re safe, and prosperous, but always threatened. American exceptionalism is Nazi like. We’re not threatened. We’ve created the threats. Everything American “leaders” handle turns to crap yet they remain firmly in power, and marching the world into military-industrial complex oblivion while destroying America.

When Saudi Arabia was named head of the UN human rights commission ‘our government’ applauded. In that new position, our ‘allies’, The Saudis, who behead hundreds of their citizens each year and crucified one as a warning to others, stopped an inquiry into their invasion of Yemen. When Libya with a better record than the Saudis, had been named to that committee, America was furious.

I call America the Empire because it acts as though it believes it has the right to determine the future of anyone or any country in the world. Russia doesn’t threaten America or Europe, but push hard and long enough and WW3 could easily happen, driven by carelessly stoked fear from the thoughtless words used by politicians and their enablers.

In 1990 there were no military threats to America anywhere. There was and is a powerful threat to peace: the military/industrial/congressional complex. The real threat to peace is that Imperial Washington created its enemy: ‘global terrorism’.

“Political Correctness is a doctrine, recently fostered by a delusional, illogical minority and promoted by a sick mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of shit by the clean end.” H S Truman

Some rules of American Exceptionalism: Our killing is better than theirs, nothing we do is ‘terrorism’, and our enemies are ‘war criminals’. Zionism encourages similar thinking by continually blaming “anti-Semitism”; so that many have become blind to Israel’s crimes and equate criticism of Zionism with “anti-Semitism”.

The decline in America’s global position is the direct result of ‘our’ hypocrisy preaching democracy and human rights on one hand while depriving ‘our’ allies and fledgling democracies of them on the other.

No one gives their life for their country; their lives are taken. Soldiers fight for their friends. No loyal American would ever question the wonderfulness of dropping bombs on any foreigners, the darker the better, any time, any kind of bombs, no valid reason required. The conformist outlook serves to protect us from the painful job of thinking. As long as you put events off to God’s will, you never have to take responsibility for the events you support.

In 1946, the Nuremberg Tribunal prosecutor said of the German media: “Before every major aggression, they initiated a press campaign calculated to weaken their victims and to prepare the German people psychologically for the attack. In the propaganda system, it was the daily press and the radio that were the most important weapons.”

Most of the events you see in the political world are designed to elicit a specific psychological response from you and the people around you. You’re not human to these people; you’re either an asset to be molded or an obstacle to be disposed of. This is how our world works: Until you fully understand and accept this, things will never change. If you understand the minds of globalists and understand what they want, you can understand the basic direction of the future. Trump supporters will ignore the greater issue: he was an approved candidate.

Presidents are only puppets dancing to the tune of the powers-that-be who want war, totalitarianism. Gullible, distracted, easily directed ‘consumers’ can be manipulated, and made to fear whatever phantom menace chosen for the bogeyman of the moment. All of their tools will endure; War, surveillance, drone killings, police shooting and militarization , highway robbery employed by government officials, corruption, profit-driven prisons, censorship and persecution of anyone who criticizes government including labeling dissidents as extremists and terrorists. It’s as if the election of Trump was designed by the New World Order to eliminate all of the voices of resistance.

Most likely the Russians are to blame, and Wikileaks. Certainly it’s not due to any failing on our parts. We’re exceptional.


we’ve racked up a huge karma bill

Delusional ‘consumers’ believe America is THE City on a Hill, Leader of the Free World, Defender of Freedom but we’ve forfeited our moral standing in the world. You should pray God forgives us for our greed, blood thirsty policies and our willingness to accept lies rather than confront uncomfortable, hard truths. We’ve racked up a huge karma bill and its past due.

The media has abandoned their role as skeptical watchdogs and become the propaganda arm of the state, complicit in and cheering on the corruption. They’re the public relations arm of, and owned by, those who advance this ‘new world order’. You think America has a free and independent media, but who taught you to believe that, and what do they gain by your acceptance of that idea?

You’re trained to believe whatever you’re told by ‘authorities’. The specifics vary according to your politics. When we’re told it’s obvious to those ‘in the know’ that hysterical fear is justified, we might demand more convincing evidence but, if what’s said supports our existing biases, no evidence is necessary. The self-serving judgment of a politician is all that’s required, and you know they never lie.

When you’re a child you’re forcibly placed in a government institution where, for the next 12 years, you’re converted into a “good citizen” who defers to authority, grateful that you live in our ‘free society’. Much of your life, you’re taught to be obedient, compliant citizens who don’t question, or challenge authority.

In an actual free society educated citizens would decide what “fake news” is and isn’t. The rise of alternatives to the monopoly over global information helps some discover TV lies. ‘Our free press’ faces many alternatives, and much skepticism, including loss of trust worldwide. It’s no surprise to find the ‘free world’ using outright censorship, sometimes hiding it with terms like “fake news”.

Mainstream media with bottomless corporate funding, and ‘official’ facts, is cheerleading for ‘our’ War Machine. Believing otherwise is choosing the comfort of wool over your eyes. The “respectable” oligarch-owned press unquestionably repeats government propaganda providing public relations for the foreign policy establishment. You’d have to be a large fool to think newspapers owned by billionaires will tell ‘consumers’ the truth. Fictions are sold as facts to push a particular narrative. It’s all for power and money.

Syrian War, the Disney Version, is quite popular among many Americans and ‘our free press’; Once upon a time, a country called Syria was ruled by a ruthless tyrant named Assad. He was a cruel man who killed the innocent, which we never do, causing a civil war. America and Europe tried to stop the devastating civil war, and even generously accepted many Syrian refugees. Eventually America went to Syria, defeated ISIS, and is now trying to restore stability. This fiction is designed to enlist you a lynch mob.

America’s oligarchy opposes Putin because he resists their crimes in his part of the world. At the request of the Crimean people Russia annexed Crimea from America’s Ukrainian puppet regime. Syria, longtime ally of Russia, occupies a crucial location in fossil fuel and Israeli battles, but instead of bowing to America’s regime change game Putin is helping Assad kill the terrorists that America has been arming and training. ‘Our’ government is on record for decades favoring Assad’s overthrow. ISIS is active in the Golan Heights where Israel plans on stealing a huge amount of Syrian oil, but they’ve never attacked Israel.

It’s known that Russia runs America, manipulating millions of Americans, whom it hacked and convinced to vote for Trump. Our TV and politicians told us so. The corporate media daily sells fictions supporting the ‘new world order’ agenda. Fake news claims are used to reinforce the corporate system and to justify tighter control over access to websites offering real critical news.

‘Consumers’ are taught to believe there’s a big difference between “thorough government investigations” and ‘conspiracy theories’. Mainstream news provides this ongoing ‘education’. Democracy is impossible without truth which ‘our free press’ doesn’t provide.

Empires often end in chaos, but hurricane Trump has added a good amount of ridicule to the process. ‘Consumers’ can’t afford this foolishness which can rapidly become war. European politicians are paralyzed in obedience to the Rothschild gang, and Latin America is ravaged by American instigated crises. The rest of the planet is trying to stay clear of the crumbling ex-superpower.

What the ‘true believers’ ignore is as revealing as what they believe. Here are some of things they ignore: positioning American military forces around the world; the size of the ‘defense’ budget; Israel’s influence on ‘our’ government, the cost of undeclared American wars; the ever-increasing size of the national debt; the usefulness of nuclear weapons; the influence of the military-industrial complex; the implications of climate change dismissed with a hand wave: what if its real? The reality of exporting values that Americans insist should be universal; the consequences of NATO expansion; prospects for ending our wars and how it’s all presented to you.

One thing keeping ‘consumers’ from noticing the lies they’ve been told about the Empire’s target of the day is the unquestioned assumption that ‘our’ government couldn’t possibly be evil. They have no trouble believing that a foreigner could be heinous, but the possibility that ‘our’ government lies to manufacture consent for criminal aggression is ruled out before any real analysis of the situation begins. Investigate white phosphorus and depleted uranium weapons that America uses and sells.

The invasion of Iraq was sold to you based on lies but ‘consumers’ refuse to recognize that this happens repeatedly. ‘Consumers’ won’t face what this means for their worldview, and their self-image. Is it possible that there’s a power establishment governing our country which is so evil that it would engineer false flag bloodbaths to manufacture consent for changes it wants? It’s much easier to believe there’s a wicked foreigner hurling bombs at civilians, who needs to be removed by the Empire. Are you the sort who faces uncomfortable truths or the type who avoids them?

What counts as ‘protecting us every day’, is a bit different for ‘consumers’ than for more perceptive observers. The FBI claims “everyone makes mistakes”. Many organizations spend billions of our tax dollars while continuing to be ineffective. Would we all be dead without federal agents? Perhaps you prefer the CIA that regularly overthrows governments worldwide, and spent decades paying spies to report that the Soviet economy was three times its actual size saying that the USSR was a powerhouse that could defeat the Empire so we needed an arms race.

Teddy Roosevelt saw the state for what it is. “When they call the roll in the Senate, the Senators do not know whether to answer ‘Present’ or ‘Not Guilty’”.

Governments sell increasing control as a way to keep ‘consumers’ safe, when it’s really removing privacy and liberty. Europeans have been given a false choice between ideological multiculturalism, and martial law conditions. It’s happening here as well but slower and less obvious.

The Boston Marathon bombing created total lockdown. National Guard troops occupied the city. Armored vehicles moved around neighborhoods. ‘Consumers’ were confronted in their homes at gunpoint or had guns pointed at them for looking through their own windows. Of course, they exonerated the authorities, and yet this incident inspired the phrase “Boston strong”. Perhaps it means being strong from behind your locked doors like “internet tough guys”, who sell self-serving, bullying nonsense. All this for one suspect we’re expected to believe.

They stayed inside fearing arrest knowing that if they didn’t they would go to jail because that’s America. Bostonians feared the police, the justice system, a domestic army ready to attack without notice and the legal system ready to allow that. ‘Our free press’ never say this. The average American can’t accept this shame.

Manipulating terror to control ‘democracy’ is what happens in the Empire because ‘our leaders’ are scared of having the facade questioned due to their repeated illegitimate actions. We’re living in denial; those who show harsh truths to ‘consumers’ are condemned; those who offer comforting lies are praised, victimhood becomes collaboration.

Soldiers aren’t over there killing and dying to defend our country or protect ‘our freedoms’ here at home. They’re over there killing and dying to protect the puppets America’s invasions install for empire and colonialism, which is different from killing and dying for country or to defend vanishing freedoms.

‘Our’ Iraq invasion produced ISIS. The regime-change operations in Libya and Syria spread the fire released by the Iraq invasion. That inferno created the massive refugee crisis in Europe. America’s civil religion: “exceptional American, leader of the free world”, says the majority in America supports serial interventionism. Never believe any government ‘information’ or the ‘news’ until its officially denied.

“Life is hard and it is harder if you are stupid.” John Wayne

In the Empire certain things are true that didn’t happen, while others aren’t, even if they did, and ‘our free press’ is freshly appalled each time they ‘find these atrocities’. Isn’t it strange that our free press condemns WikiLeaks for doing what they once did?

“We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality, judiciously, as you will, we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.” Karl Rove

America ‘solves problems’ with force. We’re crumbling economically, politically, culturally, but have great bombs. It’s amazing how the media, all together, weave their fictions, like watching a school of fish simultaneously turning.

Ads for child sex exploitation are protected by the First Amendment but criticism of Israel’s government isn’t. To paraphrase a biblical quote; what profit America in controlling the world by abandoning all morality?

America is run by an oligarchy that hides behind a façade of two-party democracy. Americans have been repeatedly deceived into war. ‘Our free press’ is controlled by the same gang that controls ‘our’ politicians. Thanks to the Internet we can find some truth. That’s why opposing voices are now being banned on places like YouTube and Facebook.

Does being ‘pro-American’ mean supporting the interests of the criminal government gang that’s acting for their own benefit?

Craig Dudley

Review: NC Scout’s RTO Course

Victors dictate the terms…peers negotiate the terms…losers bear the terms. You have a choice now, you won’t later.


I recently had the privilege to attend one of NC Scout’s radio courses, and thought it a worthy exercise to relay an abbreviated version of it to the general public. My background is not a radio guy, by any stretch of the imagination. The only familiarity I had with the field prior to a few years ago was what was discussed in university physics classes. I have no interest in it as a hobby or an intellectual exercise, but I do understand the serious need for a working knowledge of how to utilize radios.

The first day we discussed basic report formats, the reason for them, and several types of field expedient antennas. The general reason for their use and their capabilities were discussed, proceeded by building and then using them. I cannot understate how much of a difference this makes in the learning process, going out and building/using what you are being taught has a tremendous impact on the retention of the knowledge. Paper and illustrations become something usable and if you can do it once, more often than not you can replicate it. The focus was on easily available materials that can be used to greatly increase the range on 5W handheld radios and wringing the most use out of them as possible. In a word, precisely the primer a person needs who is not interested in talking to people in a locality and not three states away.

Vae Victis, Paul Lehugeur

The second day focused primarily on using the antennas created in a role-playing exercise to communicate with a patrol. It incorporated the material and skills that we had gone over the previous day and illustrated the various report formats to convey information reliably and in an organized fashion. As an aside note, if one took the time to notice, it was an excellent illustration on the minimum amount of manpower one would need to even send a small group of people out to investigate suspicious activity of any kind even on your own property. Those harboring the fantasy of some type of traditional SUT or militaristic style patrols…even assuming every one of your friends has a CIB…are living in fantasy land, absent far more friends than I suspect most internet basement dwellers have ever had. Then again, I’m a slave to my lying eyes. Finally, there was an AAR and a brief discussion about what we found most helpful and what aspects of the course could be improved.


The facilities were more than adequate, there being more than enough chairs and tables to comfortably listen and take notes. The classroom time was indoors, which greatly helped with the wind and chill we experienced that week. However, the portions outdoors involved some walking, so I would recommend wearing decent footwear and clothes suitable to be outdoors for several hours. I think perhaps one of my biggest takeaway was summed up by someone else on the ride home. ‘He likes to teach, he’s good at it, and knows the subject…that makes all the difference.’ Truer words could not be spoken. I have spent the vast majority of my life around academia of one sort or another, and I would dare say have spent a few more hours in a classroom than your average person. Mastery of a subject is the foundation for a good teacher, but equally important is the ability to communicate that knowledge to someone else. An all too common problem is the inability of the right side of the bell curve in a particular field to communicate in a way the median and left side will understand. Often times we have difficulty even communicating to our peers. Understand this is not the case here. That fact alone means those with the willingness to be studious and attentive will receive far more value than the money they parted with.

Lastly, while perhaps not directly related to the actual class itself, the quality of the people present was on par with the instruction. I am rather jaded at this point about events or classes involving people within this sphere of interest. I have generally found the instructors to be hit or miss, and the behavior of the students to be a mix between the White House Correspondent’s dinner and Jerry Springer outtakes. The instruction was not interrupted by ignorant and snide remarks, as I have witnessed in other settings, but there was a willingness to answer relevant questions before moving on to the next subject. The attendees were not the right’s version of Antifa, social rejects looking to offload personal and professional failures on a bogeyman, but rather normal, well-adjusted men with families and jobs. It was refreshing to see this shift, and I dearly hope it is indicative of the minority of us who have drifted away from the internet harping and toward more productive action. On the whole, these people were relevant. Not because of some magic knowledge imparted during the class, but because of a willingness to do more than simply sit on the couch and whine. I doubt many of us agreed on everything and there were varying backgrounds and politics present, but the people present were doing something to be relevant and valuable to their kin and community. I would have traded a thousand articles or memes and a million comments on the internet for one of them. The patriot movement is irrelevant to any foreseeable future event in this country, but you control whether you fit into that stereotype or not. The class will not make you Radio Rambo, but it will make you a little more relevant to the discussion. I’ll trade that for petrodollars any day of the week.

Info on future classes


– Jesse James


The State of Dissolution

“I thought I was gonna die, but I didn’t…so now I’m here.”

– Anonymous warlord, c. 2025

The past year has been one of incredible political and social change. The first year of the Trump presidency has pushed the DNC base to its breaking point, Wall Street has reached stratospheric levels in an allegedly recovering economy, and the Mueller probe drones on without end. Whether the above is political theater or Grisham-esque political intrigue, it has a limited impact on most of us personally. The most truly impactful thing we have had happen the last year is the growing openness with which the left, and the establishment Right, have supported political violence and open sedition toward the Executive Branch using their political allies and federal law enforcement agencies. The conflict brewing on a local and interpersonal level affects each of us in a more significant way than developments within D.C.

On the multi-polar right, factions continue to gain and lose members, the most notable winner in 2017 would be the nationalists, and more specifically the civic nationalists, as Republicans who are not part of the establishment increasingly migrated to the populist/nationalist camp. The patriot movement and the establishment Republicans have been the biggest losers. I have watched as both were gutted of people and thinkers by out of touch messages, and hostility toward new ideas. Neither have a willingness to drag themselves into the 21st century and continue to refuse even considering appealing to anyone born after 1965. Jordan Peterson and /pol/ now drive the conversation the way Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage did two decades ago. I look at the movements with a mean age under 30-35 to continue to grow and eventually begin to dominate the respective sides of the political aisle. For the left this means an openly socialist movement with a communist vanguard, while conversely the right will become increasingly nationalistic and identitarian.

women-are-going-to-march-on-washington-the-day-af-2-27973-1478970822-0_dblbig-625x400Perhaps the most encouraging development of all this past year is the paradigm shift that has undergone those under fifty and an extreme minority of those over. The purpose of the current revolution is not justice, but change. The establishment Republicans and Baby Boomers as a whole have struggled, and ultimately failed, to halt the advance of the left in part by clinging to the mistaken idea that there is an underlying moral or logical framework to the left’s arguments. The left’s guiding principle is to function as an iconoclast against whatever existing cultural, legal and economic framework that contributes to social stability. The list of contradictions and daily changing roll of unapproved thought aren’t meant to create a coherent framework, but to chip away at the existing social order. To see that method and ideology for what it is, is to understand and neutralize its effects. Political discourse is no longer a conversation between two adults; it is a conversation between an ideological terrorist and an adult. Why is it we have Form 4473’s and no one can name the compromise that was given in return? Talks of amnesty and ‘Dreamers’ again when the demi-god of the establishment right, Ronald Reagan, granted it not a generation ago? The list goes on, sickeningly so. The highest moral calling in a revolution is destruction, and through destruction, change. The fact a growing number of people are realizing this on the right has immense social and political implications. This past year a vanguard was created, and though I don’t think it will involve the patriot movement to any great extent, the bulwark against the would-be revolutionaries is growing.

On a personal note, I left 2017 stronger, somewhat leaner and with a few more tools than when I started it. No longer banging my head against a brick wall gave me time to PT more, shoot more, do some additional reading, and build relationships in meatspace with people who are worth my time. I camped in the heat, camped in the rain, woke up with ice on my bag and found out that I still do, in fact, hate the cold and the rain. Shot when it was nice, when it was cold, and when I severely dehydrated and baking in the sun. I found out how hard it is to open MRE’s under certain circumstances, and the value of friends who can do so. Shared misery is something I would recommend with people you intend to go the long haul with. While the concept is still lost on most, I’d encourage people to get off the internet and actually go do something. Far too much time is spent sniping at people on our side, actively discouraging anyone from doing anything productive, and generally running amuck with bad ideas and even worse communication skills. Perhaps this year would be a good time to stop being our own worst enemies. The right as a whole, and certainly not the motley collection of people in the patriot movement are not going to ride in on a white horse. It will be people you know and know well. Maybe we should consider spending out time productively and not spamming comment sections.

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe escorted out of the FBI

The coming year will most likely trend in much the same direction as 2017, I believe. Balkanization and targeted political violence will continue, such as the Texas and Tennessee church shootings and the attack on the GOP Congressmen. I am highly suspicious of the enormous increases in the stock market, but given the level of corruption and financial malfeasance still occurring in the industry, I confess to having no idea whether true price discovery will happen this year or not. I don’t believe the midterms will yield the seats the DNC is hyping, but I suspect a slight erosion of GOP influence in Congress. It will contribute to the sense of stagnation in D.C. and have the primary effect of creating more partisanship locally and regionally. The left in its revolutionary fervor will continue to eat its own as it seeks to ‘purify’ itself and continue to escalate to the movement continues to have organizational inertia. The right I believe will continue to organize ideologically under different camps but the stomach is not there to have any kind of organization outside of social media and at a local level. Given the options now available for the ideological like-minded that did not exist even five years ago, I see the patriot/militia movement slowly being replaced much the same way as the Tea Party was. Mission creep and lack of leadership make for short half-lives. Ultimately, whether gazing into my tea leaves is of any use or not, I think the threat of conflict is markedly higher this year than last. The possibility of indictment of many in the left’s power structure appears to be making them desperate, and without a massive power shift in Congress they are quickly running out of options…as the Joe Kennedy III speech clearly shows.

Lastly, I want to give a shout out to a couple people who are well worth your shekels and time.  UW Gear makes some world-class products. I had a chance to meet the man behind the gear, and he was both a gracious host and all around great guy. Easily one of the best gear finds this year. The construction of their products is top notch, comparable to Tactical Tailor or Grey Ghost. I would be remiss in not recommending you check them out if you are interested in purchasing quality gear. The owner is a professional, and craftsman. The price reflects as much, this is not a Chinese sweatshop product. Check them out if you are in the market. Finally, if you’re looking to expand your radio weenie skillset, NC Scout is offering an RTO Course. The man is a gifted teacher and equally important, actually been there, done that and come back. I know him personally, and I wouldn’t hesitate to vouch for him in any way. I will be the first to admit I started on the radio short bus, but he makes concepts accessible and distills theory into usable information for someone not wanting to do it as a hobby but as a useful skill. I’m sure the vast majority of you read his blog, but check it out and I would highly recommend it if you are inclined to add some additional skills to your wheelhouse.

Alea iacta est,







There’s no retiring from this…

Tony Soprano

The past several months have brought a level of clarity about certain issues, people and priorities. One of them concerns this blog, my role in the ‘Liberty movement,’ or whatever you wish to call it, and the efficacy of my continued efforts in achieving anything of worth concerning it. A consensus of quite vocal people have made it quite clear that the Liberty movement is simply not interested in intellectual discourse, and remains as unable as those on the left to divorce groupthink and emotion from rational dialogue. Better than half the feedback and emails I receive indicate the author has failed to read the post in its entirety and a further sizable portion has made fundamental errors in their comprehension of it, leading me to believe it was skimmed for a reason to take offense. While undoubtedly there are exceptions to this, the rule nevertheless has persisted, and reflects the 90/10 principle I’m sure many are familiar with.

Sisyphus by Ticiano Vecellio

My primary goal I sought to achieve with this site was to present the reader with a better intellectual framework within which to see the political and social developments in greater clarity. I felt as if I could bring a voice seldom heard from, that of a Millennial, and someone highly educated in the historical, legal, and philosophical framework of the country and western civilization as a whole. I desired to challenge the underlying, and occasionally faulty, premises of the many schools of thought that exist within the movement and perhaps bring a more holistic understanding of the issues through intellectual discourse. Whether I agreed with the ideas presented or not, they were done so with the goal of making those within the Liberty movement more articulate and knowledgeable about their own beliefs and how best to communicate and transmit them to others. I devoted 20-40 hours of research and effort to the majority of my posts, in an attempt to expand the discussion to what the intellectual giants of philosophy have said, as well as those who have written works that make salient points on the social and political circumstances we find ourselves responding to. I have failed in that endeavor, and see no reason to continue to devote time and money when rational discussion is no longer an option. Ideals worth living by are worth examining critically, and having serious, intelligent discussions about. I will not waste my valuable time providing thoughtless ‘red meat’ for people to mindlessly agree with. Nor will I, despite my love of it, devote time and energy to addressing or reveling in my critics hatred and becoming a smarmy pundit trading in vitriol.

I firmly believe further efforts to influence and encourage rational discourse will be an unproductive use of my limited time and resources, given the abundance of evidence supporting that assertion. While a minority have expressed a desire and willingness to contemplate new concepts and implement self-critique, there exists an endemic desire to consider anything outside the ‘party line’ heretical and direct more hate toward intellectual inquiry than the existential threat on our doorstep. For nearly the last decade a combination of internecine warfare, an unwillingness to evaluate actions through the lens of results, and little willingness to cooperate has resulted in neither measurable progress, nor increased cohesiveness within the movement. Rather, we have unthinkingly continued to exhibit hostility towards overt and potential allies, and expressed envy and rancor toward those attempting to contribute or challenge our presuppositions. One after another the voices that attempted to make positive changes and contributions have been shouted down and eventually focused on more worthwhile ventures. I can’t think of a more counter-productive attitude for a dissident movement. Granted, this is coming from someone who’s been accused of being a statist, anarchist, envious, lazy, obsessed, elitist and redneck, so take it with a grain of salt.

Given the rather crystal clear statements made recently, I simply no longer have the desire to add to the discussion. I have different goals and perspectives, neither of which a great majority seem to understand or have any inclination to consider, and insist on making a point of meaningless contention. The ‘I’ve got mine…don’t hate the player hate the game’ is not applicable in my case, and my timeline for reaping the whirlwind conceivably extends to four or five decades. Passing traditional western culture and Christian values on to my peers and following generations is a vital part of my approach. The kids are the future whether or not we wish to acknowledge it, and not a convenient excuse for further isolation from society or apathy.

I have neither the time, nor the inclination to continue to devote tens of thousands of dollars of my time to the ego über alles crowd. I decline to add any intellectual gravitas or knowledge toward that which is counterproductive to my own goals and the world my children will grow up in and inherit one day. I’ve been encouraged to stop rowing and find another boat, and the offer has been accepted, so enjoy the extra room, rations and spare set or two of oars. Your wish has been granted, ladies and gentlemen. I would be insane to continue to sacrifice time and effort when the only result is infighting and emotional arguments. This site and what is contained herein was a conduit in which I sought to help those who wanted to learn. It neither defines me, nor do I get anything by posting here other than the occasional headache and time away from more productive personal ventures. I won’t continue to waste your time and mine belaboring points you don’t wish to hear and I already understand.

I may continue to post very, very occasionally, for my own personal edification, about subjects or philosophical ideas that pique my interest and need to be crystallized. However, I caution any readers against expecting any posts or those that appear to be readily applicable to the Liberty movement or its concerns. To the few that challenged and expanded my understanding, and the serious people who welcomed me with open arms…thank you. You know who you are, and you are now more of a priority than ever.


– Jesse James

Guest Post: Fabrication of Ethos

“Christ was crucified for preaching without a police permit”

– Robert A. Heinlein

Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, and every date has been altered. And that process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Noting exists except the endless present in which the party is always right.”

– George Orwell, 1984


It erupted on election night with a 9/11 like shock, with the news that the Hillary Clinton was losing Florida and appeared certain to lose much else besides. The election of 2016 constituted a de facto referendum on the course of recent American history. That referendum delivered a conclusive judgment: the underlying consent of American policy since the end of the Cold War has collapsed. Principles that members of the policy elite have long treated as self-evident no longer have the consent of ‘consumers’. Then came the Great Hysteria, dictating how people must think and act, and what they should care about.

Aluminum planes cannot fly over 500 miles an hour at low altitudes, below a few thousand feet, and then disappear completely into steel skyscrapers, so the acts for which the 19 Arabs are accused of simply didn’t happen. They didn’t cause three buildings to implode and pancake into their own footprint on 9/11. Show us pictures of plane remains at the Pentagon. When Al Qaeda supposedly attacked the towers, they’re ‘terrorists’. When they’re attacking Syria’s Al Assad, they’re ‘insurgents’. If you doubt that ‘our’ government would allow such a thing, watch the Zapruder film of the JFK murder and then ask why ‘our free press’ still presents Oswald as a lone assassin. If it stinks like 3 day old fish, it usually is 3 day old fish and official presentations are those fish.

image6The emphasis on diversity and multiculturalism has allegedly improved the status of groups long discriminated against. Yet these advances have done little to reduce the alienation and despair saturating our society suffering from epidemics of chronic substance abuse, morbid obesity, and teen suicide. Throw in the world’s highest incarceration rate, an endless appetite for porn, urban school systems stuck in permanent crisis, and mass shootings that occur regularly, and what you see isn’t a healthy society.

Congressmen leave office with much more money in their bank account than their pay would provide, along with having full insurance/retirement coverage at our expense. Citizens constantly vote in the opposite direction from what ‘our’ government does. America invades countless countries in direct contrast to what we say we do, and what we established in Nuremberg. The EPA is run by industry insiders in the same way the agriculture department constantly acts as an enabler for Monsanto and their friends. ‘Our free press’ is curiously saying the same thing, almost at the same time every night, but doesn’t present anything beyond the party line. Government subsidizes corporations in so many ways it’s nearly impossible to list. Everything is seen from a corporate point of view and to their benefit in a land supposedly organized ‘by the people and for the people.’

The Republican Party clings to the view that reducing taxes, cutting red tape, restricting abortion, curbing immigration, prohibiting flag-burning and increasing military spending will alleviate all that ails the country. Democrats promised in their recently unveiled, and instantly forgotten program for a “Better Deal”, believe that raising the minimum wage, capping the cost of prescription drugs, and creating apprenticeship programs for the unemployed will favor their party with voters. Each wind of the Uniparty is led by aging Boomers that have long since alienated themselves from American culture and how their policies affect them. Neither will, or have delivered in any meaningful ways on any of the broad promises they have ever made.

Stop gerrymandering to help restore competitive elections. Limit or remove corporate money in elections at all levels, which may mean amending the Constitution. Require a balanced federal budget which will expose the lie that voters need not choose between guns and butter. Start treating environmentalism with the importance that it deserves, we should not be subsidizing corporate entities that destroy our existing natural resources. Break the current situation where Republicans/Democrats silently collaborate to dictate the policy agenda, and restrict the range of policy options judged acceptable. Dividing ‘consumers’ through the current political party system gets them to spend their energies in fighting for things of no importance, while both sides are looted and conscripted as tax cows for those wielding the power of the state.

The Gulf of Tonkin…9/11…the Gleiwitz incident…the Reichstag fire…Assad using chemical weapons…artificial sweeteners and glyphosate are ‘safe’…untested chemicals broadcast everywhere…GMO foods are ‘healthy’…WMDs in Iraq…Abu Ghraib…election fraud is a ‘myth’…the two-tiered justice system…poisoning our water…the absurd idea that a corporation and a citizen are equal when it comes to legal procedures or free speech…drug advertisements on the TV telling you to ask your doctor…insurance failures across the board…Google/Facebook/TV acting as thought police. A nation of consumers, moving like herd animals on ‘burning issues’, and ‘fads’ tearing down our history. This time it is confederates and next it will be Washington and Jefferson for being slaveholders. Americans are schizophrenic.

The love it or leave it boys have no minds; only emotions without any intelligence as they choose to believe what the American corporation sells. They can’t imagine using their minds to explore reality, if they even have minds. The biggest gang has declared that it’s a capitalist or a communist situation, us or them, leaving no room to explore what’s really going on, if you depend on official sources.

20170113_deepOur government has changed from a government largely controlled by the population, to a government focused on control of the population. Until ‘consumers’ understand that this government has failed in every aspect of its charter, it will continue to disintegrate. There’s no solution available for a government impervious to the will of the people. Silence equals consent.

Scientists serve the government’s military programs and can’t speak out when the government lies without ending their careers. Economists serve Wall Street, the big banks, and the global corporations. Psychologists and anthropologists help Washington subdue its victim populations. Journalism serves the government’s lies, a ‘terrorist’ is anyone who doesn’t have an air force, but terrorists who are trained and funded by the Empire aren’t terrorists but ‘insurgents.’ Doctors prescribe according to the drug companies. Wherever you look, you see professionalism serving a material interest. The military/security complex, Wall Street and the banks own this country.

Keep them entertained, which means, keeps their minds off anything else. Do this early, and often enough, and the youth, which turn into voters, never develop the capacity to think. They believe what ‘their daddy’ told them or what their favorite talking head sells.

We have no one to blame but ourselves for our current state of affairs. American citizens want to be safe, and in the quest for that accept most anything they hope will create that safety without thinking or questioning. Those who make up the Deep State aren’t conspiring directly by working together to rule the world. What they’re doing is taking advantage of a dumbed down fearful populace by using the chaos, incompetent institutions, and confusion spread by the propaganda press to institute their agendas. The Deep State consists of shadowy billionaires, mega-corporations, the military industrial complex, surveillance state agencies, bureaucrats, corrupt politicians and their mass media mouthpieces. You are being manipulated, and the hypocrisy must stop if America is to survive as a nation.

Destruction is the fate that each nation on earth can expect unless it pays homage and obeisance to these neo-feudal overlords who promise protection in return for national servitude, in return for the complete surrender of their people and natural resources to increase the rate of profit for the capital that controls the NATO military machine. NATO is the armed fist not only of America and its allies as nations, but also of the ‘capitalists’ of those nations who are prepared to strike against any nation that stands in their way of profit. Propaganda, lies, inventions, distortions and misrepresentations of reality in order to conjure an emotional response in ‘consumers minds’ of the desired type and action to follow, is a primary pillar of the mythology they create.

The only thing keeping America even semi-democratic is its tradition of free speech, so that is on the way out. You can see that in process. Major ‘news’ is now being checked by Google/Facebook/TV to see if its ‘fake’ and if so, it’s not presented. America is weakening its society in order to dominate it. What could accomplish this goal more efficiently than exacerbating the country’s internal conflicts? The TV says Nazis are involved and without question everyone jumps on board as if Jesus had spoken.

The hypocrisy is breathtaking to behold. Why aren’t ANTIFA and BLM protesting in Chicago to stop the killing of black people? Chicago doesn’t fit their anti-Trump narrative. It’s black people doing the killing. None of this is ever really about helping people as they raise retirement ages, punish the youth with school loans they can’t pay, and exempt themselves from most laws that apply to us. Those who defend free speech are scolded by those who believe that only certain views should be allowed to be heard. As long as the working people are fighting each other, no one bothers to challenge the root cause of our current dystopia.


Craig Dudley

Trump Press Conference


Donald Trump dealt a major blow to day to the media’s narrative about Charlottesville. I give him a tremendous amount of credit for daring to challenge the ridiculous narrative of the media and take it on the chin. It’s also always a good day when the press corp gets beat up for their fifth column propaganda. Questions start at 7:20 on the video.